The best restaurants near Piazza Navona in Rome

Are there any good restaurants near Piazza Navona?

piazza navona in romePiazza Navona is arguably one of the most beautiful squares in Rome. Now, where to eat nearby?

Just because this is a major tourist attraction doesn't mean it's all tourist traps.

This is actually a real Roman neighborhood and there are plenty of great spots for casual and upscale dining, aperitivo, pizza, gelato, and more!

Restaurants near Piazza Navona - my picks

I've been eating in this area for the past 20 years and know it like the back of my hand.

Here are my favorite places to eat near Piazza Navona in the following categories:

Click here to see a Google map of all the places listed on this page (it will open in a new window.)

Just a few notes:

  • Some of the below restaurants near Piazza Navona can go into a few different categories. For example, Chiostro del Bramante and Vivi Navona are both great for breakfast but also for aperitivo. So you may see some names twice.
  • Piazza Navona is really close to the Pantheon, Spanish Steps and Campo dei Fiori, so on this page, while I am listing mostly restaurants near Piazza Navona itself, you may see some overlap with those pages.
  • As with all my "where to eat and drink" pages, I can't possibly list every place as there are too many. And of course I don't know them all. I share with you my personal favorites, places that for me are tried and true.
  • If you don't see a popular place listed, it's because I don't love it, or possibly worse - they might engage in what I call improper behavior, i.e. management treating non-locals poorly, rushing you out the door, adding random service charges, etc. I don't engage in restaurant bashing so I won't name them, but neither will I ever recommend them.

Traditional Roman Cuisine

There is an abundance of trattorias near and even right on Piazza Navona.

piazza navona is lined with restaurants right on the square itselfBesides an abundance of restaurants near Piazza Navona, you'll also find plenty of options for dining right on the piazza itself. Touristy yes, but if you want this view...

And yes, some of them are "touristy."

That can mean anything from sub-par quality food, to over-priced menus to bills that come with suspect add-ons like hand-written "service charges" that appear only on bills given to foreigners.

On the other hand, you might not mind, especially if it means sitting on the piazza and enjoying that iconic view.

But if you're looking for really good Roman restaurants near Piazza Navona, where the locals go, there are a few excellent choices:


Fiammetta restaurant was founded in 1944 by Giacinto Cristiani. His brother Varese eventually took it over and today Varese's wife Fosca and their children Lorenzo and Paola run the the restaurant and are usually on hand to welcome you.

fiammetta insideI love the old-fashioned kitschy look and feel of Fiammetta.

As the founders were originally from Tuscany, you'll find a delightful menu with both Roman and Tuscan specialties.

roman style artichoke at fiammettaFiammetta is one of the restaurants near Piazza Navona where you can find authentic Roman cuisine like this in-season only Roman-style artichoke.
  • Address: 00186 Piazza Fiammetta, 10 
  • Phone: +39 06 6875 777
  • Opening hours: Monday: 12:45-15:30, 19:00-23:30 | Tuesday CLOSED | Wednesday: 19:00-23:30 | Thursday-Sunday: 12:45-15:30, 19:00-23:30
  • Reservations suggested
  • Outdoor seating available


You'll have to put an effort into finding Trattoria Lilli.

But once you do, you'll be so glad you did. 

rigatoni alla gricia at lilliLilli is one of the best restaurants near Piazza Navona where you can enjoy simple traditional Roman fare.

Lilli was founded in 1969 and is named for one of the founders, Loredana. Her children Patrizia and Dino run it today.

Lilli is on a quiet street, although once you step inside, you'll find yourself enjoying the buzz of local diners, happily eating their traditional plates of amatriciana and gricia, made simply and perfectly, as they should be.

