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Restaurants Near Colosseum

Maybe you think it's hard to find good restaurants near Colosseum in Rome? That it's too touristy of an area to eat well? Not true! There are some really good options, but you have to know where to go.

cacio e pepe in romeFind out where to get this delicious Roman dish of cacio e pepe just steps from the Colosseum!

Restaurants near Colosseum - you DO have choices

The area of the Colosseum and Roman Forum (and Palatine Hill), is quite large and does not allow for any actual restaurants on site (at the time of this writing...that may soon change. Stay tuned!)

A visit to this archeological area will usually be at least 3 hours long, so don't arrive hungry, and don't get caught in a low-blood sugar panic.


One thing I often tell people on their way to the Colosseum is to go with a sandwich, a snack-bar or some fruit in their bag.

But if you want to eat near the Colosseum, perhaps before or after a tour, just know you will need to venture slightly away from the ruins themselves. But not far.

Neighborhoods Around the Colosseum

There are two main neighbourhoods near the ColosseumCelio (Coelian Hill) and Monti.

Both have their share of excellent places to eat, whether for lunch, dinner, drinks, gelato or even a quick snack.

There are also a few extra restaurants near Colosseum that I recommend, that are not quite in either of these neighbourhoods. 

Looking for places to stay near the Colosseum? Visit our dedicated page here.

Restaurants Near Colosseum - My Picks

Want to see a map of all these restaurants near Colosseum? Click here.

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Restaurants Near Colosseum - in Caelian Hill (Celio)

Celio is the neighbourhood just southeast of the Colosseum in Rome. It is a truly ancient area, where soldiers and citizens lived in Roman times. Even today, it is a real, lived in, charming little neighbourhood, with lots of places to eat and drink. It's the closest neighborhood with restaurants near Colosseum.

Here are some little things to know about eating and drinking in Celio neighbourhood:

cheap restaurant near colosseum

There are many really cheap restaurants in this area. They are fine for the price you pay, but they are not great. The food will be very average, and the restaurants are usually crowded and a bit hectic. So I am not specifically recommending them. On this page, I only recommend restaurants near Colosseum where I love the food (or drink), and know that you will get quality.

san giovanni in alterano - one of rome's most gay-friendly streets

The street leading directly from the Coliseum through the edge of the Celio neighbourhood, San Giovanni in Laterano, is one of Rome's top gay-friendly streets. It's got lots of great little bars, cafe's and (Roman style) fast food spots, and becomes especially busy in the evenings.

restaurant facing colosseum

Sorry but I cannot recommend any of the restaurants near Colosseum that run along the edge facing the it. I have tried a couple of them, but honestly, they truly are tourist traps, in every way (prices, mediocre food quality, and sketchy accounting on your bill.) It's not the best way to enjoy a view of the Coliseum, or a meal...so I'd suggest you skip these.

So, below, are restaurants near Colosseum I really recommend in Celio neighbourhood.

Li Rioni - some of the best pizza in Rome

pizza napoli at li rioniPizza Napoli at "Li Rioni Pizzeria" in Celio, near the Colosseum

I am very partial to this pizzeria, maybe because it's not far from my house, so I go often. 

Or maybe, it's just because they serve a great pizza every time. They do have other food there so if someone in your group wants more variety, this is a great choice.


i Clementini - always fresh, Roman cuisine with a twist

i Clementini has become one of my go-to restaurants near Colosseum when I go out with friends, partly because we all live nearby, but mostly because the food is fantastic.

i clementini restaurant near colosseumHostaria i Clementini, just blocks from the Colosseum

After years of eating here, and getting to know the owners and chef, I can confidently tell you that the quality of the food here is top notch: nothing frozen, nothing they don't deem good enough to serve. On more than one occasion I have been disappointed to find they did not have my favourite antipasto: a heaping platter of perfectly crispy fried calamari e gamberi (squid and shrimp), but it was only because they simply didn't have it fresh.

fritter of calamari and shrimp at i clementiniLightly battered fried calamari and shrimp, at i Clementini near the Colosseum

I love any of their typical Roman pastas: amatriciana that is perfectly made, with just the right pepperoncino kick, and smokey, slightly crackly guanciale ; carbonara that uses just the right amount of egg yolk so it's not overly eggy; and more.

carbonara at i clementiniRigatoni alla carbonara at "I Clementini "near the Colosseum

They have excellent meat courses, some typical Roman, others more inventive. I often get their seafood dishes, in particular the seared tuna steak with pistachio and cherry tomatoes. 

seared tuna with pistachio crust at i clementiniSeared tuna steak with pistachio and tomatoes at i Clementini near the Coliseum

i Clementini is probably one of my favourite all-around restaurants near Colosseum.


