Rome in November - a great time to visit
Updating for 2018

If you are coming to Rome in November, you will have some of the best of everything: still pretty fair weather (sometimes); still nice light during the day; the end of the peak fall season; and, my personal favorite: the beginning of artichoke season!

roman forum sunset novemberThe Roman Forum on a late afternoon in November

Rome in November - at a Glance

Here's what you need to know about coming to visit Rome this time of year:

Weather in Rome Italy in November

I often hear people ask "Does it rain a lot in November in Rome?" The answer is yes, it does. Sometimes.

Of course, nobody cannot predict if it will rain or not during your visit. But overall, November tends to be a rainier month than others.

complesso vittoriano soldiers in the rainSoldiers in rain gear, guarding the tomb of the unknown soldier at the Complesso Vittoriano

There are often also a lot of surprisingly beautiful days, particularly at the beginning of November. You may come prepared for rain but find cool, crisp sunny days.

rooftop views sunny day novemberNovember in Rome can have beautiful sunny days and mild weather, and beautiful views like this

Temperatures vary a lot between the beginning and end of the month, and between daytime and nighttime. It's warmer towards the beginning of November and cooler towards the end. The days are shorter in November, since we move to Standard Time in late October, so there is less of that gorgeous light that makes Rome glow.

During the day it's in the low 60'°F/high teens's °C, and in the evenings it can still be quite chilly, in the mid 40's °F/low teens °C. 

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Bottom Line: If you are basing your trip to Rome on having nice weather while you are here, then you shouldn't count on November.

But the nice-weather months are also peak season. Which means Rome is less crowded in November!

What to pack for Rome in November

No matter which part of November you visit Rome, always be prepared to be comfortable, and to be flexible in your dress. These are my personal recommendations for what to pack for Rome in November:

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November in Rome can be rainy. A rain-hat can be the perfect packable accessory - it doesn't take up much room but is so useful when you need it!

This rain-hat for men is a lot like the one my husband wears. He loves it and I don't blame him.

November is a cross between warm-fall and chilly-fall. That's why a versatile water-proof hiking jacket with removable fleece lining is one of the best items you can pack for Rome in November.

Here's a men's version of the above jacket. I love these for late fall and early spring. It's like having 3 jackets in one, and also great for comfort while sight-seeing!

Another handy thing to pack for rainy weather in Rome is a light rain poncho. I've seen so many people shelling out money to street vendors when it rains unexpectedly in Rome. Bring your own and come prepared!

When it starts to rain in Rome, umbrella sellers appear out of nowhere and sell small and large umbrellas. And that's fine for a quick fix, but the quality of those umbrellas is not great. If you want to come prepared with your own travel umbrella, get a quality umbrella that will last. I love mine that has an open AND close button.

Of course a scarf is a must in Rome year-round (yes even in summer), and in particular you will find it handy in November, when temps can drop a lot between night and day.

At least one pair of jeans, and/or some wool or heavier cotton pants.

At least one cardigan or pullover for layering. It may be warm enough to go out without a jacket, but a cardigan will come in handy as temperatures drop in the afternoon.

You probably won't need gloves until the end of November. But if you don't bring them, there are so many places to buy them here in Rome!

See also my page about What to Pack for Rome, with downloadable packing list.

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What to wear in Rome in November

what to wear in rome in novemberThis was taken in mid-November at the Pantheon. Most people are dressed in long pants and some kind of medium-weight jacket.

My number one rule for sight-seeing in Rome, any time of year: be comfortable! This especially pertains to shoes. So wear good walking shoes (and socks!)

The next rule, excellent for November is: dress in layers. Be prepared for changes in temperature throughout the day, and possible rain.

Bottom line, to sight-see in Rome in November: wear good walking shoes, jeans or heavy cotton pants, a light cotton shirt plus sweater/jacket and the Italian MUST WEAR - a scarf. Always a scarf.

(And carry a rain hat and travel umbrella in your bag.)

November in Rome - What to Expect

fori imperiali in novemberLovely uncrowded via dei Fori Imperiali on a sunny day in late November

There's a small 10k race on November 1 - La Corsa dei Santi (race of the saints). You can take part if you want. To see the route, and how it might affect your visit if you are in Rome that day, visit their website here.

The first weekend of November is almost an extension of October: In Italy, November 1st is a holiday (All Saints' Day), which of course follows Halloween. Halloween did not used to be much of a big deal in Italy, but every year it is becoming more and more commericialized and celebrated in Italy...not quite as much as in the US but they are catching up.

And since the 1st is a holiday, if it falls anywhere near a weekend, there will be a ponte or bridge (3-4 day weekend.) This makes it a pretty busy time to be in Rome.

And lately since the weather has been nice through the first week of November, Rome is pretty crowded even then. 

However, for us (and most Rome hotels), rates drop dramatically from the beginning of November. This is a great time to come to Rome if you are looking for hotel bargains

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Rome in November - Shifting into Low Season

A lot of people have caught on that October is peak season, so they are pushing their trip to early November, counting on still pretty nice weather, and hoping for lower hotel rates.

Usually by the second week of November, things have slowed down quite a bit.

