Best Rome Rooftop Bars for Aperitivo

If you're looking for some of the best rooftop bars in Rome, you've come to the right place. 

sunset from hotel minervaThe sunsets from the Minerva rooftop restaurant are some of the most amazing I've ever seen in Rome.

From trendy spots with incredible views, to more romantic and mellow places to relax after a long day, we've got you covered. 

These rooftop bars are the perfect place to relax and spend an evening with friends or loved ones.

Rooftop Bars in Rome - Spoiled for Choice

When I first moved here in 2001, it was not really a "thing" to visit rooftop bars in Rome.

A few of Rome's luxury hotels had rooftop restaurants, but very few had rooftop bars and even then, it felt posh and exclusive.

sofitel rome sunset from roofRome is blessed with a stunning skyline, featuring the iconic outline of St. Peter's dome. And on a day when the sunset looks like this, my favorite place to enjoy a rooftop aperitivo is . . .

Now there are scores of rooftop bars across the Eternal City.

Some apartment rentals, less fancy hotels, standalone restaurants, and even a department store are all jumping on the Rome rooftop bar bandwagon, and we are spoiled for choice. 

Whether you're looking for a romantic setting, a party vibe, great drinks and food, or somewhere to wind down after a day of sightseeing, there's a rooftop bar in Rome for you.

On this page you'll find these categories, some of which overlap:

Rooftop season in Rome

Unless otherwise noted, most of the places listed on this page are open from Spring - Fall.

The exact opening and closing dates may vary and often depend simply on the weather.

From sometime in early April - late October you can expect to find a lot of these places open.

You may want to call ahead if you are coming on either seasons' edge.

Best Rooftop Bars in Rome - and why

Over the years, I've done quite a lot of rooftop hopping in Rome.

So this page is fully researched by yours truly, and is based on my own experiences visiting some fabulous rooftop bars and rooftop restaurants in Rome.

As I mentioned, rooftop bars abound now in Rome and there are just so many to choose from, so here's my roundup of my absolute favorites, and why I chose them.

How do I rank the Rome rooftop bars?

  • The "wow" - self-explanatory
  • Location - Is it easy to get to, in a nice environment, and easy to find a place to eat nearby afterwards? Is it close to other stuff you might want to do in Rome?
  • Easy access - How hard is it to visit without booking in advance, or how hard is it to book at all? What are their hours? How much space is dedicated to the bar?
  • Ambiance - Sometimes I want my rooftop experience to be hip and happening and other times, relaxing and mellow.
  • The snacks - This applies to both the complimentary stuff they bring out with your drinks, and to what's available to order. The offerings around Rome rooftop bars are really varied.

One last thing to note is that rooftop bars tend to be pricey. You are paying for a special space and often for a fabulous view.

NH Collection Fori Imperiali

Is it any wonder this rooftop bar is one of my favorites?

WOW does not do it justice.

view from NH fori imperialiThe view of Trajan's Column and the Complesso Vittoriano (wedding cake) from this rooftop is one of my favorites in Rome.

They have a large space dedicated to aperitivo, and a separate dining area just for those who want rooftop dinner with a view.

The aperitivo comes with some complimentary snacks and you can order more substantial items from the menu.

It is truly a treat to sit here and watch the sun set while the lights come on and the sky changes from the warm colors of dusk to the blue hour to darkest night.

drinks and snacks at NH fori imperialiRooftop aperitivo with snacks on top of the NH Fori Imperiali.


Palazzo Nainer

Palazzo Nainer is one of the best new spots for rooftop aperitivo in Rome.

It has got it all!

piazza del popolo from palazzo nainerI love this view of Piazza del Popolo from Palazzo Nainer roof.

A swanky roof with 2 levels, a gorgeous location and view of Piazza del Popolo, a buzzy vibe and good music, and best of all, serious quality food and drinks.

rooftop views from palazzo nainerThe rooftop is dotted with flowering plants that add a sweet touch to the views.

The aperitivo on this roof is a collaboration between my favorite wine bar in Rome, Rimessa Roscioli, who bring the wine and food (swoon!) and one of Rome's hippest cocktail bars, Salotto 42, who bring, obviously, the cocktails.


