Restaurants Near Spanish Steps
How to Eat (and Drink) Well in Rome's Shopping Zone

Looking for good restaurants near Spanish Steps?

Get the scoop on the best places to eat and drink in Rome's shopping zone.

spanish steps at dawnThe lovely Spanish Steps area is best known as Rome's shopping zone. Now, where to eat nearby?

Restaurants Near Spanish Steps - Yes, you can eat well!

The Spanish Steps area is known as Rome's Shopping Zone.

At night it quiets down a lot, and doesn't have a lot of ambiance for after-dinner strolling (other than during the Christmas holidays).

Whether you want a lunch break while shopping in the area, an aperitivo/cocktail, or a quiet dinner in a local trattoria, you'll have plenty to choose from:

I've tried many more restaurants in this area that I don't include here.

In some cases, it's because I find them mediocre, overly-touristy, or just not memorable enough to go back.

The places on this page are among my favorites - most for the food, and a few for the special ambiance, where noted.

No More Sitting on the Spanish Steps!

For years, people have thought of the Spanish Steps as a place to eat and drink - literally.

Grab your gelato, plunk yourself down on the steps, and watch the world go by.

No more!

It's now forbidden, and they are fining people, so be aware of this new change.

So now, if you want to eat and drink in this area, you'll need to find a café or restaurant!

Restaurants Near Spanish Steps - Lunch

When I think of restaurants near Spanish Steps, it's for lunch.

It's where I find myself meeting friends, trying new places, and going back over and again to the best ones.

Favorite Lunch Spots

These are my favorite spots for lunch.

You can eat at most of these spots for dinner as well - just note the opening hours.

La Buvette

La Buvette has been one of my go-to lunch restaurants near Spanish Steps for years.

It's not that special food-wise, although I always like everything I eat there, like cous-cous seafood salad, tagliatelle with truffles and their gorgeous salade niçoise.

I just like the atmosphere, sitting outside on one of the few quiet streets in Rome, sipping a glass of wine with my lunch, and watching the Roman shoppers go by.

It can be tough to get a table at prime lunch hour during nice weather, because it's one of the few places you can have a nice lunch outside near the Spanish Steps but not be inundated by crowds and tourists.

Try going on the early side, like noon.

salade nicoise at buvetteSalade niçoise at La Buvette



How would you like to eat lunch inside a wine shop, surrounded by gourmet foods and bottles of wine, eating some simple, homemade Roman food?

baccalà al popdoro at bucconeSimple wine-bar lunch of baccalà with tomato at Buccone

At first glance, Buccone seems to be a wine emporium, but look near the entrance and you will spot the daily specials written on a little chalkboard easel.

This is one of the best restaurants near the Spanish Steps for a cozy, simple, homemade lunch. 

entrance to il bucconeLook for the easel with the daily specials at the entrance.
shop window of il bucconeThe shop window leads you to think this is just a wine store.

They also make their own crostate (fruit jam tortes) daily.


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Restaurants Near the Spanish Steps - With outdoor tables to boot!

Alla Rampa

alla rampa tables outsideAlla Rampa, a great shady spot for an outdoor lunch near the Spanish Steps

Alla Rampa is a nice option for a leisurely lunch.

They have a regular menu with mostly Roman specialties.

If you want, you can sit outside, and in the shade during summer.

The waiters are all old-school, which means they can be a bit funny, but they are also usually friendly and always professional.

**A caveat - one reader told me that her waiter chased her asking for a 20% tip. This is a HUGE no-no and a reason I nearly took this restaurant off my page. In hopes that it was one bad actor and not the philosophy of the restaurant management, I will leave them on here but CAVEAT EMPTOR!


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Restaurants Near Spanish Steps - A few more interesting lunch spots

Ciampini at the top of the Spanish Steps

The Ciampini family are local Rome restauranteurs.

They started with the famed café in Piazza Navona, "I Tre Scalini" (still there today, and serving one of the most outrageous chocolate concoctions in the world, the tartufo.)

They eventually opened their location in Piazza di San Lorenzo in Lucina - which I also recommend on this and other pages for a gelato stop, and for pizza, and certainly for a lovely and very local place to sit and people watch.

ciampini piazza san lorenzo in lucinaI love Ciampini in Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina not least for the people-watching factor.

The Ciampini restaurant I am referring to here, which was opened by one of the sons, is at the top of the Spanish Steps, on Piazza Trinità dei Monti.

