Restaurants Near Trevi Fountain Rome

You would think restaurants near Trevi Fountain would be mostly touristy and over-priced. 

But you would be wrong.

trevi fountain restoredTrevi Fountain following its restoration November 2015

Restaurants Near Trevi Fountain - plenty of great options

Yes, there are the touristy restaurants near Trevi Fountain, too.

But as we ran a boutique hotel at Piazza Barberini, 5-minutes' walk to the Trevi Fountain, we became very well-acquainted with, and quite the experts on the many places to eat in this area. 

Surprisingly local restaurants near Trevi Fountain

Looking for some really local Roman restaurants near Trevi Fountain, that aren't over-priced, and offer delicious, authentic Roman food? Believe it or not, there are quite a few excellent options:

Piccolo Arancio

piccolo arancioPiccolo Arancio is a great spot for authentic, local food, right near the Trevi Fountain

Piccolo Arancio is one of my go-to restaurants near Trevi Fountain, actually one of my faves all around. They are located on a quiet little street just minutes' walk from the Trevi Fountain.

saute of clams and musselsLove the spicy sauté of clams and mussels at Piccolo Arancio

Mara and Carlo, the owners, are there nearly every night. The staff is gracious and helpful. You will find plenty of choices on the menu (pasta, meat, fish) but don't let it overwhelm you. Everything is good. 

fried zucchini flowers piccolo arancioFried zucchini flowers at Piccolo Arancio, very light and perfectly balanced!

I love any of their fried appetisers such as fried zucchini flowers and fried baccalà (codfish); seafood, including their smoked swordfish appetizer, clams and mussels sauté, and octopus salad; and all their pastas, especially a recent spaghetti with anchovies and pecorino I had.

spaghetti with anchovies and pecorino di fossaSpaghetti with fresh anchovies and pecorino cheese at Piccolo Arancio

I usually can't make it to dessert, but once in a while I indulge...and I will say their homemade panna cotta is divine.

panna cotta piccolo arancioHome-made panna cotta with berries at Piccolo Arancio


  • Address: Vicolo Scanderbeg, 112
  • Phone: +39 06 678 6139
  • Opening hours: Monday CLOSED | Tuesday-Sunday: 12:00-15:30, 18:30-24:00
  • Reservations recommended for dinner
  • They do have a few tables outside
  • About 30 Euros per person unless you get a lot of fresh fish (then plan to spend more.) 

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Sora Lucia

Sora Lucia is one of the few really Roman restaurants near Trevi Fountain. 

sora lucia interiorSimple, warm and friendly. Sora Lucia is one of the few Roman trattorias near Trevi Fountain

It is family-run, there is no tourist menu, and the food is simple and lovely. The specials of the day are written on a chalkboard and they are usually worth investigating.

daily menu at sora luciaThe daily specials are written on the chalkboard. You'll find a lot of great things to eat here!

You will find most classic Roman fare here, such as cacio e pepe, amatriciana, carbonara (all pastas), and usually typical (simple) meat and vegetable dishes, always fresh and homemade.

penne all'arrabbiata at sora luciaYummy and spicy penne all'arrabbiata at Sora Lucia

I love their vegetable display and my personal choice it to just get a platter with a bunch of them all!

veg platter at sora luciaThis giant platter of mixed veggies was a perfect antipasto for a group of 8 of us!

Their desserts, which change daily, are also homemade and excellent. 


  • Address: Via Rasella, 138
  • Phone: +39 06 679 4078
  • Email:
  • Opening hours: Monday CLOSED | Tuesday - Sunday: 12:30-15:00, 18:30-23:00
  • An excellent option if you want an early dinner. Most Rome restaurants don't open until at least 19:30
  • About 25-30 Euros per person
  • Reservations recommended especially for Roman dining hours such as from 20:00 onward
  • No outside dining (actually in summer I've seen a few tables they stick outside, but it's not really set up for that and is a bit ad hoc)

How to get there: Facing the Trevi Fountain, walk up the street to your right, via del Lavatore. Via della Panetteria is the second street on your left.