  • Address: 00186 Via Tor di Nona, 23
  • Phone: +39 06 686 1916
  • Opening hours: Monday CLOSED | Tuesday-Friday: 12:30-14:30, 19:30-22:30 | Saturday: 12:30-22:30 | Sunday: 12:30-14:30
  • Reservations suggested
  • Outdoor seating available

La Campana

La Campana claims to be the oldest restaurant in Rome, founded in 1518.

spaghetti and clams at la campanaSpaghetti alle vongole (clams) is one of the typical simple pasta dishes you can enjoy at La Campana, Rome's oldest restaurant.

That would mean it was around when Michelangelo was alive.

I love to think that he might have eaten here, but it's actually more likely that the other Michelangelo, Michelangelo Merisi, otherwise known as Caravaggio, would have eaten here.

In the 16th century, they were not feasting on rigatoni alla carbonara (a relatively "new" addition to Roman cuisine), but you will definitely feel like you're in a traditional spot.

The first sign is the abundant antipasto/veggie bar as you walk in.

vegetable plate at la campanaI love getting a plate full of veggies at La Campana. I can turn this into a meal by itself.

I love the spartan decor, the old-school waiters, and most of all, the traditional cucina romana

baccalà (cod) at la campanaAt La Campana you can taste a classic Roman dish usually served only on Fridays - baccalà (cod).


All around Piazza Navona and on the square itself, you will find a large selection of pizzerias.

But in Rome there is pizza and there is pizza.

The most important factor in the quality of pizza is the quality of the ingredients.

Then, the dough must be left to rise so it does not sit like a ball in your stomach. The pizza must be digestible.

(Trust me when I tell you that the digestibility of food, in particular pizza, is a very popular topic of conversation among Italians.)

So here's where to go when you want the good stuff:


Several years ago, I would not have put this pizzeria on my list of restaurants near Piazza Navona.

There was always a huge line down the street. It was one of those "internet-recommended" places. The kind of place I avoid.

But then I ate here.

pizza at da baffettoPizza with mushrooms and prosciutto at Pizzeria Da Baffetto near Piazza Navona.

And it's the real deal.

making pizzaMaking the pizza at Pizzeria Da Baffetto near Piazza Navona.

So it's definitely worth a visit.

But if you don't want the hassle of the long line (who does?), either come early (they open at 6pm), or go to their second location 2 blocks over, which is just as good and almost never has a line.


Baffetto 2:

La Montecarlo

If you're looking for super simple thin, crispy Roman pizza near Piazza Navona, head to La Montecarlo.

The pizza at La Montecarlo is super simple and super crackly, as Roman pizza should be.

You'll almost feel like you're eating in a cafeteria - with the decor, speed, and prices to match.

For cheap, casual, easy Roman pizza, this is the spot.

Disclosure: If you make a purchase through a link on this page, I may receive a small commission - at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my site!

Pizzeria Emma

Emma is one of our favorite restaurants near Piazza Navona if not in all of Rome.

We eat here regularly and have probably tried everything on the menu.

pizza at pizzeria emmaPizza with zucchini flowers is one of my go-to pizzas at Pizzeria Emma.

But most often, we get pizza.

And it's perfect. Every. Single. Time.


Trattoria Polese has been serving up delicious simple Roman food and excellent pizza since 1960.

This is one of my favorite restaurants near Piazza Navona for eating outdoors.

They have a huge shaded outdoor seating area that gets very convivial when it's full, which is pretty much always.

cheese-free pizza at poleseSometimes I love a cheese-free pizza, and this one at Trattoria Polese, with savory onions, capers, and garlic was light and delicious.

You can enjoy perfectly cooked Roman-style pizza here but you also can't go wrong getting other dishes like pasta, meat, fish, etc as well.

Wine bar/aperitivo

Many restaurants near Piazza Navona are excellent options for having just an "aperitivo", or a casual drink and some snacks.

Here are some of the best options in the area:

Cul de sac

Cul de Sac is one of the restaurants near Piazza Navona we've been coming to for years.

