Best gelato near Rome Pantheon - it's not who you think!

There's plenty of delicious gelato near Rome pantheon.

But not all gelato is created equal! 

gelato flavors at gunther gelato near pantheonThe gelato at Guenther's Punto Gelato on Piazza Sant'Eustachio is out of this world and worth making a detour for!

Gelato in the Pantheon area of Rome

In Rome, there's good gelato and amazing gelato.

For me, the best gelato in the pantheon neighborhood is Guenther, but I am listing the others so you can do some taste-testing and judge for yourself.

banana and dark chocolate gelato fiocco di neveOld-fashioned gelato from Fiocco di Neve, just steps from the pantheon

On this page, you'll find:

And I've mapped them out for you!

The best gelato near the Pantheon

The area around the Pantheon is teeming with gelaterie (that's the plural for "gelateria", which means gelato shop. Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream.)

You can find superb gelato literally within steps of the monument and there are plenty more choices if you go only slightly further afield.

Let's start with the best of the best.

günther gelato italiano

You want real artisanal gelato near the Rome Pantheon?

With superb cream flavors and seasonal fruit flavors?

Then Guenther Punto Gelateria is the place. 

chocolate pistacchio gelato originiGuenther himself is sometimes on site. Here, I was at a tasting event and was handed some tastes by the master himself.

Why is the ice cream is Guenther so delicious and so special?

As stated on their website (in Italian only), they only use fresh, natural, quality ingredients, such as bio milk and water from Guenther's native region of Alto Adige.

You won't find plain old salted caramel here. You'll find caramel with pink Himalayan salt. Only the best will do!

And the laboratory is on site.

This really is some of the finest gelato near the Pantheon if not all of Rome. And it's only a 2-3 minute walk from the Pantheon, as well as being close to other sights like the Spanish Steps.

Punto Gelato is in Piazza Sant'Eustachio along with two other of my favorite things to eat and drink there*, making it a perfect one-stop piazza for a quick lunch or snack break!

*Don't miss Caffè Sant'Eustachio and ZaZa pizza.

gelato flavors on displayEvery single flavor at Guenther gelato is a feast for the senses. I recommend several visits to try them all.

How to get there: Facing the Pantheon up close to it, walk to your right until you come to a news kiosk. Take a left and at the end of this short street, turn to your right and you will be in Piazza Sant'Eustachio.

The other 2 places serving up artisanal gelato in the Pantheon area are both within  a 10-minute walk of the monument:

Gelateria del Teatro

This is one gelateria I am willing to walk out of my way for. (Not that Piazza Navona is far from the Pantheon - they are only about 3 minutes' walk apart!)

Here you will find some of the finest gelato in Rome.

cutting figs for gelatoI love watching them prep the ingredients for the gelato at Gelateria del Teatro. This is how you know how fresh it is!

It can get crowded but they are pretty efficient. Just take a number, pick your ice cream flavors, and enjoy!

How to get there: With your back to the Pantheon, walk to Piazza della Maddalena and make a left. Walk until you reach Piazza Navona and then pass it slightly to begin walking down via dei Coronari. Gelateria del Teatro is a few blocks down on your left.


Fatamorgana was among the first in Rome to start getting really creative with gelato, creating ice cream flavors many had never considered before, like banana sesame and basil honey walnut.

unusual gelato at fatamorganaFatamorgana is one of the best places to try unusual gelato but of course you can also always count on the classics.

You can always count on the basic flavors but it's worth getting adventurous and tasting some of the more unusual flavors. One of my favorite combos is seadas (a Sardinian cheesy dessert) and baklava (and yes it tastes just like the honey-nut based Greek pastry.)

Fatamorgana is also famous for offering gluten free gelato and cones.

  • AddressVia dei Chiavari, 37
  • Hours: Monday-Thursday: 12:00-23:00 | Friday-Saturday: 12:00-23:30 | Sunday: 12:00-23:00

How to get there: Facing the Pantheon up close to it, straight past it all the way until you reach Corso Vittorio Emanuele II (a large busy street.) Cross the street and make a right and walk until you pass the church of Sant'Andrea della Valle (worth popping into!) Just after the church, turn left and walk about 2 minutes until you reach Largo dei Chiavari.

Old-fashioned Gelato Near Rome Pantheon

Two gelaterias on opposite sides of the pantheon are favorites with locals. 

Both are good although neither one really wows me.

There is a third and very "local" gelato spot just a few minutes further away, and I do LOVE that gelato.

They are on my list of Top 10 Gelato in Rome.

Fiocco di Neve

Gelateria Fiocco di Neve is an old-time gelato shop right on the via del Pantheon.

It's actually a mix of a bar/café/gelateria.

They are the only ones on this list to provide a little bench outside, where you can enjoy your ice cream sitting down without paying extra.

fiocco di neve gelateriaHaving a sit and a chat outside Fiocco di Neve gelateria, a local favorite

I think the gelato is good, creamy and flavourful.

Their dark chocolate lives up to its promise and the pistachio has a rich nutty taste. 

gelato flavors at fiocco di neveSome of the delectable flavors at Fiocco di Neve

Fiocco di Neve is most famous for their affogato di zabaione, which, sorry I didn't try, as is not my favorite (I find it too alcohol-y and too eggy tasting.)

How to get there: With your back to the Pantheon, walk up the street on the right hand side, via del Pantheon. Fiocco di Neve is at the end on the right.

Cremeria Monteforte

Cremeria Monteforte is another old-fashioned cremerie (another word for gelateria) near the Pantheon.

