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“Where can we go have a drink in Rome before dinner?” I hear this question a lot.

Romans don’t tend to “drink before dinner.” In fact, they don’t really drink much alcohol at all (with the exceptions of wine with dinner or lunch, and beer with pizza or ethnic food.) 

But some Romans are starting to embrace this custom. Because of this, and rising tourist demand, bars and wine bars in Rome have been improving their offerings.

Now there are more options than ever before for having an aperitivo (pre-dinner drink) in Rome.

What to Drink in Rome – Roman drinking habits

Here's a little info about what Romans tend to drink, and how. 

Wine in Rome: Would you like to know what wines are from Rome? Of course you can choose from so many Italian wine regions (Tuscany, Piedmont, Sicily, Umbria and more) but we also have wonderful wines produced right in this region (Lazio.) 

Cocktails in Rome: Aperol spritz? Negroni? Americano? Any of this ring a bell? Well, these are the pre-dinner cocktails most Romans drink. Along with prosecco of course. Forget screwdrivers, gin-tonics and martini's shaken, not stirred. Well you don't have to forget them, but why not try an aperitivo, Italian style?

Drinks with dinner: Do you want to know what Romans drink before dinner? With their dinner? After dinner? See my page on Italian food customs.

How to order coffee in RomeDo you want to order a coffee in Rome like the Romans do? You are more than welcome to ask for a cappuccino after dinner. Just know that no Roman ever would (but no waiter will mind.) Find out the difference between a caffe macchiato and a caffe schiumato (my fave!)

Drinking water in Rome: Did you know you can get clean, free water all over Rome? Also, most Romans taking their bottled water very seriously, and can have a half-hour heated discussion over which bottled water tastes less minerally, and aids your digestion the best. Seriously.

Where to drink in Rome

Want to know the best places to get a glass of wine in Rome? A nice cocktail? A great coffee? I do plenty of investigating about these topics, and yes, it is my pleasure! Literally! So here ya go:

Wine bars in Rome - I am always researching this but I do believe I have come up with a very good starting point for you!

Where to get really good cocktails in Rome - it used to be more difficult but I am working on this one too. And things are definitely looking good!

My favorite Rome cafés.

The best rooftop bars in Rome.

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