And the reason I recommend it for lunch is not for the food (which is fine but not that special.)

It's for the ambiance, the turtle fountain, and the view.

ciampini relais le jardinCiampini at the top os the Spanish Steps is one of my favorite options for a chill lunch with an amazing view that doesn't break the bank.


Disclosure: If you make a purchase through a link on this page, I may receive a small commission - at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my site!


Do you really want to eat where the Romans eat?

It's not always about the rustic trattoria with the old-fashioned waiters and the fried artichokes.

ginger restaurant near spanish stepsGinger - where Romans go for healthy eating near the Spanish Steps

Modern Romans flock to Ginger for its bright, cheery atmosphere, and hip selection of fruity healthy choices on the menu.

They (and I) love the giant fruit concoctions, smoothies and cheese plates.

It's a great spot for vegetarians and vegans, too.

Ginger also serves some traditional Roman pastas so there is something for everyone.

ginger rome spanish stepsGinger is one of the restaurants near Spanish Steps very popular with the modern Roman crowd.


Hosteria del Mercato

This is another one of those restaurants in the Spanish Steps zone I only come to for lunch, although I am sure breakfast and dinner are lovely too.

What I love the most is feeling like I'm sitting outside, even when I'm inside. 

hosteria del mercato in its plant-filled interiorSitting inside Hosteria del Mercato feels like sitting outside in a relaxing garden.

I am not a big fan of outdoor dining in Rome (with some exceptions), because of cigarette smoke, heat, street vendors and car/scooter exhaust.

Hosteria del Mercato - Cheese plateThe food at Hosteria del Mercato is excellent. All the ingredients are fresh and regionally sourced.

Sitting inside Hosteria del Mercato is like an oasis, year-round.

But I wouldn't come just for that.

It turns out the food is excellent too.

The menu is all about biological, sustainable ingredients. 

Bonus - they also have a bio food market next to the café inside.

Hosteria del mercato - Spaghetti with ricotta and trufflesThis simple plate of spaghetti with fresh ricotta and truffles at Hostaria del Mercato was heavenly!

It's varied, with something for everyone, including vegans and those avoiding gluten.

Top it off with a pretty good wine list, and superb desserts, and you have a winner!

Rome. Hostaria del Mercato. MarketHostaria del Mercato also offers a lovely Bio market.



Rinascente is one of Italy's biggest department stores.

Their flagship store, right between the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain, is a destination unto itself - for the shopping, the rooftop restaurants and bars, and especially the Roman ruins in the basement!

rinascentestore-small.jpegRinascente's flagship store in Rome is one of the best shopping destinations in the Eternal City.

Why is a department store on a page about restaurants near the Spanish Steps?

Because they have a huge, beautiful food hall on the top floor!

With tons of options for everyone.

On the 6th floor, you start at their marketplace, where you can buy all sorts of yummy gourmet things.

And all on this floor you will find plenty of different eating spots to satisfy your mid-day cravings.

There are a few different cuisines offered including sandwiches, pizza, and general Mediterranean far.

The inside dining area of the Rinascente rooftop is cozy and inviting.

Pasta alla GriciaDelicious rigatoni alla gricia - a classic Roman dish you might find at one of the restaurants on the roof of Rinascente.

There is also a lovely outdoor space on the 6th floor for dining:

Rinascente. Rooftop aperitivoHere's me with a friend, enjoying an April lunch break on the 6th floor of Rinascente.
Rinascente. Rooftop restaurantThe setting on the Rinascente 6th floor outside is so inviting, and the views of Rome are amazing!

And to top it all off (literally), there's a fabulous rooftop bar on the 7th floor, with stunning views of Rome:

rinascente-up-barrooftop-small.jpegLunch here is great if you come in spring and fall when it's not too hot (otherwise I opt for eating indoors.)

Come for lunch, dinner, or aperitivo.

And you may even want to shop.

Rinascente. Rooftop Bar. SunsetAperitivo on the roof is another story - a beautiful setting and spectacular views of the Roman skyline.


  • Address:

        - Via del Tritone, 61

        - Via dei Due Macelli, 23

  • Phone: +39 06 879 161
  • Opening hours: Monday-Sunday: 09:30-23:00
  • Reservations suggested

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Restaurants Near Spanish Steps - Authentic Trattorias

Looking for an authentic, non-touristy Roman trattoria near the Spanish Steps?

These are my faves.

