Rome in June - Essential trip planning guide

Coming to Rome in June? It is still mostly a spring month so the weather is gorgeous!

Warm but not too hot, with long sunny days and little rain.

June is a great time to be in Rome!

Caper flowers at the Colosseum in JuneIn June, we see these caper flowers around Rome. The weather is perfect for lots of blooms!

Rome in June - At a Glance

Here's what you need to know:

The arch of Constantine on a sunny June morningThe Arch of Constantine on a sunny spring morning in June in Rome.

Weather in Rome Italy in June

At the beginning of June, we are still in spring-mode: the days are warm, and Rome is full of flowers.

But we can have some temperature swings, and rainy days, and cool evenings.

twilight walk along appia antica in juneDays are at their longest in June, making it a wonderful time to enjoy the outdoors, like this twilight walk along the Appia Antica

By the end of June, summer weather is here and you can count on long, warm sunny days and comfortable evenings with only a touch of breeze.

During the day it's in the high 20s C / high (low 80s F), and in the evenings, it's in the high teens C / high 60s F.

What to Pack for Rome in June

Rome in June is perfect sightseeing weather, but it isn't always quite as warm as you might expect, especially at the start of the month.

So, as well as bringing a good selection of lighter clothing, like cotton t-shirts, light pants, maxi/midi dresses or skirts, you'll want some slightly heavier options as well. Think a cardigan or light jacket and definitely a scarf or two, so that you can put these on to stay comfortable when it's cooler.

Take a look at my page all about what to pack for Rome in June for specific recommendations, suggestions on what to wear in Rome in June and more!

For more packing tips, and a downloadable packing list, visit my page about what to pack for Rome, and don't forget to check out my Amazon page for all my shopping recommendations!

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Visit my dedicated pages about what to pack for Rome for every spring month:

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What to wear in Rome in June

how to dress in rome in June - tourists near pantheonThis photo near the Pantheon in Rome in June shows how people are dressed. The weather is warm and you see everything from tank tops to tees, to shorts to longer cotton pants.

For sight-seeing in June in Rome, here is the ideal way to dress:

  • Light cotton pants or capri pants, or a skirt (that covers your knees)
  • T-shirt, polo, tank-top or other light cotton top
  • Cardigan or pullover in your bag
  • Cotton scarf for men and women in your bag
  • Don't forget your sunglasses and sunscreen!
  • Extremely comfortable shoes/sturdy walking sandals. I cannot stress this enough!

No matter what season you visit Rome, here are 4 things never to leave at home:

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In June in Rome, the evenings are pleasant and it's nice to eat outside.

June, especially late June, is shorts and tank-top weather, but you won't find (most) Romans dressing like this in the city (although they do at the beach.) You may find some Roman teenagers wearing short shorts, but they are used to tourists doing it, so if you want to, go right ahead, especially if you're out on the Appian Way or at the beach.

Just remember, if you plan to visit any churches or other Christian site, especially the Vatican, you will not be allowed in with bare knees or shoulders. Always carry a scarf or light sweater just in case you find yourself wanting to pop into a church (which is one good way to keep cool if it's a hot day!)

Rome in June - is it crowded?

June is one of those months when everyone wants to come to Rome. A lot of people are out of school, and it's high travel season all around Europe.

June days are long and sunny and pleasant, and not too hot, so it's very appealing to be in Rome now.

And, you can combine your visit to Rome with a visit to the seaside, which makes having Rome as your home base even more attractive.

Is it crowded in Rome in June?

Yes, June in Rome is typically very crowded. 

lines and crowds at colosseum in juneYou can expect long waits and big crowds at the Colosseum in Rome in June

Plan for high airfares and hotel rates, and plan for crowds.

But plan ahead and book what you can in advance to avoid long lines, such as at the Vatican museums.

Also, some sites now only take bookings online and you risk them being sold out / fully booked. This is especially true at the Colosseum/Roman Forum/Palatine Hill

And try to get off the beaten path to avoid the crowds if you can.

The perfect 3-day itinerary in Rome

Trying to figure out how to organize your visit to Rome? I've got the perfect 3-day itinerary for first-time visitors (or those who have not been here in a while.) It works for a 2.5 day visit as well.