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il Bocconcino - lovely trattoria serving Roman cuisine

Il Bocconcino is one of the few Slow Food restaurants near Colosseum. They serve excellent, fresh Roman cuisine, like spaghetti all'amatriciana:

spaghetti amatriciana bocconcinoPerfectly balanced spaghetti all'amatriciana at il Bocconcino, just blocks from the Colosseum

Il Bocconcino has a cozy, very casual interior, and a nice setting outside, on a quiet street, where you can eat in nice weather.

outside dining il bocconcinoOutside dining at il Bocconcino near the Colosseum (no view)


  • Address: Via Ostilia, 23
  • Phone: +39 06 7707 9175
  • Opening hours: Monday-Tuesday: 12:30-15:30, 19:30-23:30 | Wednesdays CLOSED | Thursday-Sunday: 12:30-15:30, 19:30-23:30
  • Reservations suggested

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Trying to figure out how to organize your visit to Rome? I've got the perfect 3-day itinerary for first-time visitors (or those who have not been here in a while.) It works for a 2.5 day visit as well.

In my 3-day itinerary, you'll see all the major must-see Rome attractions like the Vatican, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Spanish Steps, Castel Sant'Angelo, and much more.

And if you have more time, or want suggestions for extra/other things to do, you'll find that there too.

Visit my page with the best 3-day itinerary in Rome for first-timers.

Sforza Piero - simple but delicious pizza by the slice, a great quick lunch

Are you looking for a quick bite for lunch before or after your visit to the Coliseum and Forum? You'd do well to pop over to Sforza Piero, a very unassuming little place serving pizza by the slice

sforza piero pizza by the sliceSlices of pizza Margherita and Peppers at "Pizzeria Sforza Piero"

Their pizzas are simple but delicious, with a perfect, light, digestible crust. The toppings are super fresh and tasty, not under or over done. There is a little counter where you can sit and eat, or you can get it to go.


Restaurants Near Colosseum - in Monti

The neighbourhood (rione) of Monti is a really great Rome area to be explored, savoured, shopped and enjoyed all on its own. There are some sights there as well. 

Since this page is about restaurants near the Colosseum, I'll stick with that topic here.

One street to start on, if you just want to have a little stroll and check out a few places all at once is via Urbana. I could almost make a separate page just about restaurants on via Urbana. But here are just a few good ones to get you started:


Since discovering Broccoletti a few years ago, thanks to food-writer extraordinaire Elizabeth Minchilli, it's become one of my go-to spots for restaurants near Colosseum.

broccoletti restaurant romeThe interior of "Broccoletti" restaurant is simple, yet warm and welcoming.

Broccoletti's concept is simple. They use all local, seasonal ingredients to create traditional (and sometimes less traditional) Roman dishes.

spicy hot mussels at broccolettiThis hot and slightly spicy dish of juicy mussels is my favorite appetizer and I get it every time. Those mussels are simply fabulous!

You can find many typical Roman favorites, like Gricia and Amatriciana, but also other seasonal items like orecchiete with winter broccoli. 

"Manicotti" alla Gricia at BroccollettiAt Broccoletti I enjoy a succulent pasta alla Gricia with crispy yet juicy guanciale fat and a dusting of pecorino,

All the wines are from Lazio, the region where Rome is. There is an excellent selection, and the owner is often on hand to help you pick.

The wines are all from Lazio region, where Rome is located.
Broccoletti owner Fabrizio usually gives me a hand selecting the wine.

I love Broccoletti because every single time I've eaten here the food has been consistently wonderful. Buon appetito!


