Rome Restaurants With A View - Experience These Unique Spots!

Looking for Rome restaurants with a view?

sunset view over piazza barberiniHow would you like to enjoy this stunning sunset view over Piazza Barberini? If you eat at the restaurant of the Hotel Bernini Bristol, you can!

Whether you're visiting Rome for a romantic getaway, or just want a beautiful vista while you dine, find out all your options to combine delicious food with a stunning view of the Eternal City.

Rome Restaurants with a View - something for everyone

I would like to say there is something for everyone when you are looking for a restaurant with a beautiful view of Rome. But the reality is that restaurants with amazing views are usually pretty posh and that means expensive.

In fact, some of the very best Rome restaurants with a view have at least one Michelin star.

But I've gone through my extensive list of restaurants I personally have tried and have found a few affordable spots among them.

I'm also including on this page some of my favorite rooftop bars where you can get more than just aperitivo (snack) food.

On this page about the best Rome restaurants with a view, you'll find:

A few notes:

  • Most of these Rome restaurants with a view only offer dinner and sometimes also lunch. I'll note when you can also have breakfast.
  • Some of these restaurants are outside and are only open from spring through late fall and either close or move inside during the cold winter months.
  • I have used press images of some of the restaurants on this page, where noted.

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Michelin-starred restaurants with a view of Rome

La Pergola*** - Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria

Dining at Rome's only 3 *** Michelin restaurant is an unforgettable experience.

The food, service, and view make La Pergola one of the best restaurants in all of Italy!

view of rome from la pergolaThe views from La Pergola over Rome are spectacular. Photo credit - La Pergola


Mirabelle* - Hotel Splendide Royale

I love the Mirabelle, even though I've only dined here once.

Alessandro and I had an anniversary dinner here and it was perfect in every way, from the food to the service to the ambiance to the views.

You get the amazing views even if you are seated a bit further back, as we were.

sunset view from mirabelle restaurantOne of the best Rome restaurants with a view, the Mirabelle is superb! Photo credit - Mirabelle


Imago* - Hotel Hassler

One of Rome's most famous hotels, the Hassler, high on top of the Spanish Steps, boasts unique views over the Eternal City.

And at its Michelin* restaurant on the top floor, Imago, you will have an amazing meal with equally amazing views.

view of rome from imagoOne of the best Rome restaurants with a view is Imago, high on top of the famed Hassler Hotel. Photo credit - Imago


Aroma* - Palazzo Manfredi

Aroma, on the roof of Palazzo Manfredi, has one of the most breathtaking views of the Colosseum in Rome.

view of the Colosseum at dusk from aroma restaurantOne of the only Rome restaurants with a view of the Colosseum is Aroma, on the roof of the Palazzo Manfredi hotel. Photo credit - Aroma


La Terrazza* - Hotel Eden

La Terrazza on top of the luxury Hotel Eden, has superb cuisine and beautiful views of Rome from its panoramic windows.


  • Address: Hotel Eden | Via Ludovisi 49
  • Phone: +39 06 4781 2752
  • Opening hours: Mondays CLOSED | Tuesday-Saturday 19:00-23:30  | Sundays CLOSED
  • Reservations highly recommended

Other upscale Rome restaurants with a view

Most of the Rome restaurants with a view are elegant and upscale.

You can expect to pay a bit more (sometimes a lot more) to eat here, just because of the view.

You can usually (but not always) expect good service and delicious food.

Les Etoiles - Atlante Star Hotel

I'm starting with my favorite of this bunch because it's where Alessandro and I had our wedding reception.

We still love to come here for drinks, as it's one of the best terraces in Rome for views of Saint Peter's Basilica.

view of vatican from les etoilesLes Etoiles on the roof of the Hotel Atlante Star offers some of the best views of Saint Peter's dome. Photo credit - Les Etoiles



Zuma is one of my favorite places to eat in Rome when I want something different, to wit, sushi.

Their menu is not only about sushi but you will find delectable sushi, Japanese-inspired cuisine, and other inventive dishes here.

sushi at ZumaZuma is one of the best Rome restaurants with a view when you want to eat something besides Italian cuisine.

And while it doesn't offer a view of any specific site or monument, you can see the top of the Spanish steps from here, as well as other interesting rooftops.

The outside terrace is not open during the cold winter months. There is indoor dining but without a view.


Singer Palace

I love having aperitivo on the roof of the Singer Palace hotel, mostly because I feel like nobody really knows about it.

sunset rooftop views from singer palace hotelI love the views from the Singer Palace hotel, mostly because it feels like a secret spot.

They also have a restaurant with outdoor seating from spring - fall.

The restaurant is only open for inside dining during winter months and there is not much of a view.


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Il Vizio - Hotel Bernini Bristol

The photo at the top of this page shows the stunning rooftop views at the Il Vizio restaurant on the roof of the Bernini Bristol Hotel.

Below you can see Saint Peter's dome and a crescent moon as the sun sets.

sunset views from bernini bristolIl Vizio restaurant offers stunning views of Piazza Barberini below, as well as Saint Peter's Basilica off in the distance.


  • Address: Bernini Bristol | Piazza Barberini 23
  • Phone: +39 06 4201 0469
  • Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 12:30-15:00, 19:00-23:00
  • Reservations suggested

Mater Terrae Restaurant - Hotel Raphaël

If you're looking for an upscale vegetarian / vegan restaurant with a view, Mater Terrae is the perfect spot. 

mater terrae on top of hotel raphaelEnjoy beautiful views and vegetarian haute cuisine at Mater Terrae. Photo credit - Hotel Raphael

Nestled right in the center of Rome, just behind Piazza Navona, you'll have gorgeous 360 views of Rome rooftops, along with delicious vegetarian cuisine.