In my 3-day itinerary, you'll see all the major must-see Rome attractions like the Vatican, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Spanish Steps, Castel Sant'Angelo, and much more.

And if you have more time, or want suggestions for extra/other things to do, you'll find that there too.

Visit my page with the best 3-day itinerary in Rome for first-timers.

Foods in Season in Rome in June

The markets are full of fruits and vegetables and bursting with color.

In June, you can still get some spring fruits and veggies like beansasparagus and strawberries.

And you start seeing some of the fruits that will be more abundant in summer, like peaches and figs. But June is definitely a time to start indulging in tomatoes, apricots, and cherries.

 (Almost) No artichokes in June in Rome

In June, winter veggies are as far from being in their season as possible, so this is NOT the time to look for artichokes, broccoli and puntarelle in Rome.

You may find artichokes, since visitors ask for them year-round. But, they don't come from Rome, and probably not even from Italy . . . or they may be frozen. Just so you know.

Around this time of year, I start seeing one of my favorite summer peasanty Rome dishes, pomodoro al riso, which is just tomatoes stuffed with white rice, and cooked with potatoes. It is just oh so homey and oh so yummy. Bring on the starch!

pomodoro al riso tavola caldaPomodoro al riso at my local tavola calda, but you can find it in many delis and Rome restaurants in summer

June in Rome is a fantastic month for taking a food tour.

It's warm but not too hot to walk around, and you will get to taste and learn about a lot of these seasonal specialties.

Sign up now for a Rome Food Tour!

Another summer favorite are zucchini flowers, fiori di zucca. These are something you now find all year in Rome, but they are at their best in summer.

And my favorite way to have them is Roman-style: stuffed with mozzarella and a little anchovy, lightly battered and fried. The dough should not light and crispy, and the mozzarella should stretch out and not be overly wet or crumbly.

They are perfect as a pre-pizza appetizer, but you can find them at many Roman restaurants

fiori di zucca at flavioFiori di zucca at Flavio al Velavevodetto, one of the best places to eat them in Rome

My husband Alessandro (who is Roman and a fritto afficionado), and I do a lot of zucchini-flower taste-testing around Rome. Ahem.

Our favorite places to eat these are Roberto e Loretta (the best), Pizzeria Emma, Sforno, Piccolo Arancio and Pizzeria San Marco.

Rome in June - Things to Do

June is a great month to sight-see in Rome.

The days are at their longest and we usually get very little rain.

Here are some specific dates to look out for and some suggestions for things to do.

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Free things to do in Rome in June

On the Free Sunday you can visit Rome's museums for free.

State-run sites like the Colosseum and Castel Sant'Angelo, as well as civic museums such as the Capitoline museums are all free on the first Sunday of the month.

The Vatican Museums are free on the last Sunday of the month, for limited hours.

For more, visit my page about June events.

Holidays in Rome in June

In June, we have two important holiday dates: The Festa della Repubblica (June 2), and San Pietro e Paolo/Saints Peter and Paul (June 29).

June 2 is the anniversary of the day in 1946 that Italy abolished the Monarchy and became a republic.

June 29 is the feast day for Saints Peter and Paul, patron saints of Rome.

This holiday is specific to Rome and you won't find it celebrated in other parts of Italy.

These dates should not affect tourist sites too much.

On June 2 expect a parade and on June 29 you may find a few shops closed. There is a papal mass in Saint Peter's Square.

For more, visit my page about June events.

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June concerts, exhibits, events in Rome

For a list of current museum exhibitions, concerts, shows, festivals, and more, visit my page about current events in Rome in June.

More ideas for things to do in Rome in June

Maybe it's your 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) time in Rome. Or you have more than 3 days here. Or you just want to see and do lots of fun things.

Besides the obvious must-see tourist attractions, there are lots of great things to see and do in Rome in June. Here are some ideas for your visit:

One more thing to do in Rome in June

It starts to get hot in June, especially towards the end of the month.

This is a great time to head to Ostia Beach, just outside of Rome. It's definitely warm enough, and won't be as crowded now since it's not fully summer yet.

If you want a beach day, or to escape the crowds in Rome, grab your suit and hop on the train!

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