Coffee Near Rome Pantheon

pantheon with obeliskPantheon in Rome

Want to have a fabulous coffee near Rome pantheon?

There are a couple of famous café's in this part of Rome, but also a few hidden gems lurking nearby.

In fact, I'd like to strongly recommend you venture from the famous ones to the hidden ones.

And the best coffee near the pantheon? It's in a local neighbourhood bar in a quiet plaza. Skip the tourist crowds and head for the real thing.

Whether you want a rich tasty espresso, a smooth foamy cappuccino, a superb caffé granita (Italian iced coffee), or a gorgeous ambiance where to sip your drink, I've got a great selection for you:

Coffee Near Rome Pantheon - the famous ones

Cafe Sant'Eustachio

cafe sant'eustachioCafe Sant'Eustachio - one of the most famous addresses for coffee in Rome

Some Romans (and guidebooks) say Cafe Sant'Eustachio has the best coffee in Rome; others say it's vastly over-rated. I sort of agree with both of those assessments. 

It IS good coffee, and it's fun to go try it out. But it's also over-hyped and over-rated. I would not say it's the best coffee in Rome, nor the best coffee near the Pantheon. However, they have excellent caffè granita, which I get every time I am near here in summer.

caffe granita at sant eustachioIn summer, don't miss the caffè granita at Sant'Eustachio

Go try it and see for yourself. (Although I personally would not wait in a huge queue. Try it only if it's not mobbed.) Read a lot more about them on my page about Rome cafes.

How to get there: Piazza di Sant'Eustachio, 82

Tazza d'Oro

Tazza D'Oro is directly opposite the pantheon from Caffe Sant'Eustachio. This is another coffee bar near the Pantheon that is famous but also a bit too famous.

caffe tazza d'oro near pantheonCafé Tazza D'Oro just near the Pantheon
espresso at cafe tazza d'oroTazza D'Oro serves a perfect espresso

When Rome is full of tourists, you will find Tazza d'Oro and Caffè Sant'Eustacchio very crowded. But if they are not, then give them a try. I like them both, but of the two, prefer the slightly chocolately, not too bitter flavor of Tazza D'Oro. 

How to get there: Via degli Orfani, 84

Coffee near Rome Pantheon - a beautiful oasis

Cafe Doria

I just love Cafe Doria. In fact, I pop in here nearly ever time I am in the neighbourhood, just to soak up the ambiance. And it's definitely one of my go-to winter coffee spots (read: cozy.)

caffé doria exteriorEntry to the cozy Caffe Doria
caffe doria fountainQuirky little fountain inside Caffe Doria

It feels like I've stumbled into the Secret Garden (if you remember that book.) Cafe Doria is warm and inviting inside, and feels like a nobleman's sitting room. Well it kind of is, since it's just inside the Galleria Doria Pamphilj, one of my favorite museums, and the original home of the noble Pamphilj family. 

How to get there: Galleria Doria Pamphilj, Via della Gatta 1

Coffee near Rome Pantheon - good coffee AND people-watching

Gran Caffè La Caffettiera

There is a kind of cult around coffee drinking in Naples. There are very serious rules about how to prepare, serve and drink coffee. (If you want to read more about drinking coffee in Naples, visit my Rome coffee page here.)

gran caffe coffee bar  in piazza di pietraThe old-fashioned Gran Caffe la Caffeteria, is a great place to have coffee near the Rome pantheon

My point is, you can have pretty close to the real thing in Rome at the Gran Caffè la Caffettiera, which is the Rome branch of the original Naples branch of this coffee house.

espresso at gran caffe la caffeteriaLook at that lovely, creamy espresso at Gran Caffe La Caffeteria - perfect every time!

It sits pretty on piazza di Pietra, so is great for people watching and lovely outside views. But they actually also serve excellent coffee, Naples style. When I go, I just get a quick espresso at the bar, drink it, and go. A la Napoletana.

How to get there: Piazza di Pietra 65.

Best coffee near Rome Pantheon

L’Antico Caffè della Pigna

bar della pigna in rome

On a random visit here with my husband we discovered what we think is the best coffee near Rome pantheon. They use Gima coffee, a very high-quality local torrefazione (coffee-roaster.)

The place is spotless and you know what that means? They are meticulous about cleaning their coffee machine.

bar della pigna coffee machine

And this means you will get a delicious, smooth espresso every time.

Aside from having good coffee beans to start with, the coffee won't have the bitter taste you get from old coffee oils in an un-cleaned machine. Ask any Roman who is into coffee (and believe me this is not hard to find.)  They will tell you that starting with a clean coffee machine is crucial. And sadly this is not easy to come by in Rome. But it is here.

By the way it's also nice to come here for the bright, casual ambiance and the young friendly staff.

At the other bars/cafe's on this page, they are more geared towards a touristic experience: you will pay more to sit than to stand (except for Tazza d'Oro where there is no place to sit and no table service.) L’Antico Caffè della Pigna has some tables inside but there is no table service. You can either take your coffee at the bar, or buy it and then go sit down with it.

Also, the other places are open daily. L’Antico Caffè della Pigna is only open Monday - Saturday, reflecting its clientele, who are there during the work week.

sign saying

"We don't have wi-fi. Talk amongst yourselves."

How to get there: Piazza della Pigna 54. 6am - 6pm Monday - Friday only. Saturday and Sunday closed.

Map - How to find my favorite coffee near Rome Pantheon

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