You can expect to find fewer crowds, less of a wait to get into museums and restaurants, and the feeling of a city settling in for the beginning of winter on the way.

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November Foods in Season in Rome

In Rome, food is (supposed to be) seasonal. And carciofi alla romana, or stewed artichokes, are in season from late November through early spring.

carciofo alla romanaCarciofo all Romana - one of the best things about Rome in November!

Yes you will find artichokes in Rome before then. But they are not from Rome, and they won't be made alla romana. They will be fried (alla giudia), or used in other dishes like pasta or anchovy casseroles. Nothing wrong with those fabulous dishes!

But if you love carciofi alla romana, as I do, you can start indulging in late November.

campo dei fiori market novemberAt the open-air market of Campo dei Fiori, you can start finding artichokes and other fall vegetables, in November

Fall vegetables in season include: pumpkin, cardoons (not that easy to find, but yummy), cabbage, broccoli, broccoletti, chard, onions, leeks, chicory, carrots, fennel (and more.)

broccoli romaneschi in novemberBroccoli Romaneschi, or Roman broccoli, are in season starting in November

Fall fruit in season include pomegranates, persimmons, chestnuts, grapes, apples and pears (and more.)

Want to know more about Rome cuisine? Click here.

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November is a great time to take a Food Tour in Rome!

Artichokes will certainly be a part of your tour but you'll also get to know lots of other foods as well! The weather is perfect for it and it's an excellent way to see the "real Rome."

Click here to book a Rome Food Tour in US$.

Click here to book a Rome Food Tour in other currencies.

Rome in November - things to do

This is a good time to visit monuments and museums, especially in the later part of November, as it will be much less crowded than in October.

And as the weather cools, it's also a fantastic time to catch some special museum exhibits indoors. Note also that several museums stay open later on the weekends.

Here are some special things you can do in November in Rome:

Free things to do in Rome in November

Temple of Antoninus and Faustina

On the first Sunday of every month, state museums and archeological sites are free. On November 5, 2017, you can visit the Roman Forum, Colosseum, Ostia Antica, Galleria Borghese and many more sites, for free

For the Galleria Borghese, you will need to reserve in advance.

On the Sunday November 26 2017, the last Sunday of the month, the Vatican Museums are open and free. Hours are 9am - 2pm, with last entry at 12:30. No reservations are possible and tours don't go this day. Plan to get there very early to wait in line.

If you are on a tight schedule and this is the only day you can go, or a tight budget, then this is a great opportunity. But otherwise it is usually better to book your visit ahead of time and pay to go another day.

More things to do in Rome in November

November is the start of chillier weather and so there's a lot more to do indoors.

What a special treat! From November 1 2017 - February 4 2018, you can enjoy a spectacular exhibit of most of Gian Lorenzo Bernini's works, all in one place!

Many of his pieces are on loan to the Galleria Borghese, from around the world, including paintings, clay, wood and bronze models, his last sculptures, and much more. It's an extraordinary show and not to be missed if you love this Baroque master!

Tickets 20€ + 2€ reservation fee. Closed Mondays.

From October 19 2017 through February 2018, don't miss this special exhibit of Monet paintings at the Complesso del Vittoriano. There will be over 60 works from the Parisian Musée Marmottan Monetby the father of Impressionism, many from home at Giverny.

Mon - Thu 9:30am - 7:30pm
Fri - Sat 9:30am - 10pm
Sun 9:30 am - 8:30 pm

Tickets are 15€. Advance booking highly recommended for this popular exhibit.

If you love jazz, November is a great time to be in Rome.

The Rome Jazz Festival will be held from 5-30 November 2017.

Picasso - between Cubism and Classicism, 1915 - 1925. From September 22 - January 2018.

Scuderie del Quirinale, Via XXIV Maggio.

Click the picture to visit the museum's official site.

Museum hrs: Sunday - Thursday 10am - 8pm; Friday and Saturday 10am – 10:30pm. 12€ full price

Enjoy - Art Meets Amuseument - at the beautiful Chiostro del Bramante, now through February 2018.

The Chiostro del Bramante is behind Piazza Navona, on Via Arco della Pace, 5. T. +39 06 915 19 41

Click the picture to visit the museum's official site.

Open Mon - Fri 10am - 8pm; Sat - Sun 10am - 9pm.

13€ includes audioguide. No advance booking required.

Mangasia: Wonderlands of Asian Comics - "the largest ever selection of original artworks from Asian comics, displayed alongside their printed, mass-produced forms, much of them rarely if ever shown outside their country of origin."

Palazzo delle Esposizioni, on via Nazionale. Thru 21 January 2018.

Click the picture to visit the museum's official site.

Tue, Wed, Thu, Sun: 10am - 8pm; Fri-Sat: 10am - 10:30 pm; Closed Mondays. 12.50€ 

In November 2017, catch La Traviata and Don Quixote right in Rome's beautiful Teatro dell'Opera (Opera House.)

Click here to find tickets at Teatro dell'Opera.

For more information about events in Rome, visit the official website of the Rome Tourist Board.

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Rome in November - What the weather's like, what to pack, and things to do. By Romewise.
Rome in November - What the weather's like, what to pack, and things to do. By Romewise.

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