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Romewise Sponsorship Policies

Are you interested in Romewise sponsorship? Please read this page to find out about our sponsorship policies.

Why sponsor Romewise?

Romewise is one of the most popular Rome-specific websites used by tourists and potential tourists coming to Rome. Romewise readers are loyal, returning over time during their trip-planning, and again while they are in Rome.

Your company can reach these readers by having a prominent sponsor graphic (ad) placed on every page of the site, ensuring the reader finds you no matter where their Rome research takes them while they browse Romewise.

Who can become a Romewise sponsor?

Romewise accepts sponsorships from reputable, top quality businesses that offer tourism-related services to anyone planning a visit to Rome, Italy.

We welcome sponsors to help support our site, so we can continue bringing you high-quality, always-original, relevant content

How are sponsors selected?

We individually review each potential sponsor before we allow them to become Romewise site sponsors.

If we do bring on a sponsor, it’s because we already know the company to be reputable and top-notch, and/or because we actually have tried their services. 

Sponsor ad placement

Site sponsor ads appear on every page of the Romewise website. The ads are all in the top right-hand column, and also at the bottom of every page. In addition, the sponsors are listed at the bottom of every monthly Romewise newsletter.

Due to the high visitor traffic of Romewise, our sponsors’ ads may be seen more than 100,000 x per month.

One sponsor per category

To ensure any given sponsor receives the optimal visibility on Romewise, we only accept one qualifying sponsor per category, at any given time. The sponsor must provide goods or services relevant to tourists and potential tourists to Rome.

Categories include (but are not limited to):

  • Accommodations (We can accept different levels all qualifying as unique category, such as 5***** luxury hotel, 3-star hotel, etc.)
  • Tour companies (We can accept different categories if they don't compete with each other, such as Segway tours vs. standard tours.)
  • Limousine/Transportation services (including auto, scooter, bicycle rentals, etc.)
  • Restaurants
  • Traveller-assistance services (luggage storage, insurance, medical, etc.)
  • Fashion
  • Travel accessories (luggage, travel pillows, electronics, etc.)

If you sell goods or services to people planning a trip to Rome and are interested in working with Romewise, please contact us using the form below.

If you are already a Romewise sponsor, thank you for your support of our efforts to share Romewise with the world!

If you would like to become a Romewise site sponsor, and you don’t see your category listed, please contact us anyway, and we’ll be glad to review your individual situation.

Contact Romewise for Business

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If you enjoy reading all our original content here on Romewise, please support our sponsors.

It’s win-win-win for them, for us, and for you.

Sponsored Links

Please note that we do not accept paid sponsored links or articles written by others.

The reason Romewise has a high loyalty and readership is because we keep it real. Everything is written by me, Elyssa Bernard, and is always based on my own experiences.

So by "sponsors", we refer to companies who'd like to be featured on Romewise, but who pay a fee for me to place an ad that links to a sponsored-company feature page, written by me, and based on my knowledge of and experience with that company.

For example, in order for a company to become a sponsor, I will write about my own experiences that I may have already had with that company, or will need to test it out myself before I write my review.

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