Hostaria Romana

Hostaria Romana is another local favorite, and not just of mine. 

hostaria romana exteriorHostaria Romana is another one of the few authentic Roman restaurants near Trevi Fountain

It's actually pretty difficult to get a reservation here, because it's full of Romans! If you go on the early side (7:30pm when they open), you may stand a better chance. But it's best to just book.

They serve all the typical Roman dishes here, but also have a really nice antipasto bar (I often make that my meal.) 

antipasto bar at hostaria romanaA delectable assortment of homemade antipasti means I sometimes eat just that for lunch!

The service is friendly and consistent, and the ambiance is a bit chaotic and cramped but cozy and warm.

home-made gnocchi at hostaria romanaThursday is gnocchi day in Rome, and Hostaria Romana makes them fresh. Oh so good!

The pasta comes in big comfort-food-sized bowls (the above photo is of a half-sized portion I ordered, which is why it's not in the fun, deep bowl.) I typically get pasta here but everything is good. One favorite dish of my uncle's is straciatella soup, and they do it nicely here.

veal piccata hostaria romanaVeal piccata with oven-roasted potatoes at Hostaria Romana


How to get there: About 3-5 minutes' walk from the fountain. If you are standing facing the Trevi Fountain, walk up the street to your right (via del Lavatore.) Just keep walking as this street changes names (via in Arcione), then cross the huge cross street (Traforo), and keep walking. Now you are on via Rasella. Hostaria Romana is at the intersection with via del Boccaccio, on the right side, with big glass windows.

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Trattoria della Stampa

Trattoria della Stampa seems like it belongs in a local Roman neighborhood, not smack in the center of Rome. It's easily one of the most overlooked restaurants near Trevi Fountain, but if you want simple, traditional Roman fare, this is it.

trattoria della stampaTrattoria della Stampa, an unassuming, simple and wonderful Roman trattoria right near the Trevi Fountain

There is a menu posted to the doorframe outside, but ignore it. When you sit down, the daughter will come and tell you what they have that day. 

amatriciana at trattoria della stampaThis is actually some of the best amatriciana in Rome. At Trattoria della Stampa.

It will be very plain, but it will be homemade, on the spot, and wonderful. They go to the market every day, and get what they get. You can count on real "home cooking" here, and very fair prices, considering where you are.

melanzane trifolate trattoria stampaMelanzane trifolate, or eggplant sautéed in garlic and olive oil, at Trattoria della Stampa


  • Address: via dei Maroniti, 32
  • Phone: +39 06 678 9919
  • Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 12:30-15:30, 19:00-23:00 | Saturday - Sunday CLOSED
  • About 20-30 Euros per person
  • No outside dining

How to get there: When facing the Trevi Fountain, walk up the street to your right, via del Lavatore. Take the second left, via della Panetteria. At the first intersection, to your right, is via dei Maroniti.

Restaurants Near Trevi Fountain - Italian, but with a twist!

The below are all among my favorite restaurants near Trevi Fountain. They are Italian without a doubt, but definitely not Roman, or at least not serving exclusively Roman food.

In some cases, and where I note it, the food is from another region. In others, the restaurants strive to offer something more.

At most of these restaurants near Trevi Fountain, you will find a section of the menu called something like "Roman specialities", with items such as carbonara, amatriciana, etc. But if you really want those dishes, I'd suggest some of the more local restaurants I mention in the first section, and instead, at the below restaurants, try something different, new, or more typical of that restaurant.

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Colline Emiliane

Colline Emiliane is considered by many to be one of the top restaurants in Rome, and it's one of the best among the restaurants near Trevi Fountain

colline emiliane restaurantColline Emiliane, featuring cuisine from the Romagna region of Italy

Their specialty is food from the Emilia Romagna region of Italy (as I've said on other pages, Italian food is all regional, and many Italians will tell you that the Emilia Romagna region has some of the best cuisine in Italy.)

squaquerone cheese appetizer at colline emilianeOne regional specialty you can indulge in at Colline Emiliane is squaquerone cheese, a soft, tangy cheese that goes great with these little puffed crackers, or alone with wine

This is the place to come for stuffed pastas like tortellini soup or pumpkin ravioli (sublime.) 

tortelli di zucca at colline emilianeThese tortelli di zucca - pumpkin ravioli - are simply divine. This is before I sprinkled parmesan cheese on top.