Terrazza dei Papi at the Mecenate Palace Hotel

This rooftop bar is in a class by itself, with front-row seats to one of my all-time favorite churches in Rome, Santa Maria Maggiore.

santa maria maggiore as seen from terrazza dei papiThis view of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, from the roof of the Hotel Mecenate Palace, is one of the most stunning in Rome.

This is another one in the "Wow" department.

But they also get a lot of kudos for their friendly service, reasonable prices, and easy accessibility (you don't need to reserve, they open at 5pm, and there is pretty much always a spot with a view).

The free snacks are basic but nice and carby (mini-bruschette and pizzette), but you can order some other limited light items from their restaurant dinner menu, such as the simple Roman pastas, smoked fish, grilled veggies, and some salads.

To have a full meal on this roof, you'll need to go to the restaurant inside.

But my suggestion would be to eat dinner at one of my two favorite places nearby, Trattoria Monti or Da Danilo. Both absolutely MUST be booked in advance.


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Les Etoiles at Hotel Atlante Star

This is one of my favorite Rome rooftop bars mostly because this is where we had our wedding reception in 1999.

I love it for the gorgeous views of Saint Peter's Basilica.

They have a tippy-top-roof with plenty of seating, but with just a few umbrellas for shelter.

They also have another terrace one level down, which has awnings. So when it rains, you can still watch the sunset and wait for the rainbow.

rainy sunset views from les etoilesCaught in a rain shower, you can still enjoy your aperitivo with a view, including a view of the rain. There's an awning, so you're covered.

Their new full aperitivo formula costs about 35 € for one drink and quality food.



If you're looking for a Rome rooftop bar with a view, a vibe, great music, and superb food, Zuma is IT.

aperitivo at zuma in romeLove the vibe and the views from Zuma, but their aperitivo options for eating are some of the best of the Rome rooftop bars!

Perched on top of Rome's Fendi flagship store, right near the Spanish Steps, Zuma Japanese restaurant has become a magnet for the young, hip, sushi-loving crowd. 

They have the best ambient music of all the Rome rooftop bars (most have none at all, otherwise they tend to have loud pop music), and by far some of the best food (as long as you like sushi, or at least Japanese-inspired cuisine).

The views are wonderful and unique - a peek at the top of the Spanish Steps (Trinità dei Monti), a very cool building from 1900 right next door, and a stunning baroque dome that makes for a killer sunset.


9 Hotel Cesari

rooftop bar at hotel dei cesariI love this quiet and sweet rooftop bar and its lovely view of the facade of Saint Ignatius church.

This is one of my favorite Rome rooftop bars for the zen and for the location.

It's got a prime address between the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon, yet if you didn't know it was there, you would miss it entirely.

The entrance to the hotel looks like a basic glass door to a pretty average-looking, small hotel lobby.

Take the elevator to the top, climb just a few more stairs, and you'll find a spacious rooftop that's well divided into areas with different views. 

cozy places to sit on the rooftop bar of the 9 hotel cesariAt the 9 Hotel dei Cesari, there are comfy places to sit in different spots all around the roof, making for varied viewing, and a more intimate feel than some of the Rome rooftop bars that are more wide-open.

A central bar with hip, friendly, mixologists finishes the ambiance perfectly.

None of the views are super-wow, but I do love the view in the back, from where you can see the façade of one of my favorite churches in Rome, St. Ignatius.

They barely have any free snacks but have a few more items you can order from the menu.


  • Address: 9 Hotel CesariVia di Pietra, 89/a
  • Phone: +39 06 674 9701
  • Opening hours: Usually Monday - Sunday 18:00-00:00
  • Hours seem to change often. Sometimes in winter they are open on weekends. Sometimes they open earlier in the day and other times later. Call to make sure they are open before you go.
  • Reservations not necessary

The terrace of the Residenza Paolo VI

Being this close to Michelangelo's dome is one of my favorite things about this quiet rooftop bar.

drinks overlooking st peter's basilicaWhile I did take this photo outside, you can really just go outside to snap photos and enjoy the view. The bar tables are all inside, although often the windows are open.

