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Shopping Near the Rome Pantheon

If you're shopping near the Rome pantheon, take your sweet time. There is a huge wealth of shops and boutiques, offering just about anything you are looking for (a great option if you're looking for souvenirs and gifts), and things you didn't realize you were looking for! But you need to know where to look.

The area around the pantheon is one of the oldest parts of Rome. The streets leading away from the pantheon are all small and windy, and you will find surprises at every corner. There's a perfect mix of classic and even very upscale shops, along with unusual and local boutiques.

Shopping near Rome Pantheon - via di Campo Marzio

On via di Campo Marzio, you will find some upscale shopping such as Hermes and Davide Cenci (a Roman favorite for all the high--end brands they carry.)

Across from Davide Cenci is an antique dealer. In addition to antique art and furniture, they sell vintage Hermes bags. It's not inexpensive but if you are in the market for one, they have a great selection.

The famous Borsalino hat shop, a must for the discerning dresser, is also located on via Campo Marzio.

Shopping Near Rome Pantheon - via della Stelletta

Now for some more special shopping near the pantheon. After via Campo Marzio (above), keep walking around until you come to via della Stelletta. This tiny little street is packed with some small fabulous boutiques. The first one you come to, on the corner, is L'Autre Chose. Although their name sounds French, this is an Italian brand selling gorgeous clothing and shoes that fit like gloves. They sell some of the only high-heeled shoes I can wear comfortably in Rome.

There are two shops in Rome where I buy most of my bags (both are very Roman; the designs are unique; the quality is fabulous.) One of these shops is Sirni, on via della Stelletta. They make all their bags on site, and can make one to order if you have time. (The other store where I buy bags in Rome is Fausto Santini near the Spanish Steps. Click here to read more about shopping near the Spanish Steps.)

Food alert!

This is not about shopping, but while you are shopping on via della Stelletta, you should not miss the Antico Forno panificio (bakery) on the corner of via della Stelletta and via della Scrofa. Yes, they filmed Julia Roberts eating there when they filmed Eat, Pray, Love...but that is not the reason to try it. I would go in there for the aroma alone! But for sure you should also engage in a little pastry-tasting.

Another great little shopping street near the Rome pantheon is via piè di Marmo.

If you start at piazza della Minerva (where the elephant/obelisk statue is), you will find such interesting shops as the Libreria di Cave (a cozy local bookshop specializing in local authors and poetry readings); then continuing along, you will see Ditta G. Poggi, an amazingly well-stocked and old-time artists' supply shop.

Turn the corner briefly there, onto via del Gesù, and you will see Materie, a little shop that showcases local artists, and where you find a delightful and quite affordable selection of handbags, scarves, knickknacks, and jewellery.

Lots more little boutiques on this street, but also check out the actual "Piè di Marmo" ("foot of marble" - which was found elsewhere in Rome - and is from an ancient statue of Isis.)

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