Actually it's literally next to the Pantheon. Locals swear by it. 

gelato flavors cremeria monteforteThe gelato here is good and an old-fashioned local favorite.

I think it's ok but it's never where I think to go when I want gelato in this neighbourhood. But it is a local favorite and you'll find all the classic ice cream flavors here.

How to get there: Facing the Pantheon, it's literally on the right-hand side of it.


Ciampini ticks all the boxes. Excellent gelato. Where the locals go. Near the Pantheon.

serving the gelato out of steel binsCiampini gelato lab is just where the magic happens.
gelato coneI love the simple un-fussy flavors at old-fashioned Gelateria Ciampini.

I consider Ciampini to be near the Pantheon even if they are also on my page about where to get gelato near the Spanish Steps (it's probably equidistant for the two sites.)

Like Giolitti (see below), sitting down to eat your gelato will cost you a pretty penny. Get it to go if you want to pay the "normal" price - a great way to finish off a meal at a cheaper restaurant.

How to get there: With your back to the Pantheon, walk fairly straight ahead for about 7-8 minutes and you will come to Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina.

You will have a couple of small corners to turn but continue walking always in the same direction. See my map for more details.


Ciampini LAB:

More excellent gelato near Rome Pantheon

At the top of this page, I list my favorite places for artisanal gelato in Rome, what I think are the best spots.

But this area around the Pantheon is actually chock-a-block with gelato shops.

Giolitti and Gelateria della Palma have been on the Rome scene a long time and are of course in every guide book.

While they are not my favorite gelato near the Pantheon, they do offer good gelato and a nice experience.

Disclosure: If you make a purchase through a link on this page, I may receive a small commission - at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my site!


This gelateria is very popular, and a fixture on the Rome gelato scene. 

gelateria giolitti near rome pantheonGiolitti - one of the most famous places for gelato near Rome Pantheon

They make excellent fruit gelato and they also have a huge selection of other classic flavors.

You may want to do a little taste-testing. 

gelato flavors at giolittiGelato flavors at gelateria Giolitti near the pantheon

At this gelateria, because it can be a bit hectic inside, you have to pay first, then go ask for your gelato.

If it's crowded, brace yourself.

The lines at both the cash register and the gelato counter are, in my opinion, not worth the wait.

At this gelateria and some others in Rome (but not all), there is a big price difference if you get your gelato to stand/to go vs. sitting down and having waiter service.

Sitting outside automatically means waiter service.

Check the prices before you order!

How to get there: With your back to the Pantheon, walk away from it up either street, until you come to piazza della Maddalena. Keep walking straight, along via della Maddalena. At the end of this street, make a right onto via Uffici del Vicario. You will easily spot Giolitti as it has a large sign, tables out front, and big crowds.

Gelateria della Palma

This gelateria is so visually fun. The whole place looks like something out of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

The gelato is rich and good, and it's a treat to see the variety of chocolate flavors they came up with.

They are also known as the Gelato of 150 Flavors, or gelato dei 150 gusti.

gelato flavors della palmaA dizzying array of flavors at the famous gelateria della Palma

I don't love their mousse gelato which I find too sweet and fluffy. But that's me.

mousse gelato at della palmaFluffy mousse gelato at gelateria della Palma

This shop also happens to be an excellent stop if you're in the market for some candy.

How to get there: With your back to the Pantheon, walk away from it up either street, until you come to Piazza della Maddalena. Keep walking straight, along via della Maddalena. The gelateria is about half-way up this street on the left. Hard to miss as it has bright palm trees painted on all its windows.

Venchi chocolates and Gelato

It doesn't get much closer to the Pantheon than this. 

gelato flavors at venchiVenchi offers some seriously delicious gelato only steps from the Pantheon.

Just across from one of the best cafés near the Pantheon, Tazza D'Oro, you can't help but pop into Venchi. First, the aroma.

Second, the chocolate fountains!

chocolate fountains at venchiHow can you resist getting some of this chocolate on your gelato?
  • AddressVia degli Orfani, 87
  • Opening hours: Monday-Thursday: 10:00-00:00 | Friday-Saturday: 10:00-01:00 | Sundays: 10:00-00:00

How to get there: With your back to the pantheon, look to your right and diagonally ahead. You can't miss seeing Tazza D'Oro on the corner. Go there and walk a few steps and you'll see Venchi on your left.

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In my 3-day itinerary, you'll see all the major must-see Rome attractions like the Vatican, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Spanish Steps, Castel Sant'Angelo, and much more.

And if you have more time, or want suggestions for extra/other things to do, you'll find that there too.

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Not gelato - but a real Roman treat!


Well this entry is not exactly about gelato, but it's absolutely worth including on this page.

Pascucci is the place to go for a frullato, which is essentially a fruit shake, made with real fruit and either juice, milk, or yogurt.

Something like a smoothie.

making frullato pascucciBlending the perfect frullato at Pascucci
frullato at pascucciMango-papaya frullato at Pascucci

It's an old-fashioned treat for Romans.

And Pascucci is the old-fashioned place to get one.

They've renovated to meet newer building standards so you may not realize it, but Pascucci is a very old-time Roman place (since 1936), and having a frullato there is a real Roman thing to do. 

pascucci entrancePascucci - a real old-fashioned place to get an old-fashioned Roman frullato

How to get there: Facing the Pantheon, take the street to your right all the way past the Pantheon. Keep going straight, and the street becomes via di Torre Argentina. Go almost all the way to the end of this street. Pascucci is a small shop on the left side.

Gelato near the Pantheon in Rome - a map

Click here to visit my interactive Google map showing all the places for gelato near Rome Pantheon listed on this page.

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