It's relaxing to have drinks up on this roof, and I love the feeling of being in a kind of secret spot that not many people seem to know about.

To find it, go to the left-hand side of Bernini's colonnade outside St. Peter's Square.

You will see a small outside foyer that leads to a closed door. (To the left is one of THE best shops for buying religious gifts and souvenirs, Savelli.)

Ring the bell there for "Residenza Paolo VI".

It's actually a hotel, and it's owned by the Vatican.

But anyone can come have a drink in their rooftop bar. You just have to know it's there.


Castel Sant'Angelo

Castel Sant'Angelo is one of my favorite rooftop bars in Rome for one pretty big reason.

drinks on the roof of castel sant'angeloThe view from Castel Sant'Angelo overlooking St. Peter's basilica is perfect after a visit to the monument itself.

The view. Wow.

It's not one of your typical Rome rooftop bars because most of the time, the bar closes at 7:30 PM, when the castle itself closes (the exception to this is in summer on weekends, when the castle is (sometimes) open later for visits, and then so is the cafe.)

castel sant'angeloCastel Sant'Angelo is worth visiting just to see the monument itself. The rooftop bar is a huge bonus!

Also, since it's inside a monument, you need to pay to get in.

But it's definitely one of my faves due to its unique characteristics of being a bar inside a castle with arguably one of the best views of Saint Peter's dome.

Pretty substantial snacks (to order), and friendly service round out the pluses here.

The castle is part of the Roma Pass and other Rome city passes.


The American bar at the Hotel Forum

One reason I love this place so much is that it feels cozy and even a little secret (it's not a secret, but it feels like it is!)

I also love that it's right near the Colosseum and Roman Forum, which makes it a great spot for a rooftop aperitivo after some intense sight-seeing.

There is no view of the Colosseum, but the views of Fori Imperiali are fantastic!

sunset views from the rooftop bar at Hotel ForumThe views from the Hotel Forum rooftop bar include parts of the Roman Forum and the Forum Imperiali.

The snacks are seriously minimal (peanuts and potato chips), and there is no other food you can order.


Otium roof bar

I really love this rooftop bar for the unique view.

You look directly onto Campidoglio (Capitoline Hill) and the Complesso Vittoriano (otherwise known as the "wedding cake".)

view of campidoglioThe only rooftop bar in Rome that has a bird's eye view of Campidoglio and Ara Coeli is the Hotel Otium.

It's not a large rooftop, but it's comfortable and there are plenty of places to sit.

There are some minimal complimentary snacks and you can order more from the menu.

For dinner, I would go to Pizzeria Emma in Campo dei Fiori, or Nonna Betta in the Jewish Ghetto. Both should be booked in advance.


Il Palazzetto

How about a rooftop bar where you can have drinks right on/above the Spanish Steps?

view of spanish steps from il palazzettoAt Il Palazzetto, you'll be sipping your cocktail with a full-on view of the Spanish Steps themselves.

Il Palazzetto is actually part of the Hassler hotel, but you can access the wine bar directly from the top of the Spanish Steps.

il palazzetto as seen from trinità dei montiIl Palazzetto Wine Bar is easily accessible from the Trinità dei Monti, or the top of the Spanish Steps.


Minerva Roof Garden at Grand Hotel de La Minerve

In 2022 the Minerva is closed for renovation until further notice.

I'll update this page when they reopen, so please check back!

I can't get enough of this rooftop bar.

I love the big open, welcoming space, the WOW (this one is big on the "wow"), the sunsets, and the friendly yet professional waitstaff. 

view of the pantheon from the hotel minervaThere is nothing like seeing the Pantheon from this angle, and this up close and personal! That's why the Minerva rooftop bar is one of my all-time favorites in Rome.

From one side you can gaze at the roof of the Pantheon.

From the other, you can sit at the bar and look out over a sea of Roman rooftops.

view from hotel minerva in romeThe views from the Hotel Minerva rooftop bar are spectacular no matter where you sit. This is the view if you sit along the bar. The rainbow is just a bonus.

The free snacks are pretty good, but you can also order some simple foods from the bar menu, like a club sandwich with fries. (Sometimes we just order the fries!)