And if you are looking for "spaghetti bolognese", which is NOT an Italian dish, you want to come here and order their sublime fettucine al ragù, which IS in fact what you want.

tagliatelle al ragù at colline emilianeTagliatelle al ragù, what many think of as "Bolognese", at Colline Emiliane in Rome

Typical appetisers from the Emilia Romagna region include cold cuts, such as mortadella, culatello, and prosciutto. If you love these, get them here. 

prosciutto appetizer at colline emilianeCold cuts like this prosciutto are typical in Emilia Romagna

Meats are also front and centre with this cuisine. On the menu, they are listed as "boiled meats", but don't let that turn you off. And if you really want some serious comfort food, and have an appetite, don't miss the slow-cooked veal stew with mashed potatoes. You won't find anything like this elsewhere in Rome.

slow cooked veal with mashed potatoes at colline emilianeThis dish, "Giambonetto di Vitella con Purea di Patate", which is slow-cooked veal with mashed potatoes. But trust me, it's like nothing you've eaten before.


  • Address: via degli Avignonesi, 22
  • Phone: +39 06 481 7538
  • Opening hours: Monday CLOSED | Tuesday-Saturday: 12:45-15:00, 19:30-23:00 | Sunday: 12:45-15:00
  • About 35-40 Euros per person
  • No outside seating

How to get there: Facing the Trevi Fountain, walk up the street to your right (via del Lavatore.) Keep walking as this street changes names (via in Arcione), then cross the huge cross street that has a tunnel to your right (Traforo.) As soon as you cross the Traforo, walk slightly to your left, and you will see via degli Avignonesi on your right. Colline Emiliane is about halfway up on the right side.

il Chianti

Il Chianti is one of the few restaurants near Trevi Fountain I can recommend that have outdoor seating. They specialise in Tuscan food (as you might have guessed from the name), although they have Roman specialties too.

eating outside at il chiantiIl Chianti is one of the best places for eating outside near the Trevi Fountain

But I'd get their antipasto plate, which comes with nice Tuscan cold cuts and cheeses.

assiette of tuscan cold cuts at il chiantiAssiette of Tuscan cold cuts and cheeses at Il Chianti

And if you really want to stay in the Tuscan theme, try the pappardelle al ragù di cinghiale, (long, flat pasta with boar sauce), or a nice ribollita (vegetable bean soup) and possibly a chianina steak or rabbit alla cacciatora if you are a meat-eater.


How to get there: Facing the Trevi Fountain, walk to your right up via del Lavatore, about 50 feet. It's on your left side. You can't miss it as you'll see many tables outside.

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Baccano is one of the newest restaurants near Trevi Fountain. It sprang up a few years ago, inside a large space where an old bank used to be. So it's got this huge, vault-like main room, with very high ceilings and big glass windows all around.

baccano interiorThe inside of Baccano feels like an airy modern bistro, and it works!

The first few times I walked by it, I thought, that looks like something from New York, or maybe Paris: a cross between a modern American bistro, and an old-fashioned French brasserie. And in a way, it is. But it's also Roman.

baccano exteriorBaccano has a few tables available outside, even in winter!

We discovered they were open daily, until late, and sent some of our hotel guests there for New Year's eve...and they raved. Then my husband and I both tried it, and we just loved it. And I've been eating there a lot since.

The ambiance is fun but most importantly, the food is fantastic: fresh, innovative, well-presented and just well-prepared.

bruschetta with burrata and tropea onions at baccanoThis is one of my go-to dishes at Baccano: bruschetta with burrata and Tropea onions, and a touch of anchovy sauce

You can get superb Roman food (and I do recommend it, they have some of the best carbonara in Rome), but you can also get foie gras, big juicy burgers and fries, and a chicken caesar salad (very un-Roman, but sometimes you just want a big Caesar salad.)

cacio e pepe at baccanoAt Baccano, they bring the cacio e pepe like this. You are meant to mix it all up together so everything amalgamates at the last minute. Delicious!

