Does it Snow in Rome?

People often ask me if we get snow in Rome. The answer is no, not really. But sometimes.

colosseum with snowVery early on a February morning in 2018, we had a massive snowfall. I ran out to see what the colosseum looked like and this is what I saw. Pretty beautiful, huh!

Snow in Rome - Just what you need to know

So now that we've established that it could snow in Rome . . . here's what you should know:

Snow in Rome - how much and how often?

The climate in Rome is actually pretty mild. We don't tend to have extremely cold weather (although lately, we've had some pretty hot summers!)

On a given winter's day in Rome, we often have crisp clear days and blue blue skies like this.

In winter, we have short days, with some rain, occasional hail, and yes, sometimes snow (and even ice!)

Castel sant'angelo in winterOften, winter in Rome can mean grey skies and some rain. But not usually snow.

I'm from Gainesville, Florida which is in the northern part of the state, and I think of Rome having similar weather to that. It might snow in Gainesville once a decade give or take. And even if it snows, there's not much of it and it doesn't stick around for long. So, basically, Rome is like north central Florida where the weather is concerned.

Except it's not.

Rome is actually on the same latitude as New York City.

Can you believe it?

And that would lead us to think we'd get snow here. I'm not a meteorologist but it's pretty clear that latitude is not the only factor affecting the weather in Rome!

The bottom line is that sometimes yes, it does occasionally snow in Rome. 

piazza Barberini in the snowI went to work at 6:30am on February 4, 2012 and this view of Piazza Barberini made up for the early wakeup and the very difficult (and not allowed!) driving in the snow.

Obviously the conditions have to be right. The temps must drop to close to 0 Celsius (32 Fahrenheit), and there has to be some precipitation (rain.)

villa Maxentius with snowThe Villa of Maxentius out on the Appian Way was really beautiful all blanketed in snow.

Since I moved to Rome in 2001, there have been two snowfalls, one in early February 2012 and the other in late February 2018.

On both occasions, the snowfall was pretty intense for about a day or two. The snow lasted a few days after that. Then it was all over.

What happens when it snows in Rome?

Since it rarely snows in Rome, there is no hard and fast rule about what can happen when it does.

In February 2012, one of the biggest snowfalls in recent history, the Colosseum was closed for almost a week. This was for safety reasons. (Schools were also closed for several days but this is not really going to affect you, the visitor.)

We were not allowed to drive unless we had snow tires or chains on our tires.

Which meant pretty much nobody was allowed to drive because who drives around Rome with snow tires on their car? (Caveat - I actually drove to our B&B in the snow early in the morning because I hadn't heard this news, and I was amazed to be the only person on the road although I did have to drive in first gear and go at about 10 kilometers per hour due to so much snow and slush.)

piazza Barberini snowPiazza Barberini early on February 4, 2012, when we had a massive snowfall. I was one of a very few people driving that morning.

We are not equipped for snow here, as are places in colder climates.

We don't have snow plows or salt or other methods for clearing piazzas, sidewalks, and streets.

City workers do what they can but we pretty much have to just wait for the snow to melt.

removing snow from Rome streetOn the rare occasion we get snow in Rome, the city is just not that equipped to deal with it but they do the best they can.

As far as how snow in Rome could affect you and your visit here, you should:

Where to get the best pictures if it snows in Rome?

Since we live in an Instagram world, I know you'll want to know where to get the best pictures if it snows in Rome.

One trick is to get out as early in the day as possible. If it snows overnight or early morning, and you don't get out until late morning, you will not find as many pristine snow spots. And often, the snow in Rome will have turned to slush by the time it starts to warm up.

The Colosseum

You are not likely to be allowed inside the colosseum if it's snowing, but the photos from the outside are better anyway. 

colosseum snowIt's pretty special to see the Colosseum all by itself. But combine the Colosseum with snow in Rome, and you have a really unusual sight!

Try to get them from the side near the Arch of Constantine. 

arch of Constantine with snowThe area around the Colosseum is a great spot to take photos when we have snow in Rome.

You can also get great pics from the street just above the Colosseum by the Colosseo Metro stop, so you can include trees and plants in the frame.

There is almost no bad angle to see and take photos of the Colosseum. But when there is snow in Rome, a great spot is just above it near the Metro stop.

The Pantheon

Pictures of the Pantheon, or any Roman monument, with snow on top, are beautiful.

Try to get there much earlier in the day than I did when I took this photo back in 2012 (before I was thinking so much about taking really good photos for the site and for social media!)

pantheon with snowWhen we get snow in Rome, one good spot for photos is the Pantheon, especially if you get there much earlier than I did!

Spanish Steps

Spanish Steps view with snowThe view of Roman rooftops and domes from the Spanish Steps is always lovely. Add snow and you get something really special!

If you go really early when there's snow in Rome, you can get gorgeous photos of the Spanish Steps. When I went, it was already later in the day, but I still managed some fun pix.

Spanish Steps snowmanTha Spanish Steps is another place to get fun pictures of snow in Rome. And as with other landmarks, if you get there really early, you can get some more stunning shots without people. I loved this moment of this person kissing a snowman.

Around the city

If you're looking for great pix of snow in Rome, just walk around in the city centre. You'll find archways, Fiat 500's, statues, and much more.

Frozen Fountains in Rome

Also in recent years, we've experienced such freezing temps that our fountains froze. Not all of them, but quite a few.

For this to happen, the temps have to go below zero and stay there for a while. We don't tend to get frozen fountains if there is snow in Rome. 

It's odd when we have wind while the fountains are freezing, because they get frozen in a swish. It's quite pretty but actually not very good for the fountains themselves.

Why don't some fountains freeze in Rome?

I discovered that not all the fountains in Rome freeze even when it's cold enough. If a given fountain is somewhat protected it won't freeze. 

Probably the most famous fountain in Rome that does not freeze is the Trevi Fountain. It's in a small square surrounded by a lot of buildings, and it would be hard for it to get cold and windy enough in that square to make the conditions right for the water to freeze.

Even if the fountains in Piazza Navona sort of freeze, they are pretty undramatic because they freeze very little. Piazza Navona seems like such a wide open space but I guess where freezing fountains are concerned, the fountains here are well-protected by all the buildings around the square.

Which are the prettiest frozen fountains in Rome?

There are still some stunning fountains in Rome to get photos of when they freeze:

Triton Fountain - Piazza Barberini

Vatican Square

Fountain of the Naiads - Piazza della Repubblica

Four Rivers Fountain - Piazza Navona

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