In fact they claim to be Rome's oldest wine bar!

cold cuts at cul de sacRestaurants near Piazza Navona - You'll find a great selection of cold cuts, cheeses, and patés at Cul de Sac.

Either way, I love the casual setting, the brisk, friendly service, the enormous wine list, and the great selection of both appetizers and lunch/dinner food on the menu.


Gusto is one of those restaurants near Piazza Navona that have a bit of everything. 

people sitting outside gustoGusto is one of the restaurants near Piazza Navona where you can enjoy aperitivo outside in a relaxed casual setting.

It's not a special place per se, but what I like is how spacious it is, inside and out.

This makes it easy and fun for a casual group aperitivo.


Retrobottega (also on this page) recently opened their dedicated wine bar, Retrovino, and it's fabulous.

wine at retrovinoPhoto credit - Retrobottega / RetroVino

The space is small but the wine, food, and service are top notch. 

Eitch Borromini

Rome rooftop bars have become all the rage in recent years.

With good reason.

Rome has some pretty spectacular views pretty much anywhere you look!

aperol spritzEnjoying an Aperol Spritz on the Eitch Borromini rooftop.

Drinks at the Eitch Borromini rooftop will set you back but if you don't mind a little splurge, you can enjoy a pretty spectacular sunset (and sometimes opera, too!)

*You'll also find this venue below in my section about upscale restaurants near Piazza Navona.

prosecco with a view of the pantheon

Looking for more great options for drinks in the area?

Don't miss this dedicated page about where to have drinks near the Pantheon!


If you're looking for someplace special to eat near Piazza Navona, there are a few excellent choices for upscale and/or innovative restaurants.

Some offer beautiful views to boot.

Il Convivio Troiani

Il Convivio Troiani is a 1* star Michelin restaurant located just a few blocks from Piazza Navona.

pasta at il convivio troianiIl Convivio Troiani is one of Rome's Michelin Star restaurants near Piazza Navona and the perfect setting for a very special meal. Photo credit - Il Convivio Troiani

The three Troiani brothers—Angelo in the kitchen, and brothers Giuseppe and Massimo presiding over the dining room and wine cellar—have quietly been redefining the experience of Italian eclectic alta cucina (haute cuisine) for many years.

Its subdued ambiance, excellent wine list, professional service, and superb cuisine will all make for a very special meal.

Hotel Raphael - Mater Terrae

On top of the storied luxury Hotel Raphael, you can dine on high-quality vegetarian cuisine with one of the best views in Rome at Mater Terrae.

Mater Terrae is one of the best restaurants near Piazza Navona when you want something special, or something vegetarian, or dinner with a view - or all 3! Photo credit - Bio Hotel Raphaël
rome rooftop bars
rome restaurants with a vew

Eitch Borromini

If you're looking for a restaurant with a view OF Piazza Navona, this is it. 

rooftop restaurant at Eitch Borromini hotelPhoto credit - Eitch Borromini

The unique location of this terrace located inside the Eitch Borromini hotel makes this an ideal spot for a special or romantic dinner in Rome.

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Retrobottega was among the first Rome restaurants to really push the envelope with cutting-edge, innovative cuisine.

dumplings at retrobottegaYou'll always find something new, fascinating, and delicious on the menu at Retrobottega.

And they still keep it interesting and delicious, both with their food and drinks offering.


Clemente Quaglia, founder of Clotilde, has combined a beautiful, elegant locale with excellent cuisine to create someplace unique in the center of Rome.

clotilde dining roomRestaurants near Piazza Navona - I love the warm soothing feel of the dining room at Clotilde.

The food at Clotilde has been carefully curated from only the freshest local ingredients, and elevates country dishes to another level.


When I was making my list of my favorite restaurants near Piazza Navona, I couldn't help but notice I have more cafés and places for pastries and breakfast than any other category.

Maybe this is because I love a cozy café, or because I have a sweet tooth, or just because there are so many great spots in the area!