It's open all day, which means if we want to have drinks at 5pm, we can! (There are umbrellas so if it's super hot and sunny, or even a bit rainy, you're literally covered.)

If you go before peak happy hour time (7-8pm), you can almost always find a seat with a view.


The Minerva is a 5* luxury hotel, and their rooftop restaurant is a magnet for weddings and other special events, so you might find it wholly or partially closed to the public (it's a really big space, so often, even if there is an event, they only take up part of the terrace.)

Either call ahead to be sure it's open to the public, or have a backup plan.


The Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel, Autograph Collection

Just a couple of blocks over from the Minerva Hotel, you will find the Pantheon Iconic Hotel with a similarly striking view of the Pantheon.

pantheon viewClose up and personal with the Pantheon at the Pantheon Iconic Hotel rooftop bar.

This terrace is all about wide open spaces and sweeping views of Roman rooftops and church domes.

rooftops from the bar on top of pantheon iconic hotelWhat a great view of Borromini's dome of St. Ivo church from the Pantheon Iconic Hotel rooftop bar.

And my favorite thing about it is how welcoming and friendly they are.

Again, a bit of a splurge but worth it for these views!


La Grande Bellezza at Hotel Eitch Borromini 

This one is all about the WOW.

sunset view from eitch borromini terraceI absolutely love the warm colors of Rome's skyline as seen from the Eitch Borromini rooftop terrace.

You have a wide-open rooftop, with 360 degree views. 

But not just any view - you can see church domes, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona below you and, of course, the iconic St. Peter's dome off to the back. 

It makes for a stunning setting to enjoy drinks and a sunset.

Did I mention you are sitting right next to the dome and bell towers of Borromini's church, Sant'Agnese in Agone?

st peter's dome from eitch borrominiWith wide-open skies and an unobstructed view of St. Peter's dome, you get some pretty spectacular sunsets up on this roof.

The free snacks are pretty good and they also have a menu for more substantial items like mini salmon sandwiches, caprese salad, but I find it really expensive for what you get.

The hotel does have a rooftop restaurant on the 5th floor (one floor down from the terrace), with amazing views of Borromini's church dome, and Piazza Navona below. 

This rooftop bar is all about the view and the vibe - it's always packed and the ambiance is convivial, as people move around to take photos from all angles.

As a really special thing to do you can even attend a concert here!

opera singers at borromini terraceFor a really special thing to do, why not attend a semi-private opera show on the roof of the Eitch Borromini?

A caveat

Because it's become such a hot ticket, you cannot just go on a whim.

It's almost always fully booked, so you need to reserve in advance, usually 1-2 days if possible.


Hotel de la Ville

Rocco Forte Hotel de La Ville, sister property of sister property, Hotel de Russiehas one of the loveliest Rome rooftops bars.

view_from_capitolinemuseums-small.jpegView of Rome

There are two spacious comfortable rooftops here, on two levels. Both offer exquisite views over Rome.

The staff is friendly, efficient, and helpful.

Drinks come with some snacks but they also have a menu with plenty of other options including, pasta, fish, and meat dishes.

It's pricey but the views are what you pay for.


  • Address: Hotel de la VilleVia Sistina, 69 (top of the Spanish Steps)
  • Phone: +39 06 977 931
  • Opening hours: Monday-Sunday: 12:00-00:00 
  • Reservations highly recommended
  • There are also two other bars/restaurants inside on lower floors.

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Rome rooftop bars with the most happening vibe

Already listed above, these rooftop bars in Rome have a very buzzy feel:

  • Palazzo Nainer
  • Eitch Borrimini
  • Zuma

Here are a few more places to try if you're looking for a rooftop with a lively atmosphere:

Up Sunset Bar - Rinascente

The flagship store of Rinascente right in the center of Rome is a modern, urban, hip shopping venue.

view from Up Sunset barThe rooftop of Rome's flagship Rinascente department store offers beautiful views and a happening vibe.

There is not much in the way of snacks on the roof, so you may want to head down one level to the beautiful restaurant Madeiterraneo that has outdoor seating and lovely views of Roman rooftops and Borromini's dome of the church next door.

dinner on roof of rinascenteThe views from the top of Rinascente are lovely on both of the upper floors.

