Shopping near Rome Pantheon - Know where to go!

Looking for the best shopping near Rome Pantheon?

pantheon in romeThe area around the Pantheon in Rome is full of fascinating and fun places to shop if you know where to go.

There is a huge selection of shops and boutiques, offering just about anything you are looking for (a great option if you're looking for souvenirs and gifts), and things you didn't realize you were looking for!

But you need to know where to look.

Shopping near the Pantheon - where to go and what to get

This area in Rome's historic center is best for small, one-off boutique shopping. 

mancini leather shopMancini leather is just one of many specialized boutiques you'll find when shopping near Rome Pantheon.

The area around the Pantheon is one of the oldest parts of Rome, Italy.

The streets leading away from the Pantheon are all small and windy, and you will find surprises at every corner.

There's a perfect mix of classic and even very upscale shops, along with unusual and local boutiques.

There are many shops around the Pantheon that I don't list on this page.

As you stroll, you will find plenty of stores selling men's and women's shoes, clothing, accessories, tourist souvenirs, lingerie, and much more.

On this page I wanted to share with you what I think are some of the most interesting or unusual places to shop.

Shopping near the Rome Pantheon - street by street

On this page, I'll give you an overview of a few of the main shopping streets nearby and what you can expect to find there.

You'll find my suggestions for

  • men's and women's fashion and accessories
  • leather goods
  • stationary/writing implements
  • home goods/decor
  • gift ideas
  • books

And more!

Click to go to my Google map where you can see the 4 different routes.

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Shopping Near the Pantheon in Rome, Italy - on and around the piazza

There are a few interesting shops right on and immediately surrounding the piazza. 

We'll start on the square and make a clockwise loop around the Pantheon.

horse-drawn buggies in front of the pantheonThere's great shopping in this area but it's not on the square itself. Start here and take one of my 4 suggested routes for the best shopping near Rome Pantheon.

Start facing the Pantheon.

Just behind you to your left is a small but well-stocked men's clothing shop, George's.

They have everything a hip urban gentleman could want (the George's women's shop is behind the Pantheon.)

george's menswear shopGeorge's menswear is a hidden gem just off of Piazza della Rotonda. It's small but chock full of excellent quality men's clothing items.

Continue the walk around the Pantheon.

Just past via del Seminario is another well-regarded men's clothing shop, Angelo Cenci. A bit more conservative than George's but of no lesser quality.

A few doors past that, you will find an excellent shop for linens, Gioren. Linens like dish towels, napkins, tablecloths, and even christening gowns make excellent gifts or souvenirs

linen shopGioren is a lovely linen shop just to the left of the Pantheon.

A few doors down is a historic record shop, called discoteca in Italian.

They sell a huge variety of CDs, some musical instruments, and other music-related items.

reocrd shop near the pantheonThis "discoteca", or music store, near the Pantheon is a historic shop, selling cds, instruments, sheet music, and more.

Slightly past this you will arrive at the back of the Pantheon and at Piazza Santa Maria Sopra Minerva. (This is a wonderful church if you have time to pop in!)

Heading back to the loop around the Pantheon, now at the back side, you'll find another excellent shop.

Mancini leather has been making quality hand-crafted leather goods since 1918. This is not some basic leather shop selling 20€ not-quite-leather bags by the dozen.

If you are looking for a quality, made in Italy leather item in Rome, this is one of the best spots, hands down.

leather goods at manciniMancini is one of the best places to buy quality leather goods near the Pantheon, if not all of Rome.

Finally, as you loop back to the Piazza della Rotonda, there is one more shop just after you turn right from the back of the Pantheon onto via della Rotonda, Manufactus. At first glance this shop might seem to be selling pretty Florentine-style paper but inside you will find lovely made-in-Italy leather bound journals and other related leather goods like briefcases.

Shopping near Rome Pantheon - area between the Pantheon and Largo Argentina

Start at Piazza della Minerva (where the elephant/obelisk statue is).

As you move to the area behind the Pantheon, a recurring theme you will run into along various streets is ecclesiastical clothing.

Whether you are in the market for this very specific type of attire or not, you may at least want to get a pair of cardinal or even pope socks at the famed official supplier to the Pope himself, Gammarelli. Once again, this makes a very special gift or souvenir, and is easy to carry/pack.

Gammarelli shop frontIf you're shopping near Rome Pantheon and looking for an original gift, check out Gammarelli for their colorful socks!
red and magenta socksI seriously think getting cardinal or pope socks at Gammarelli is one of the best unique gifts you can give from Rome.

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Heading over to via di Torre Argentina, you will find a shop that many people have asked me about - "Passamaneria Petroselli."

tassle shop windowLooking for some tassels to bring home from Italy? This shop near the Pantheon has a great selection.
tassle shop windowPassamanierie means tassels and you can find them here in this shop near the Pantheon.

Passamaneria means tassels and this is a shop that sells tassels, ribbons, trim, and other notions.

Make your way back towards Piazza della Minerva and take via piè di Marmo, a small but charming street full of shops and goodies.

You will first come to the Libreria di Cave (a cozy local bookshop specializing in local authors and poetry readings. Most books are in Italian.)

Next you will see Ditta G. Poggi, an amazingly well-stocked and old-time artists' supply shop. If you don't feel like going in, you can at least note the shop windows and its vintage signage.