Restaurants Near Spanish Steps - Favorite Roman Trattorias

The next two restaurants are among my favorite trattorias in Rome.

If you are looking for a really local spot, with authentic, fresh, Roman cuisine, try one of these:

Settimio All'Arancio

Settimio restaurant. InsideSettimio all'Arancio is one of the most Roman restaurants near Spanish Steps. Come here for an authentic Roman meal in a relaxed setting.

Settimio all'Arancio is one of those old-time, traditional Roman trattorias where the fish is on display on ice when you walk in, the owner is sometimes eating lunch alone at one of the tables by the cash register, and, at a late lunch hour, you see all Italian businessmen in suits discussing something important while using their hands to make their point, between forkfuls.

Settimio restaurant. Paccheri pastaEverything is delicious at Settimio all'Arancio, but they are known for their seafood dishes. Always check the daily specials.

Settimio is one of a family of 3 siblings that own three restaurants in Rome, with this one being the oldest.

You can have everything from typical Roman pastas, to in-season-only artichokes, to seafood to steak.

A good wine list and courteous, professional waiters round out the experience.

Settimio restaurant. Carciofo Jewish styleThe fried artichokes at Settimio all'Arancio are crispy, not too oily, and perfect with every bite.


Arancio d'Oro

Arancio d'Oro is run by Settimio's brother Luigi, and is just around the corner from Settimio (above.)

This is fantastic Roman trattoria dining in a simpler fashion, but just as good as big brother. 

roman artichoke at arancia d'oroRoman artichoke at Arancio D'Oro
Grilled SalmonSimple grilled salmon for lunch

The restaurant is more casual, the dishes are a bit less expensive than at Settimio and it always feels like you are eating with locals who live just upstairs.

spaghetti with clams and bottarga at arancia d'oroOne of my favorite simple dishes at Arancio D'Oro - spaghetti with clams and bottarga (cured fish eggs)

Arancio d'Oro also has a wood-burning oven, which means superb focaccia as your bread option but it also means you can have an excellent pizza here!

And they offer gluten-free pizza to boot!

For more places to have pizza near the Spanish Steps, see below.


The third sibling of this family is Mara, who with her husband runs the wonderful

Piccolo Arancio near the Trevi Fountain.

It's another one of my go-to restaurants in Rome.

Al Gran Sasso

Al Gran Sasso doesn't seem that interesting from the street, but they serve excellent Roman and also Abruzzese cuisine, at very reasonable prices.

The upstairs has very little space and few tables, but there are more downstairs.

Gran Sasso restaurant. MenuAbruzzese cuisine is a presence now rooted in the Eternal City. First restaurants opened as early as the 1950s, following the great post-war migration.


  • Address: Via di Ripetta, 32
  • Phone: +39 06 321 4883
  • Opening hours: Monday-Tuesday: 12:30-14:30, 19:30-23:00 | Wednesday CLOSED | Thursday-Sunday: 12:30-14:30, 19:30-23:00
  • It's a small place and reservations are pretty much a must
  • Outside dining available

Restaurants Near Spanish Steps - Other Good Choices

The below is a hodge-podge of other places I eat at from time to time in the Spanish Steps neighborhood.

Otello alla Concordia

Otello Alla Concordia is a simple trattoria serving all the classic Roman fare: amatriciana, cacio e pepe, artichokes, fried zucchini flowers, lamb, etc.

The food is fine, the prices are pretty good, and it's in an excellent location just near the bottom of the Spanish Steps.

I am not giving it a rave review but do include it here because it's a consistent crowd pleaser.


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Nino is a classic Tuscan restaurant in Rome.

They have all the typical Tuscan treats like white beans in olive oil, ribollita, pappardelle with hare sauce, and of course Florentine steaks.

Nino was the "it" spot in Rome for the posh crowd in the 60's and 70's.

I just like it for the dark, cozy old-fashioned ambiance, with the high wood-paneled walls, the waiters in their white jackets and ties, and the yummy food.

It's a tad on the expensive side.


Brillo Restaurant

Brillo Restaurant is one of those restaurants near the Spanish Steps you go when you have a larger crowd; when you are not sure where else to go; when you want to eat when other restaurants are closed (in August, or late at night, or Sunday). 

il brillo parlanteEating outside at Brillo Restaurant

The food is ok (I do love you can get a mini-pizza as I often cannot finish a whole one), but we go just because it's often an easy choice for a group.