Another thing that is great about it is this: It's open daily, all day long, with different offerings at different times. So during breakfast time, you get a breakfast menu, and then somewhere along the way it turns into time for the brunch menu, eventually morphing into lunch-time and a lunch menu. And from about 5pm, there is happy hour and the oyster bar. Eventually you will find the dinner menu, and there is even a late-night menu. Literally, something for everyone, but also something for every time!

chocolate lava torte at baccanoHot chocolate lava torte at Baccano


  • Address: Via delle Muratte, 23
  • Phone: +39 06 6994 1166
  • Opening hours: Monday-Sunday: 12:00-24:00
  • About 30-50 Euros per person but this can vary wildly depending on mealtime and what you order

How to get there: Facing the Trevi Fountain, turn to your left and walk past the chestnut seller just a little down via delle Muratte. There are a few tables outside, but I think the inside ambiance is much nicer.

Restaurants Near Trevi Fountain - Pizza

I get asked a lot where to eat pizza near the Trevi Fountain. Frankly, this is just not the neighborhood for it. Rome has certain areas that are known for pizza and this is not one of them.

But, I do know of just a few good pizza restaurants near Trevi Fountain, so here you go:

Sacro e Profano

There are a few good reasons to eat at Sacro e Profano:

sacro e profano pizzeriaSacro e Profano is a nice place for pizza near the Trevi Fountain
  1. It's open on Sunday, a day many other restaurants near Trevi Fountain are closed (although Sora Lucia, Il Baccano and Piccolo Arancio are also open Sunday.)
  2. It's open for dinner from 6pm, also difficult to come by (although so are il Baccano, and Sora Lucia, above.)
  3. They serve whole pizzas for lunch and for dinner, not easy to find in Rome (many Rome pizza restaurants are open only for dinner.) 
  4. You can eat outside and it's pretty tranquil, i.e. it's not on a main square or heavily-trafficked street.
  5. The ambiance inside is lovely, as it used to be a church. 

They serve Calabrian cuisine, which means some more spicy dishes (among other things.) 


How to get there: When facing the Trevi Fountain, turn to your right and walk up via del Lavatore. Turn left at the second street, via di Panetteria. About half way down this street, you will come to via dei Maroniti on your right. It's a small street so Sacro e Profano will be easy to spot, particularly as they have tables outside.

Other pizza restaurants near Trevi Fountain

There are very few other (good) pizza restaurants near Trevi Fountain:

  • Il Chianti, above, also has pizza, and it's quite good.
  • On via del Lavatore, the street to your right as you face the fountain, there is a pizza-by-the-slice place, which can be fine for a snack during the day or for a quick and inexpensive dinner. It's not amazing pizza but it's pretty good and they are very nice in there.
  • If you go to the end of via del Lavatore, and cross over the big road, and start walking up via degli Avignonesi, there is Olimpio, which makes very simple and inexpensive pizzas, which are ok.
  • A relative new-comer on via del Lavatore is Piccolo Bucco. That means "small hole" and that's pretty much what it is. A very tiny space. The pizzas are good although not my fave as the crust is really high.
pizza by the slice near trevi fountainPizza by the slice at Yum Yum pizza, right near Trevi Fountain

Upscale Restaurants Near Trevi Fountain

Do you want a special or romantic meal out in Rome's center? These restaurants near Trevi Fountain offer lovely, subdued ambiance, but more importantly, amazing food. 


Crispi19 is one of my absolute favorite seafood restaurants in Rome. And definitely one of the best overall restaurants near Trevi Fountain.

Crispi 19. Seabass terrineChef Fabio Mancuso's style fish specialties are a Rome staple. Raw seabass terrine served with fennel and pumpkinseeds

The chef has taken culinary creativeness to a new level, and it all works beautifully.