After Ditta G. Poggi you will find a few more interesting places on this small street. First is another old used bookshop, Libreria Cesaretti

There is a fantastic eyewear shop specializing in unusual elegant frames, Ottica La Fege.

Finally, you will reach one of Rome's oldest and best chocolatiers, Moriondo e Gariglio.

beautiful chocolate shop interiorMoriondo e Gariglio chocolates make an excellent gift or souvenir (or snack!). They don't weigh too much and your luggage will smell fabulous!

While on this street, don't forget to check out the actual Piè di Marmo ("foot of marble" - which was found elsewhere in Rome - and is from an ancient statue of Isis.)

pie di marmo - isis' foot
pie di marmo - isis' foot

SHOPPING NEAR the PANTHEON in Rome - area to the left of the pantheon, between the pantheon and via del Corso

Facing the Pantheon, turn to the left.

You'll see one of Rome's most famous coffee shops, Tazza D'Oro. Head up that street (as opposed to via Pastini which is super crowded and touristy).

Just past Tazza D'Oro is a wonderful old-fashioned pen shop, Stilo Fetti.

Keep walking and go around Piazza Capranica. Eventually you will come to Eclectica, which is just what it sounds like.

eclectica shop windowEclectica is a curiosity and magic shop and one of the most interesting and unusual places to shop near the Pantheon.

You'll see Piazza Montecitorio, where Rome's parliament is.

It's hard to miss thanks to the ancient Egyptian obelisk in front of it, brought to Rome by Emperor Augustus.

Turn right and you'll come to ProFumum, a special perfume shop where you can create your own scent.

(There is another really nice perfume shop right on the square where the Pantheon is, Campo Marzio. For more like this, visit my page about perfume shops in Rome.)

At the end of this block make a right and you'll find yourself on a very small street, via Bergamaschi. There is a fantastic eyewear shop, Mondelliano, as well as a couple of boutiques, like Spazioespanso.

small shopping street near the pantheonThis little street near Piazza di Pietra has some interesting original boutiques.

Keep walking and you will arrive at Piazza di Pietra.

You can't miss the giant temple of Hadrian (the same Hadrian who had the Pantheon built, and the same Hadrian who had Castel Sant'Angelo built originally as his mausoleum.)

This is a great piazza for eating and drinking but there is also a shop here selling ceramics, De Sanctis.

Ceramics are not really a thing in Rome and most of what you will find here is made in other parts of Italy. But it's a good place to browse if you are in the market for Italian ceramics.

Not in Italy and wishing for Italian ceramics?

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Just past this you'll come to Bertolucci, a lovely shop selling wooden games and toys like Pinocchio.

It's free to visit the Pantheon but having an audio-guide makes a big difference!

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Shopping near the Pantheon - area north of the Pantheon in the direction of Piazza del popolo

This area of shopping near Rome Pantheon is a bit more about luxury.

Just a block away from the façade of the Pantheon you will come to via di Campo Marzio. 

Here you will find one of the Romans' favorite luxury shops Davide Cenci (a large store carrying a mix of high-end luxury brands for men, women, and children.)

italian men window shoppingDavide Cenci is a favorite among Romans, including men, as they carry a wide range of high-end brands Italians love. This is luxury shopping near Rome Pantheon at its best.

Along this street you will find some other charming boutiques selling women's and men's fashion, eyeglasses, perfume, and more.

The famous Borsalino hat shop, a must for the discerning dresser, is also located on via Campo Marzio.

If you're looking for some high-end linens or lingerie, check out Tebro

As you continue straight ahead on this street you'll find a lot of other great little shops including several clumped together that all sell cashmere, such as my favorite Biarritz.

Further along this street is Campo Marzio (the same as the name of the street), selling unique and colorful stationery and assorted office supplies.

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Just after that you will arrive in Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, one of my favorite places to grab a coffee or aperitivo (people watching!) but also one of Rome's premier luxury shopping destinations, with shops on or near the piazza including Louis VuittonChristian Louboutin, and Rome-based fashion house Fendi right around the corner.

Turn left on via Fontanella Borghese and you'll come to one of Rome's outdoor markets selling used books and prints, Mercato delle Stampe.

prints and books for sale in outdoor marketThe Mercato delle Stampe (Outdoor print market) is an old-fashioned place to shop for used books and prints.

From here, make your way to via della Scrofa. One of my favorite quirky little shops in Rome is Sempre Natale, ("Always Christmas"), where you can find cute Italy-inspired ornaments shaped like cheese or coffee-makers.

Food alert!

This is not about shopping, but while you are shopping on via della Scrofa, you should not miss the Antico Forno panificio (bakery) on the corner of via della Stelletta and via della Scrofa.

Yes, they filmed Julia Roberts eating there when they filmed Eat, Pray, Love...but that is not the reason to try it. I would go in there for the aroma alone!

But for sure you should also engage in a little pastry-tasting.

Just past the bakery is via della Stelletta.

This street has some lovely boutiques, mostly for women's fashion and accessories, but hands down my favorite is Sirni, where many of my bags have come from.

They make all their bags on site, and can make one to order if you have time.

bags and other leather goods in rome shopSirni is one of my favorite places for shopping near Rome pantheon for quality leather bags and wallets.

Click here to shop for Made-in-Italy leather bags on my Amazon shop.

Click to go to my Google map where you can see the 4 different routes.

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