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Grand Hotel La Minerva

The Grand Hotel La Minerva is closed for renovations.

We do not yet have an opening date but will update this page when we do.

The Grand Hotel Minerva is right next to the Pantheon, and has one of the most centrally-located Rome restaurants with a view. 

dinner inside the Minerva rooftop restaurantEnjoy beautiful rooftop views from the top of the Minerva Hotel near the Pantheon. Photo credit - Grand Hotel La Minerva

While I usually go here for aperitivo in the spring - fall months, their indoor restaurant is open year-round and offers wonderful rooftop views.


Aquaroof at the First ArtE Hotel

The rooftop bar and restaurant of the First Arte Hotel offers a special perspective of Rome's rooftops. To one side you can see the Spanish Steps, to another, Piazza del Popolo, and to another, Vatican City.

sunset from First Arte Hotel rooftopThe roof of the First Arte Hotel is truly a 360-degree rooftop with a real restaurant where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, aperitivo, or dinner.


Roof Garden at Hotel Forum

The Rooftop restaurant of the Hotel Forum is one of the most popular Rome restaurants with a view to book for weddings. 

gorgeous views of the via dei fori imperiali from the rooftop of the hotel forumThe rooftop restaurant at the Hotel Forum offers one of the best views of the via dei Fori Imperiali. Hotel credit - Hotel Forum

It's also open normally but you must book in advance as it is often booked out for events.


Settimo - Sofitel

The roof of the Sofitel has spectacular views over the Villa Borghese park, with Saint Peter's dome easily visible in the distance. 

sunset view from roof of sofitelBeautiful views of Villa Borghese from the roof of the Sofitel. Photo credit - Sofitel

You can dine outside from spring - fall, but in the winter, you can still enjoy their restaurant inside, with less of a view.


  • Address: Sofitel | Via Lombardia 47
  • Phone: +39 06 47 8021
  • Restaurant opening hours: Monday-Friday 12:00-14:00, 19:00-22:30 | Saturday-Sunday 12:30-14:30, 19:00-22:30
  • Bar opening hours: Monday-Friday 12:00-00:30 | Saturday-Sunday 12:30-00:30

Affordable Rome restaurants with beautiful Rome views

Madeiterraneo/Up Sunset bar

For me, one of the best Rome restaurants with a view is MadeIterraneo on the roof of the Rinascente flagship department store.

You can enjoy delicious meals mostly designed by Michelin-chef Riccardo Giacinto at reasonable prices.

And you get to gaze at spectacular Rome views while you dine.

rooftop views from MadeiterraneoMadeiterraneo on top of Rinascente is a fantastic place to eat and drink and enjoy beautiful rooftop views of Rome.

The outside where the views are is only open from around March - November.

In winter, you can dine inside but you won't have a view.


Shamrock Restaurant

One of my favorite finds recently is the Shamrock restaurant. They have a lovely rooftop with space for drinks or a meal.

And while they have plenty of space inside, they have heat lamps on the roof and keep it open in winter, too.

The food is fine, the service friendly, and it's a very relaxed atmosphere. It's become one of my favorite Rome restaurants with a view precisely because it's so unassuming.

sunset colosseum peekaboo view from shamrock restaurantYou can get a little peekaboo view of the Colosseum from the Shamrock restaurant.


  • Address: Via dei Santi Quattro 92
  • Phone: +39 06 700 2583
  • Opening hours: Mondays CLOSED | Tuesday-Sunday: 10:00-02:00

Rome rooftop bars where you can also eat dinner

Many of these spots could be considered a rooftop bar first and foremost, but that have a restaurant. Or, they could be considered a restaurant that has a rooftop bar.

I see them primarily as bars where you can also eat, so this is entirely subjective on my part.

Quite a few of Rome's rooftop bars are just that - bars where the food amounts to nibbles you'd expect to have with cocktails.

But many of these spots also have a full restaurant.

Typically, you'll need to move to a dining room if you want to eat from the regular menu, but in most cases, you will still have a view.

I Sofà Bar and Restaurant Roof Terrace

I love the rooftop bar of the Indigo St. George Hotel on via Giulia. It's an excellent location for a drink with beautiful rooftop views. 

rooftop restaurant of the indigo st. george hotelThe rooftop of the Indigo Saint George Hotel offers beautiful rooftop views from spring to fall. Photo credit - Hotel St. George

They also have a restaurant there and it looks lovely. Both the bar and restaurant are closed during the winter months.


Terrazza Borromini - Eitch Borromini

The rooftop bar of the Eitch Borromini Hotel has a unique position overlooking Piazza Navona, with spectacular views towards Saint Peter's dome in one direction and the Pantheon in the other.

rooftop of eitch borrominiThe rooftop restaurant of the Eitch Borromini hotel is one of the most centrally located Rome restaurants with a view. Photo credit - Eitch Borromini

While the appetizer menu is fairly good, if you want dinner up here, you'll need to head one floor down.

There, the views are straight over Piazza Navona.

There are indoor tables as well as outdoor, but the indoor tables do not have as much of a view as the outdoor ones, so you'll really only get amazing views in non-winter months.



The terrace of the NH Fori Imperiali offers one of the best views in Rome from a rooftop.

It's primarily for drinks but sometimes you can have dinner there as well. The terrace is not open during winter.

sunset from roof of NH Fori ImperialiThe view from the NH Fori Imperiali is truly inspiring.


47 Circus Roof Garden

This rooftop bar and restaurant is another favorite of mine, because it was one of the first rooftop bars in Rome and I used to come often. 

view of ancient roman temples from the 47 Circus roof gardenOne of the best Rome restaurants with a view of Ancient Roman temples is the 47 Circus Roof Garden. Photo credit - 47 Boutique Hotel

I still think of them primarily as a place for an aperitivo but they do also have a restaurant here.


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