Coromandel is one of the best spots in Rome for a lingering breakfast. 

cappuccino at coromandelYou'll love the beautiful china they use when you enjoy breakfast or brunch at Coromandel.

You can enjoy pancake, fluffy eggs, and gorgeous cappuccinos and hot chocolate in their welcoming dining room.

Pasticceria 5 Lune

I can be blocks away and yet Pasticceria 5 Lune calls to me. I will beeline here if I am anywhere in the vicinity.

Besides an assortment of typical traditional pastries, you can also sample their house invention, which are these ricotta-filled crispy pockets.

pastries at pasticceria 5 luneIt's pretty much impossible to resist these specialty pastries at Pasticceria 5 Lune.

Some have chocolate, some have cinnamon. All are mouth-watering and addictive.

Antico Forno via stelletta

I can smell the aroma of Antico Forno as I walk down via della Stelletta. Their pastry scents waft towards me and I am drawn in.

pastry selection at antico forno stelletta bakeryYou'll love all the delicious choices at the Antico Forno bakery.

It also happens to be a great spot for a quick pizza or bread fix if you are in the mood for something savory.

Chiostro del bramante

Chiostro del Bramante is one of those secret spots I love to show friends and family when I take them around Rome. 

cozy lounge in chiostro del bramanteI love the cozy lounge in the Chiostro del Bramante. And they have wi-fi to boot!

You can easily access this café without paying for or entering the museum in the same structure.

The Renaissance cloister is a treat by itself but I usually find myself in this cosy lounge enjoying a coffee and slice of cake.

ViVi Bistrot

Vivi Bistrot is one of my go-to spots for breakfast in this area.

cappuccino and cornetto at vivi navonaVivi is my go-to breakfast spot in this area. I love the view, but even better than that, the coffee and pastries are excellent!

Ideally they would be open just a bit earlier for breakfast but they are open all day long and you can enjoy a casual lunch or aperitivo here too.

Café novecento

Café Novecento is a lovely place to stop for a coffee/tea/pastry break. 

pastry selection at café novecentoAt Café Novecento, you are spoiled for choice if you're looking for delectable pastries.

While they serve other food too, I'd come here strictly for the sweet stuff.


You will easily find gelato in many places near Piazza Navona.

But some of it is pretty mediocre.

If you want the good stuff, you have to know where to go!

Gelateria del teatro

Gelateria del Teatro is hands down some of the best gelato in Rome.

flavors at gelateria del teatroI pretty much am at a loss when I visit Gelateria del Teatro. Which flavors to pick? I want them all!

This is one of the best spots for a superb selection of creamy chocolate, nut, fruit and other natural flavors.

You'll only find fresh ingredients here, and you can see and taste it.

Buon appetito!

Via dei Coronari location:

A second, smaller location:

Günther Gelato

Günther has several outposts in the eternal city, and the one in Piazza Sant'Eustachio puts it right between the Pantheon and Piazza Navona.

flavors at Günther gelatoThe gelato here is among the best in Rome. You may want to visit more than once!

Günther gelato is on my list of the best gelato in Rome, so if you are in the area and craving gelato, do not miss this spot!


Frigidarium may be one of the most popular places to get gelato near Piazza Navona, and it's another one of those places that always has a huge line out front.

frigidarium flavorsThe flavors at Frigidarium are a bit over the top but they are yummy, so enjoy!

It's not artisanal gelato but it is pretty good and it does the trick when you are walking down via del Governo Vecchio in the summer heat.

Tre Scalini dal 1946

Last but not least, if you are a gelato lover or a chocoholic like me, then you cannot miss having this chocolate bomb, the famous "tartufo" at Tre Scalini.

Just do it. You will thank me.

tartufo at tre scaliniThe Tartufo at Tre Scalini in Piazza Navona is a must for any chocolate-lover.

Eating it inside standing at the bar is less expensive, but if you want to splurge and enjoy this view, you can't go wrong!

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