And it is an excellent choice for a late-night meal (they are open until 1AM and take reservations up to 11:30 PM!)

amatricianaMezze maniche all'amatriciana
mini pizza napoliMini pizza at Brillo Parlante


Restaurants Near the Spanish Steps - Pizza

Finding good pizza in the Spanish Steps area is actually pretty difficult.

It's just not the area of Rome known for this.

You'll find lots more options for pizza behind Piazza Navona, and in other neighborhoods in Rome like Testaccio, Trastevere, San Lorenzo and out on the Tuscolana.

But if you find yourself craving pizza and you are near the Spanish Steps, try these:

Arancia d'Oro

This is definitely the spot for thin-crust Roman style pizza near the Spanish Steps. 

arancio d'oro pizza fioriMy favorite pizza at Arancio d'Oro restaurant - zucchini flowers with mozzarella and anchovies.

I listed them above as one of my favorite Roman trattorias in the area, but they are also perfect for pizza.

They have all the fried appetizers we love to eat before pizza, and I recently discovered they make gluten-free and vegan pizzas too.

And they have nice outdoor seating that I actually like because there is not much traffic.

They really have it all!


Ciampini Bistro

In 2013, the Ciampini family opened the Ciampini Bistro around the corner from their famous Ciampini Caffe (in Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina.)

It's become a very local hangout spot for the local Roman crowd (I mean local, as in people who literally live in this area.) 

Ciampini restaurant. Pizza with zucchini flowers anchovies and mozzarellaThe pizza at Ciampini Bistro is excellent - nice and thin and crispy, Roman-style. And as a bonus they actually slice it for you (this is not common in Rome.)

And, surprisingly, they make very good pizza.

If you really want to hang with the (posh) locals, in a hip, vibrant yet tiny spot right near the Spanish Steps, this is it.


Want to know more about pizza in Rome, including my favorite spots around the city?

Check out my page all about this here.

Restaurants near Spanish Steps with a view

We've already covered this in a few other places on this page.

These restaurants near the Spanish Steps offer wonderful views of Rome:

Here are a few more of my favorite places where you can eat with a view near the Spanish Steps.


Zuma is my go-to when I want something a bit different in the area.

It's also one of the best Japanese fusion restaurants around.

zuma view of spanish stepsThe views from Zuma are lovely and you can spot the bell towers of the Trinità dei Monti church at the top of the Spanish Steps.

If you're in the mood for sushi either with a cool hipster ambiance, or with a view (or both), Zuma is for you.

zuma snacks and wineZuma is a great option if you are looking for a change from Italian cuisine.

The outdoor terrace is open seasonally but the ambiance inside is welcoming and warm.


Cielo - Hotel de la Ville

I love coming to Hotel de la Ville's rooftop for a drink and some snacks, but you can certainly dine here as well.

The space is well thought out and offers beautiful sweeping views of Rome's skyline.


Acquaroof - The first arte Roma hotel

Acquaroof at the First Arte hotel offers gorgeous views of Rome along with an elegant rooftop from which to sample them.

I think of this terrace primarily as a rooftop bar but they also offer meals throughout the day, for hotel guests and non-guests alike.


Il Palazzetto

Il Palazzetto is another spot I think of primarily as a rooftop bar, but you can eat fairly substantial snacks here including platters of cold cuts and pizza, so I'll include it as a "restaurant" with a view, because it really does offer the best and frankly only view overlooking the Spanish Steps themselves.

palazzetto wine bar overlooking spanish stepsThe Palazzetto offers the best birds' eye view of the Spanish Steps themselves.


Romantic Restaurants in the Spanish Steps Area

If you're looking for romantic places to eat in Rome, you'll find an excellent selection around the Spanish Steps/Piazza del Popolo area.

Of course, many of these involve Michelin-star restaurants or 5-star hotels.

But not all.

Imago - Hassler Hotel

Well it does not get much more romantic than this. 

Combine Michelin-star quality with one of the most breath-taking views in Rome, and huge picture-windows from which to take it all in, and you have one of the most perfect romantic restaurants near Spanish Steps.

imago hassler romePhoto credit - Hassler Hotel, Imago restaurant

For a more affordable option, you can also dine at the other restaurants inside the Hassler - the Salone Eva, or the lovely covered bar in the back.

Both are on the ground floor.

hotel hassler - salone evaI also love the ambiance of Salone Eva at the Hotel Hassler.