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Osteria della Suburra

For a truly Roman trattoria meal, this is the spot. 

maltagliati con cozze fave e pecorino at Osteria SuburraMaltagliati pasta with mussels, fava beans and pecorino cheese at Osteria Suburra

You'll find very casual, sometimes harried service; every typical Roman dish you know (amatriciana, scottaditto, pollo alla romana) and others you didn't know (like lumache alla romana, Roman-style snails); foods only in season (love their maltagliati con cozze, pecorino e fave, but only when fava beans are in season), and very good prices, despite the prime location in Monti near the Coliseum. You can eat outside or in. 

pollo alla romana at osteria suburraPollo alla Romana - Chicken with red and yellow peppers at Osteria Suburra


  • Address: Via Urbana, 67
  • Phone: +39 06 486 531
  • Email: info@osteriadellasuburra.com
  • Opening hours: Monday CLOSED | Tuesday-Sunday: 13:00-15:00, 19:00-23:00
  • Reservations only for first seating. This is because they don't rush people to finish their meal so cannot guarantee a table at say, 20:30. You can reserve for this time, but you may arrive and find you still have to wait
  • Outside dining
  • May be closed during August - call to confirm

Urbana 47

Ubrana 47 is one of several hip restaurants near Colosseum that have opened in recent years: they have a charming shabby-chic interior; there is a open-space kitchen in the back in case you want to watch while they cook; they feature a seasonal "food of the month"; and they are open every day all day.

zucchini pasta with pesto and hazelnuts at urbana 47Zucchini "pasta" with hazelnuts and pesto, at Urbana 47

It's also a bonus that they have some outdoor seating, so you can enjoy the lovely neighborhood scenes and people watching as well.

urbana47 tables outsideEating outside at Urbana47 allows for great street- and people-watching

Urbana 47 is a "km0" restaurant - meaning, "zero kilometers." What does that mean?

Well it's an offshoot of the Slow Food movement, which promotes slower way of preparing and enjoying food, as people used to do long before the days of fast food and globalization.

"Km0" means that the ingredients have come from local producers, i.e. with minimal impact on the environment due to transportation costs.


Pizza Trieste

Frankly the food scene up and down via Urbana is getting more interesting all the time. One recent addition is Pizza Trieste, which, despite its name, specializes in pizza from Abruzzo region. What does that mean? 

pizza trieste via urbana romeThe friendly guys at Pizza Trieste, the latest fab food offering on via Urbana in Rome

First it means a whole new choice in how to eat pizza in Rome. Second, it means, cute little round individual pizzas, with delectably light crust and simple but super tasty toppings.

You can eat it there (standing), or take it to go. A great option for a quick meal or snack.

pizza tonda at pizza trieste in montiThese individual pizzas at Pizza Trieste in Monti are light, crunchy and delicious


A few more restaurants near Colosseum, all on via Urbana, include

  • Brocoletti - innovations on Roman and Italian cuisine
  • Zia Rosetta - a sweet little sandwich shop with very fresh offerings
  • Grezzo Raw Chocolate - a raw, vegan chocolate shop with an eye-popping, mouth-watering selection of sweets
  • Scuié Sciué - a trendy but mellow trattoria with an airy atmosphere and excellent food

Below are more restaurants near Colosseum that I love, but on streets other than via Urbana:

Pizzeria Alle Carrette

One of my go-to pizzerias in this area is Alle Carrette. This is a simple restaurant: they only have pizza, bruschetta, salads, fried appetizers (amazing ones), and that's about it. For wine choices there is red or white (literally), but there are more beer choices.

pizza alle carrettePizza with cherry tomatoes and basil at Pizzeria alle Carrette

The pizza here is superb: thin and crispy crust coming right out of a wood-burning oven that sits sort of in the middle of the place. There is a very small and always full outside seating area but a much larger space inside. 

I have never come here without getting several of their fritti, which are some of the best in Rome: fiori di zucca (fried zucchini flowers), supplì (rice balls), fried artichokes, or olive ascolane (pork-stuffed fried green olives). 

fritti at alle carretteFritti at Alle Carrette - supplì and olive ascolane


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Breakfast Restaurants Near Colosseum

As you probably know by now, Rome is not the place to get a big breakfast, Anglo-Saxon or northern-European style. Romans eat breakfast by having a quick cappuccino and a pastry.

If you are looking for breakfast restaurants near Colosseum, your best bet is to find a nice bar that has good coffee and some delectable pastries. 

L'arte Del Caffè - Er Baretto

For some of the best coffee in the area, if not in Rome, head to L'Arte Del Caffè - Er Baretto. 

"Er Baretto" small cafe near the colosseumA small, family-owned cafe "er Baretto" serves classic and inventive coffee

They have actually won awards for their coffee. You'll find typical breakfast pastries, creamy smooth cappuccino, and a place to sit, inside or out.

caffè marocchino at er barettoMarocchino is one of my favorite coffee drinks anywhere, but especially at Er Baretto


Antico Forno ai Serpenti

And for some of the best pastries in the area, and a nice (small) sitting area to enjoy them, try Antico Forno ai Serpenti

interior of antico forno ai serpentiThe small, cozy interior of Antico Forno ai Serpenti. The perfect spot to enjoy a delectable pastry before your Colosseum visit!