Crispi19. An elegant downtown fish restaurant, with wainscoting and whitewashed walls, offers a menu balanced between the curated raw selections and the most popular roman seafood plates.

There are a very few items on the menu that are not seafood, so just in case someone in your party does not want seafood, you will find a limited, but wonderful selection of non-seafood items as well. But if you are a seafood lover, Crispi19 is a must.

Crispi19. Classic plate with seafoodCrispi!9 takes seafood seriously. There are endless ways to savor spaghetti and this is another must : raw shrimps, bottarga and fresh clams.

The fish is fresh, and very beautifully prepared, so be prepared to pay more. Dinner without wine will likely be around 40-60 Euros per person.

Crispi19. Classic plate with seafoodCrispi19. Another garnered plate with baked cod and parmisan clams.


  • Address: via Francesco Crispi, 19
  • Phone: +39 06 67 85 904
  • Opening hours: Monday: 12:45-14:30, 19:00-22:15 | Tuesday CLOSED | Wednesday-Sunday 12:45-14:30, 19:00-22:15
  • Open all through the Christmas holidays and most of August
  • Plan to spend about 50-60 Euros per person
  • No outdoor dining.

How to get there: While facing the Trevi Fountain, turn to the right and walk up via del Lavatore. The street changes names and becomes via in Arcione. At the end of via in Arcione, you will see a big tunnel to the right. Cross this street, and go left. You will come to via del Tritone. Cross via del Tritone and keep walking straight, up via Francesco Crispi. About 5-6 minutes' walk from the fountain.


If you want someplace special for dinner, right in the historic center of Rome, try Moma. This, along with Crispi19 above, is one of the best restaurants near Trevi Fountain.

baccala appetizer at momaDelectable baccalà (cod) appetizers at Moma

The young Roman chef is really good at innovation, and takes Italian food to new levels of beauty and creativity. I love the serene, quiet ambiance, the very friendly, professional service, but most of all, I love the food at Moma.

seasonal vegetables at momaOne of Moma's signature dishes - seasonal vegetables on a bed of celery crème and cacao shavings

First, the bread "basket" is the best I've ever found in Rome, with everything made in house. There is a delicious variety of breads, even including Sardianian flat bread. Then, you get a fun selection of inventive amuse-bouches, all on the house. Even the simplest dishes of pasta, fish and meat are innovative, in taste and in presentation.

filet and potatoes at momaBeef filet with potatoes at Moma

After dinner, even when you think you don't have room for dessert, you will still be presented with the prettiest, most delectable little plate of's hard to know which one I like the most so I just have them all!

Moma Restaurant Rome. Mix of sweetsThere’s definite desserts experts at Moma's gourmet restaurant . For an indulgent treat to the max try a mix of sweets


  • Address: Via San Basilio, 42
  • Phone: +39 06 4201 1798
  • Opening hours: Monday-Saturday: 12:30-15:00, 19:30-23:00 | Sunday CLOSED 
  • About 35-45 Euros per person
  • There is also an outdoor space, for drinks or dining, and a very small bar on street level, nice for a coffee, or a very affordable drink/happy hour
  • The restaurant is upstairs (or outside)

How to get there: When facing the Trevi Fountain, turn right, and walk up via del Lavatore. Keep going, and this turns into via in Arcione. To your right is a big tunnel. Cross the street to the other side, with the tunnel to your right. Make a small left and walk to via del Tritone (a very wide and busy street.) Walk up via del Tritone until you come to Piazza Barberini. On the very opposite side, you can see via Veneto (it's a big tree-lined street going up from piazza Barberini.) Via di San Basilio is just to the right of via Veneto, also branching off from piazza Barberini. Moma is at the top of via di san Basilio.

It may be the farthest of the restaurants near Trevi Fountain that I've listed on this page, but it's still pretty close (maybe 10 minutes' walk), and absolutely worth trying if you want an exceptional meal.