Il Margutta

Enjoy fabulous cuisine in a romantic setting at il Margutta, Rome's first, and probably best-known vegetarian restaurant.

But believe me, you do not have to be a vegetarian to appreciate and enjoy the savory creations here.

The dining room of il Margutta is warm and cozy, and filled with original artwork by local artists.

By day it's bright and vibrant, and at night when it's dark outside, it takes on a whole new, more romantic feel.

Il Margutta may be best known for it's wonderful vegetarian breakfast/brunch/lunch buffet.

At night, it's an entirely different scene.

Il Margutta vegetarian restaurantAll the dishes on the vegetarian and vegan menu are expertly created and prepared. They are not only beautiful, they are delicious and interesting. Photo credit - Il Margutta

Here you will find yourself in a lovely, quiet setting on the sweet via Margutta, steps from Piazza del Popolo.

The ambiance is lovely but what really counts is the food. 

Their chef is very talented and creative.

Even the most carnivorous diners will enjoy the food here.

Il Margutta is also on this page as a great place for brunch.

But you can count on it for any meal.

Il Margutta vegetarian restaurantThese breaded seitan skewers with hazelnut and drops of wasabi and other vegan mayonnaises were sublime. Photo credit - il Margutta



All'Oro, located inside the beautifully-appointed The H'All Tailor Suite hotel, offers hotel patrons and non-patrons alike a gorgeous setting for enjoying * Michelin-star quality breakfast, lunch and dinner.

All'oro restaurant RomeAll'Oro is without a doubt one of the most romantic restaurants near Spanish Steps. Photo credit - All'Oro

The cuisine by chef and founder Riccardo Di Giacinto is divine and worth the splurge.

And with this beautiful setting, you are sure to have a special, romantic evening in Rome.


Restaurants Near Spanish Steps - Brunch

RistorArte Margutta

RistorArte Margutta is one of the best restaurants in the Tridente neighborhood for a lot of different reasons: the menu is vegetarian (vegan also available), with the best organic products; they have a nice open, modern space inside, and cozy tables outside for enjoying in nice weather.

I also mentioned them further up on this page as a great place for a romantic dinner, as the cuisine changes in the evening.

ristorarte marguttaGetting ready for an outdoor brunch at Ristorarte Margutta

And, they have a great brunch buffet.

The brunch buffet is available daily from 12:30-3:30pm, so we could put them in the lunch category as well.

Oh yeah, and free wifi.

The abundant buffet at il Margutta makes them one of my favorite restaurants near Spanish Steps for a lunch brunch or lunch. 



Babette is one of the restaurants in the area that's been around for a while.

It's perhaps best-known for its weekend brunch buffet.

(Technically, I'd call this lunch, since they don't open until 12:30pm. Unfortunately, while you may hear the word "brunch" used in Rome, it's usually actually "lunch".)

I do love their all-you-can-eat (25€) brunch.

The quality of the food is excellent.

You can also order a la carte, as you can for lunch and dinner.

Babette is directly across from il Margutta (above), and they have a lovely outdoor seating area as well.


  • Address: Via Margutta, 1d
  • Phone: +39 06 321 1559
  • Restaurant: Monday CLOSED | Tuesday-Sunday: 12:30-15:00, 19:00-23:00
  • Bar: Monday CLOSED | Tuesday-Saturday: 09:00-20:30 | Sunday: 10:00-20:30

Babington's Tea

Enjoying a snack of tea and scones may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of dining in Rome, but once you step inside, you will be in for a real treat.

Babingtons Tea roomI love a break of tea and scones at Babinton's, a lovely respite from the hustle of shopping and sight-seeing in the Spanish Steps area.

Babington's is actually one of the oldest restaurants near the Spanish Steps.

Founded in 1893 by two young English women – Isabel Cargill and Anna Maria Babington, Babington's today is a go-to stop for a refined break from all the sight-seeing.

You can enjoy high tea, or just a tea...along with delectable desserts, including scones.

But you can also have a delicious club sandwich or burger, for something a bit more substantial.

High tea at Babington's includes delectable desserts and savory sandwiches.

Not to mention the wonderful assortment of special teas available. 


Restaurants Near Spanish Steps - Map

Click here to view a map where you can open to see all the places I recommend on this page.

It opens in a new window.

You can select one of the categories above to see only those restaurants.

All are within easy walking distance of the Spanish Steps and Piazza del Popolo.

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