It's a bit of a bustle up on the roof with people coming and going, and moving around to get photos of the rooftops and sunset.


The perfect 3-day itinerary in Rome

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The Corner - Marco Martini cocktails

The Corner is a lovely rooftop with separate spaces for drinks and for dining, and the 1* Michelin restaurant is excellent

While there is no view to speak of, and the "roof" is just one level up from street level, it's got a great atmosphere and also, it's a pretty romantic place to eat or drink, due to the beautiful mix of flower-filled trellises, cozy garden furniture, and gazebo-like gathering spots dotting the rooftop.



Rome rooftop bars with the most mellow vibe

The hustle and bustle of Rome, especially if you are engaging in a full day of sightseeing, can be overwhelming. Sometimes enjoying a drink in a quiet, relaxing atmosphere can be just the thing!

Some of my favorite rooftop bars in Rome that I listed above do offer a calm environment:

  • Residenza Paolo VI
  • Terrazza dei Papi
  • 9 Hotel Cesari

Here are a few more:

Singer Palace Hotel

One of the latest hotel trends in Rome has been to create boutique hotels out of old buildings like banks, factories, mints, etc.

Where once was the Singer factory and headquarters in Rome, today it's a luxury boutique hotel right in the heart of Rome's historic center just off via del Corso.

sunset from singer palaceThere is nothing like viewing the soft pink and coral colors of the sunset from a rooftop bar in Rome, like this one at the Singer Palace Hotel.

There is a restaurant and outdoor lounge for aperitivo on the 5th floor rooftop.

They also have a 6th floor rooftop that is for aperitivo only. 


47 Circus Roof Garden

I have a soft spot for the roof of this hotel, because it was one of the first rooftop bars to open in Rome and the one I came to the most before so many others opened.

cocktails with a view at the 47 circus barThe rooftop bar of the Hotel Circus offers a lovely ambiance for aperitivo.

You'll get nice views of the ancient Roman temples along the Tiber river if you sit near the edge, and you can also gaze upon the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin.

views of ancient templesThe roof of the Hotel 47 offers fantastic views of some of Rome's most ancient temples.

The snacks are ok and the service can be spotty.

It's fairly close to some of the main tourist attractions like the Jewish Ghetto, the Mouth of Truth, and the Circus Maximus.

To eat nearby, I'd suggest heading into the Jewish Ghetto and trying Nonna Betta or Beppe e i Suoi Formaggi.


Hotel Victoria

I love the hushed feeling of the beautiful flower-filled rooftop at this 4**** luxury hotel.

november-villa-borghese-laghetto-smallVilla Borghese located nearby

There are no views to speak of but it's a lovely cozy space.


Sky Blu Pool Terrace at Hotel Aleph

There is a lovely rooftop bar, complete with pool and comfy, chic furniture, and decent snack menu.

prosecco by the poolThe Aleph not only has a rooftop bar, they have a pool up there as well!


Palazzo Naiadi

Palazzo Naiadi, formerly known as the Hotel Exedra, in Piazza della Repubblica has a gorgeous rooftop bar, and some tables inside that overlook the pool.

You will see some rooftops and part of Piazza Exedra when you have a drink there.


The Rooftop Guide

I found this excellent resource for rooftops around the world.

It was started by two Swedish guys and they have done an excellent job of reviewing and describing rooftops not just in Rome but in many cities around the globe.

Go check it out:

The Rooftop Guide

Rooftops in Rome that are more restaurant than bar

Some of Rome's best rooftop restaurants with amazing views (including those with at least one Michelin star) happen to also be on top of luxury hotels.

Because they dedicate this space and this view to their restaurant goers, these hotels are less inclined to have a real rooftop bar, let alone with a view, for "just" drinks/aperitivo.

If you want a special, delicious, romantic dinner out in Rome, you cannot beat these restaurants.

Just don't expect to go here for aperitivo or cocktails with a view.

Rome Rooftop Bars at Michelin Star Restaurants

Rome Rooftop Bars - A Map

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