Disclosure: If you make a purchase through a link on this page, I may receive a small commission - at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my site!

il Falchetto

I found out about il Falchetto when my parents were here visiting. A Roman colleague of my dad's had highly recommended it to him, even though it had been a while since said colleague actually lived in Rome. But this person raved to my dad and said he had to try the tagolilini al limone. So off we went.

tagliolini al limoneThis lovely dish of tagliolini al limone was a special treat at Il Falchetto, who made it for us upon request

As it turned out, they do not make this dish any more. But upon hearing the story, and why we were there, they offered to make it for him.

The rest of us had other Roman dishes. Everything, including, and perhaps especially, the tagliolini al limone, was fantastic. I suppose I should not be recommending the above dish, since it's off the menu, but I did want to point out how gracious they were about it.

fettucine with mussels and pecorinoFettucine with mussels and pecorino cheese at il Falchetto

I've eaten at Il Falchetto quite a lot and have sent many of our guests there. I love it and so do they. The traditional Roman dishes, such as artichokes alla Romana, spaghetti carbonara or amatriciana, are all good, but so are their other dishes. 

seafood salad at il falchettoI love this fresh and light seafood salad at il Falchetto


How to get there: Facing the Trevi Fountain, turn to your left. Walk all the way down via delle Muratte until you come to via del Corso (about 2-3 minutes'.) Cross to the other side of via del Corso, and walk left down via del Corso. via dei Montecatini is a tiny alleyway on your right. In fact you can see the restaurant from the via del Corso.

Other places to eat near the Trevi Fountain in Rome

Birreria Peroni

Birreria Peroni is a casual, inexpensive beer hall near the Trevi Fountain. They have excellent grilled meats, and their specialities include all manner of wurstel and other sausages...perfect for washing down with their other specialty, beer. They also serve basic Roman food (fried appetizers, pasta etc.)

birreria peroni in romeBirreria Peroni is the perfect place for a fun, casual, inexpensive meal near the Trevi Fountain

Eating here feels like going back a bit in time, as Birreria Peroni is one of the oldest restaurants near Trevi Fountain. It's been around since 1906.


How to get there: Facing the Trevi Fountain, turn around 180 degrees and walk away from it down via dei Lucchesi. Take your first right down via dell'Umiltà. via San Marcello is the third street on your left.

Salumeria Fratelli Ciavatta

Salumeria F.lli Ciavatta is not so much a place to eat near the Trevi Fountain as it is a wonderful old-fashioned deli (In Italian, it's called an alimentare, meaning grocery, or salumeria, meaning a place to buy cold cuts.)

salumeria fratelli ciavetta exteriorOld-fashioned Salumeria Fratelli Ciavetta, one of the last hold-outs near the Trevi Fountain

Look on either side of this place when you walk down via del Lavatore towards the Trevi Fountain. It is chock-a-block with garish tourist shops. But Salumeria Fratelli Ciavatta stands out. You can see it's from another time. Indeed, it's one of the last holdouts of local shops near the Trevi Fountain, and has been there since 1956.

salumeria fratelli ciavetta insideGetting my panino ready at Salumeria Fratelli Ciavetta near Trevi Fountain

This is a great place to get some special foods to take back home (great choice for gift as well) : vacuum-sealed cheeses, dried pastas (the good stuff, not the touristy stuff), balsamic vinegars (they even have the real thing, which is over 100 Euros an ounce.) They will also make you a fresh sandwich if you like. And the best part? They are friendly and helpful.


How to get there: Facing the Trevi Fountain, walk up the street to your right (via del Lavatore.) It's on the right-hand side.

Gelateria san Crispino

There are a lot of gelaterias near the Trevi Fountain. And while none of them are among my favorite gelato in Rome, the best one in the area is San Crispino

gelato with whipped cream at san crispinoTwo of my fave flavors at Gelateria San Crispino near Trevi Fountain - pistacchio and meringue with hazelnut. And whipped cream of course.

The flavors are simple, mostly natural and delicious. And the best part? The fresh whipped cream!


Restaurants Near Trevi Fountain - a map

I've given address and directions to each of the above restaurants near Trevi Fountain. But just in case, here is a map with all of them. It opens in a new window.

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