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Elyssa Bernard

I'm the founder and publisher of Romewise.

You can hop over to the About Romewise page to read a lot more about me, how and why I moved to Rome (hint! See the photo of my husband below.)

I've been living here since 2001 and publishing Romewise since 2009.

I hope you enjoy it!

alessandro bisceglie

Alessandro Bisceglie

Alessandro is from Rome, born and raised here.

He has a degree in History of Philosophy from the Sorbonne University and is passionate about Roman architecture, history, food, and politics, past and present.

He has lived in France, Belgium, Holland, and the US and is fluent in English, French, and of course Italian.

jesper storgaard jensen

Jesper Storgaard Jensen

Jesper is a freelance journalist and photographer from Denmark.

Jesper lives and works in Rome since 1997 and writes about travel, eating & drinking, culture, sport, and the Italian lifestyle. He likes to roam the streets of Rome in search of personal stories from Romans. 

You can see more of his photos, and learn more about him on his website.

lindsay gabbard

Lindsay Gabbard

Lindsay is a sommelier and part-owner of Rimessa Roscioli and co-founder of the Roscioli Wine Club

She came to Rome while studying wine, attended Rimessa Roscioli's wine tasting dinner which opened her eyes to the magnitude of Italian wine and culture, and never left!

Lindsay has lived in Rome since 2015 and loves sharing her passion for wine. 

eleonora baldwin

Eleonora Baldwin

Eleonora is a journalist, a TV celebrity and the co-founder of Casa Mia Tours

She is an American born and Italian raised dual-language citizen of the world. Eleonora expresses her passion for food, writing and the Italian lifestyle in successful culinary narrative television shows broadcast on SKY Gambero Rosso Channel.

Her writing appears in several blogs and magazines. Her co-owned company Casa Mia Tours offers highly curated food, wine and cooking experiences across Italy, and online.  

Eleonora lives in Rome with her son and their dog.

warren george

Warren George

Warren is a digital strategist and marketer with a passion for all things Italian, but with a particular interest in the history and legacy of ancient Rome.

Since first visiting Rome in 2013 (the first time he had ever left his native UK!) he has gone to explore most of Italy and in 2019 made the leap and moved here permanently, spending two years in the Veneto region.

Since 2021, Warren has lived in Ostia, on the coast just outside of Rome where you'll often find him working remotely by the beach with a caffe macchiato or spritz close to hand, depending on the time of day!

linda martinez

Linda Martinez

Linda along with her husband Steve Brenner are the owners & operators of The Beehive Hostel as well as Beehive Bagels in Rome.

In 1999 Linda and her husband moved from Los Angeles to Rome to start their hostel. In 2020 during Italy’s strict lockdowns when tourism had come to a halt, they started making bagels which became its own second business, Beehive Bagels.

In 2011 they moved from Rome to Orvieto with their 3 daughters and commute between the two cities.

grace roberts

Grace Roberts

Born in the UK but raised in Singapore, Grace is a freelance writer, avid world traveler, and Disney fan who writes about her adventures on her blog Pixie Dust and Passports.

She has a degree in History and took a particular interest in all things Roman Empire-related during her time at university. After making it her mission to travel Europe after jetting around Asia as a child, she's spent extensive time almost everywhere in Italy.

From Rome and the Amalfi Coast to Venice and Florence, she's a proud Italophile!

samantha priestley

Samantha Priestley

Samantha is a freelance travel writer from the UK. She first visited Italy 30 years ago, beginning her journey of discovery in Rome, and has been in love ever since.

She writes for a variety of travel media, which can be found on her website and loves exploring more of Italy on her travel adventures. She lives in Yorkshire, the UK, with her artist partner.

rebecca sharp

Rebecca Sharp

Rebecca Sharp is a freelance writer and content creator from the UK.

She writes about travel in Europe, film and TV, or a mix of both on her blog

ha truong

Ha Truong

Ha is an avid traveler and freelance writer from Vietnam. Having lived in Denmark and Japan for several years, she's embraced the digital nomad lifestyle.

Ha's love for travel has taken her to more than 30 countries, and Italy has a special place in her heart.

You'll frequently find her in museums, local eateries, and on off-the-beaten-track adventures.

You can read about her travel experiences on

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