Weather in Rome Italy - Planning Your Visit

What's the weather in Rome Italy? 

sunny day at piazza navonaPiazza Navona on a sunny summer day. What's the weather like in Rome? Check it out!

I often refer to il Meteo, a local standard for the Rome Italy weather forecast. Here is a quick peek:

The climate in Rome is fairly mild, so it can be pleasant to visit almost any time of year. However Rome does have a change in seasons you may wish to consider when planning your trip. 

Weather in Rome Italy - Seasons in Rome

When is the best time to visit Rome?

I get asked this a lot. It seems people are looking for that magical time when the weather in Rome Italy is beautiful and not too hot or too cold, and the city is not too crowded. This is pretty hard to come by.

But there are two short moments during the year when this happens. See my page Best Time to Visit Rome to find out when!

The below will give you a general idea of not just the weather in Rome Italy during the year, but also the kinds of crowds you might expect during each season.

December, January and February

spanish steps in 2012 snowfallHere is one of the pictures of Rome I took during our crazy snowfall of February 2012. This photo was taken from the top of the Spanish Steps.

are cold (highs during the day between 30’s and mid-50’s °F/0-10 °C) and can be rainy, but Rome is very un-crowded then. We don't usually get snow in Rome but it has happened on occasion.

You will not have lines at museums and can get into (almost) any restaurant. You will have Trevi Fountain virtually to yourself even at 3pm. Airfares and hotel rates are at their lowest.

This is low season in most of Italy (with a few exceptions such as New Years and Valentine’s Day.) Winter sales begin in early January!

Visit my pages about visiting Rome in December, Rome in January, Rome in February for more.

March and early April

wisteria in romeWisteria is in full bloom in late March, early April. I love this structure inside the park at Villa Celimontana when it's covered in wisteria.

are warmer (mid 50’s-60’s °F/10-18 °C), but can have plenty of rain and chilly evenings.

In late March and April, Rome can get very crowded, because of school breaks, the annual Rome Marathon and the week before Easter (Holy Week.) Easter dates vary each year.

mid-April, May, June, and early July

roseto rose garden in rome in mayRome's Roseto Rose Garden, open only during May (and early June)

are beautiful months, with plenty of sunshine and long days. The weather in Rome will be in the comfortable 70’s-80’s °F/20-30 °C during the day, and 60’s-70’s °F/15-20 °C at night.

Partly because of the beautiful weather, and partly because these are vacation months for many people, spring is high season in Rome and other Italian art cities. For more, visit my pages about Rome in May, June and July.

mid-July, August

dog in water fountain via marguttaI couldtn't resist taking this photo of an adorable dog trying to beat the heat, on via Margutta

are hot, with temperatures in the 80’s and 90’s °F/30-40 °C during the day, and 70'-80’s °F/20-30 °C at night.

It can be very humid and you will need to rest and/or stay indoors between 1 and 4pm. Because of the heat, and because Italians tend to leave the capital during these months, this is mid-season in Rome and other Italian art cities, but high season at any Italian coastal cities or islands.

Visit my page about visiting Rome in August - what's closed, what's open, what to do and where to eat!

Check out my top tips for How to Keep Cool in Rome in summer.

Personally, I love to be in Rome during the peak of summer: the streets are less crowded and the city takes on a kind of quiet while people are resting mid-day. Also, summer sales are on!

September, October, early November

piazza di pietra in early SeptemberSoaking up the early September sunshine in Piazza di Pietra in Rome

are the busiest months of year in Italy’s art cities. The weather in Rome Italy in the fall is beautiful, in the 60’s and 70’s °F/15-20 °C during the day, and 50’s-60’s °F/10-18 °C at night.

The sun casts beautiful light on the city's ochre- and peach-colored buildings, and the days are still long, allowing for a sunset drink before dinner. There is very little rain.

For more about visiting Rome in these months, visit my pages on Rome in September, October and November.

campo dei fiori market in fallFall in Rome...beginning of artichoke season and definitely the end of asparagus season!

November, early December

piazza navona in fall in the rainEven in the fall rain, Piazza Navona glows

are still nice, with cooler weather (mid 50’s-60’s °F/10-18 °C), but less crowded than early fall. These can be the rainiest months, and the days are shorter. This is mid/low-season.

Christmas and New Year’s

is a beautiful time to be in Rome. The city is all lit up and decorated and there is an old-fashioned fair in Piazza Navona.

saint Peters square with Christmas treeSaint Peter's Square is one of the loveliest places to see Rome lit up for the holidays.
piazza navona at christmasRome Christmas fair in Piazza Navona

For more, visit my pages about visiting Rome at Christmas and at New Years.

Bottom line, the weather in Rome Italy is generally mild, so as long as you come prepared in the very hot or very cold months, and know what to expect, you'll have a wonderful visit to Rome.

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