They are a bakery and make pastries, breads and pizzas fresh on-site daily.

pastries at antico forno in montiIt is impossible to resist the freshly made pastries at Antico Forno ai Serpenti


Gelato near Colosseum

This list of restaurants near Colosseum would not be complete without a few superb gelato stops. There is actually a lot of gelato around the Colosseum, but there are only a few very good places for really good gelato.


Fatamorgana is hands down some of the best gelato in Rome. And luckily for you, there is one just off via Urbana in Monti, making it an easy location to get to from the Colosseum.

mango fig gelato at fatamorganaThis seasonal pairing of fig and mango gelatos at Fatamorgana was one of my best tastings in summer ever


Ciuri Ciuri

You may already know that Sicily is one of the places where gelato originated.

And Ciuri Ciuri has some of the best Sicilian gelato around...not to mention a dizzying array of Sicilian pastries, including but not limited to, freshly-filled cannoli (as they should be.)

Sicilian gelateria Ciuri-CiuriOne of Sicily’s best-known deli is definitely gelato. Enjoy its flavour at Ciuri-Ciuri


Il Gelatone

Il Gelatone is not really artisinal gelato but it is very yummy and creamy. And one of our favorite stops after pizza at Alle Carrette (also on this page.) Love their mint-chocolate chip but they have plenty of other flavors too. Bonus  for vegans - this is one of the best spots in Rome for vegan gelato!

flavors at Il GelatoneEnjoy the tasty creamy textures of flavors at Il Gelatone


Drinks Near the Colosseum - Great places for a cocktail or aperitif

A lot of Colosseum tours/visits finish around 5 or 6pm, which is too early for most restaurants to be open for dinner in Rome. But if you want to grab a drink before dinner, or have an early, lighter dinner by engaging in the all-the-rage Roman aperi-cena (which means aperitif with so many appetisers it becomes dinner), you may enjoy these options.

In Rome, you will find a lot of bars offering an "aperitivo." This often means that you will pay a set price (usually around 10 Euros) for one drink and some snacks.

The quantity and quality of these snacks varies, from potato chips and green olives, to a full-on carb-y extravaganza of little pizzas, bruschetta with spreads and sometimes small sandwiches.

Oppio Cafe - aperitivo with a view of the Colosseum

The Oppio Cafe is perhaps one of the most strategically-placed bars in Rome. It sits right at the end of a lovely neighbourhood block, that literally overlooks the Coliseum. They have tables inside and out. 

antipasto buffet at oppio cafe near the colosseumThe all-you-can-eat appetizer buffet, with views of the Colosseum, at Oppio Cafe

My favourite thing about Oppio Cafe is their "happy hour." For 10€, you get one drink and an all-you-can-eat buffet. Yes! Now that is a rarity in Rome. And it's not just olives and some pieces of stale pizza. There are pastas, meats, veggies, and dessert! And if you want another drink, it's just another 5€. 

This has to be hands down one of the best restaurants near Colosseum for: happy hour, drinks with a view of the Coliseum, or a very inexpensive dinner - not a Rome trattoria dinner but it definitely fills you up!


Disclosure: If you make a purchase through a link on this page, I may receive a small commission - at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my site!

Hotel Forum - one of the best views in Rome

The Hotel Forum is a posh little 4-star hotel with an amazingly strategic location. Their rooftop bar has exquisite views of the Roman Forum (not so much the Colosseum), and it's a lovely place for a pre-dinner aperitivo. 

No major snacks to go with, just some potato chips and olives, but views to die for. 


Where to Eat and Drink Near the Colosseum, with a view

At Caffè Oppio, and Hotel Forum above, you can have nice views of the Colosseum, while sipping a drink. If you want someplace to eat lunch or dinner and have an amazing view of the Colosseum, the best option for this does not come cheap:

Palazzo Manfredi and its Aroma restaurant - on top of the world

Aroma, the very elegant restaurant at the top of the Palazzo Manfredi, is really the place to come and splurge: you will eat at a world-class restaurant with amazing food, and the most incredible views of the Colosseum. 

This is a 1* Michelin restaurant and it shows.

The chefs have the background and pedigree worthy of the setting.

I'd say this is the finest and most romantic of the restaurants near Colosseum.


Restaurants Near Colosseum - A little off the beaten track

Do you want to have a really authentic, local Rome experience?

After a day tromping through 2000-year-old ruins, why not also delve a bit into modern local life? These local restaurants near Colosseum are just a little off the beaten track, but still easily accessible:

Romolo e Remo

I am a bit partial to Romolo e Remo, as it's just near my house, and I go there quite a lot. But when I take friends and family there, they always comment how much people would love this really authentic Rome eating experience. And, it's really not far from the Colosseum so I am sharing it with you here.

carciofi alla romana at romolo e remoCarciofi alla Romana, or stewed artichokes, at Romolo e Remo trattoria

Romolo e Remo is a very local neighbourhood trattoria. They are always packed with Romans, probably because they serve good food at very good prices. You can get all the traditional Roman-trattoria foods like thin-crust Roman pizza, typical Roman pastas, and other typical Roman dishes like trippa alla romanacoda alla vaccinara, and even occasionally rigatoni pajata.

tonnarelli allo scoglio romolo e remoTonnarelli allo scoglio (with shellfish) at Romolo e Remo, not far from the Colosseum

But you can also get lots of other kinds of dishes too, like chicken breast in creamy green pepper sauce or ricotta, spinach and mushroom crepes.

I often get their fish dishes like steamed mussels and clams, or just a whole grilled sea bass with roast potatoes.

grilled sea bream at romolo e remoFresh grilled sea bream with roasted potatoes at Romolo e Remo

The food here is always fresh and good. The ambiance is very local, with lots of unevenly hung, signed photos of semi-famous guests covering the walls, and the prices are really low. There is a huge outside area for dining as well.

If you want one of the most truly local Roman restaurants near Colosseum, this is it.


It's about a 15 minute walk from the Coliseum: Walk behind the Coliseum up the via Claudia. Continue just over a little hill until you come to a large intersection. Cross the intersection at the light, and continue straight ahead on via Pannonia. Romolo e Remo is on your left, you cannot miss it.

Farmers' Market lunch at Circus Maximus

This last one doesn't really fall into the restaurant category, as it's actually a farmer's market.

campagna amica farmers market at circus maximusThe Farmers Market at Circus Maximus, only open on weekends

And it can be such a fun option for lunch near the Coliseum on weekends (only) when the market is open. The market itself is a treat just to see. 

honey, jams and other local products at campagna amicaGrains, honeys, jams and many local products for sale at the Campagna Amica Farmer's Market

I shop there, for organic olive oils, fresh ricotta and mozzarella, eggs that are so fresh their yolks are a dark orange, every fresh herb I need, and the freshest fruits and vegetables around, in-season only of course. 

fresh fruits and veggies for sale at campagna amica marketOnly seasonal fruits and vegetables are for sale at Campagna Amica Farmer's Market

But you can eat here too! Once, I spent so much of my time going around to all the stands trying all the olive oil and tasty spreads and cheeses, that I actually was full. It was not intentional but it was fun!

But in the back, there is a lunch counter, and for 6 Euros, you get one dish, bread and water. And there is a little picnic area outside to sit and eat.

lunch prep at campagna amica farmers marketSimple but fresh and delicious lunch is served at Campagna Amica Farmers Market at Circus Maximus

You do have a couple of other options: having a hot meal of whatever the prepared food of that day is, or, checking out some of the food-truck-style offerings in the back garden.


Unique al Palatino

This one doesn't fall into any of the main categories on this page, but it is right next to the farmers' market above, so it's a little off the beaten track.

It is, however, right next to the Palatine Hill, making it very convenient if you exit the Roman Forum from this side.

View from the Roman forum of Unique Palatino restaurantUnique al Palatino is conveniently situated steps from the Palatine Hill. This is the view from their terrace, which is not always open. But you can see how close you are to the site.

The location is fantastic, the food is delicious, and, on top of it all, they offer a beautiful setting for outdoor dining as well.

Mezze Maniche pasta with swordfish and asparagusIf you are craving pasta and fresh seafood paired with the right wine, you should try Unique al Palatino restaurant

Here's a photo of their outdoor space, which is part of their private garden in the back. This means you can enjoy your meal in peace, free from traffic or street musicians and vendors.

Unique al Palatino is one of the best restaurants near Colosseum to offer a lovely ambiance for outside dining. 


Restaurants Near Colosseum - map

Here is a map of all the restaurants near Colosseum that I've talked about on this page. It opens in a new window.

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