Where to Eat in Rome on New Years
Updating for 2018/2019

Want to know where to eat in Rome on New Years

Most restaurants in Rome do stay open for New Years' Eve. But the options for quality and price vary wildly. Don't worry, I've got a great list for you below!

piazza vittorio with christmas treePiazza Vittorio and the Complesso Vittoriano with one of Rome's many Christmas trees

All About Eating Out in Rome on New Years

Updating for 2018/2019

I'll be adding some restaurants I've discovered this past year, and updating menus, pricing, and any other relevant info, as we get closer to New Years Eve 2018/2019.

Meanwhile, please feel free to use the below as a guide for where to eat in Rome on New Years, as many of the restaurants I've listed will also be open this year. 

Stay tuned, and keep checking back!

Here's all you need to know about where to eat in Rome on New Years:

What Italians Eat on New Years' Eve

Many Italians like to have dinner at home or at a friend's house. But for those who do go out, there is the cenone, which means "really big dinner." The New Years Eve cenone, also known as the Festa di San Silvestro, refers to a set menu for dinner, with a set price. Sometimes that price includes wine and sometimes it doesn't.

There is not a traditional meal for New Years' Eve dinner, but it's common to ring in the New Year with some bubbly, usually Prosecco, an Italian sparkling wine sort of like champagne.

For dessert, we eat many of the same sweets as on Christmas, like panettone or pandoro.

pandoropandoro with powdered sugar - a classic!
panettone al cioccolatopanettone with chocolate chips - my fave!

The most important food to eat on New Years in Italy, just after midnight, is lentils. This is a must, as it is said to bring wealth and fortune.

The lentils are often served with cotechino or zampone. Both are spiced sausages, but with different casings. The cotechino looks like a huge fat salami, inside typical sausage pork casing, and the zampone is, literally, stuffed inside a hollowed out pig's foot.

cotechino with lentilsCotechino alle lenticchie - photo courtesy of Corriere della Sera
zampone with lentilsZampone alle lenticchie - photo courtesy of Bermis Salumi

You don't have to eat the cotechino or zampone, but, trust me on this, if you are with Italians at midnight and don't eat even some lentils, even if you are bursting from a huge dinner, you will never hear the end of it. So pop a spoonful in your mouth and wish yourself luck!

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Cost of Eating Dinner Out in Rome on New Years Eve

street food in monti neighborhoodFried "street food" on via del Boschetto

You can eat out for New Years' in Rome without breaking the bank. Or you can go all out and have a posh and special meal to ring in the New Year. Here are your options:

  • Don't plan a big meal but just go out for concerts, fireworks, lights and general outdoor ambiance, and grab some snacks or pizza by the slice as you walk around. "Street food" is now all the rage in Rome, and you will easily find stuff open especially around Campo dei Fiori, Piazza Navona and Trastevere. This is definitely the least expensive way to go!
  • Have a nice dinner out at a trattoria in Rome, eating from an à la carte menu. This is where to eat in Rome on New Years if you want to make your own choices and maybe even eat a little less. Prices will vary, as most restaurants have a special New Year's Eve menu, which, even if à la carte, is still more expensive than their normal menu.
  • Go out to any number of Rome restaurants that offer a cenone. This is where to eat in Rome on New Years if you want an abundant, (hopefully) fantastic meal at a set price...with a range from around 70 Euros to 1,300 Euros per person. Yes you read that right.

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When deciding where to eat in Rome on New Years, it's important to note what's included in the cenone price, particularly wine/drinks. And if you are looking for restaurants with à la carte menus, try to find out what exactly they have that night on their menu.

Where to Eat in Rome on New Years Eve

You may want to eat near some of the areas where there is a bit more nightlife, such as Piazza del Popolo (near the Spanish Steps); near the ColosseumCampo dei Fiori, Trastevere or Piazza Navona. If you want to be near fireworks, then you should stay around Piazza del Popolo or the Colosseum.

piazza navona new yearPiazza Navona during the Christmas and New Years holidays is always a festive place to be, even if it's less built up than in previous years!

Once you decide where to eat in Rome on New Years, you should decide if you want to eat a late dinner, and stay in a restaurant until past midnight, enjoying a brindisi (toast) with prosecco, and then having a sampling of lentils.

Or, you can leave the restaurant by 10/10:30pm, and go wandering the streets towards the piazzas mentioned above. Most restaurants have two seatings anyway, so you will have to choose.

There are lots of options for where to eat on New Years Eve in Rome. I can't list them all here. But the below is a good mix:

For all of these restaurants, reserving a table is crucial. You may be able to walk around and just find someplace with space available, but not at the best places, and not easily. 

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Don't plan on being able to easily get a taxi on New Year's, especially around midnight.

You should either eat near your hotel or at least within a distance that you are comfortable walking. 

Rome's Metro will be running until 02:30 am on the night of December 31. Bus service will be partially available. Check the ATAC website, which has an English version, but which publishes this page with holiday schedules only in Italian.

Where to Eat in Rome on New Years - my picks

Of course, I'd eat at any of the restaurants I list here. Otherwise I wouldn't put them on this page! But these are my faves for where to eat in Rome on New Years:

Ditirambo - One of my favorite restaurants in Rome. The menu changes a bit to reflect seasonal, available products, and the food is always fresh and innovative yet very Italian. The staff is friendly and helpful, especially where wine selection is involved.

vegetarian lasagne at ditiramboVegetarian lasagne topped with fried zucchini flower at Ditirambo

New Years Eve Menu 2018/2019 - Visit their website, and click on "Menu Capodanno 2019" (it seems to be available only in Italian.) The really important thing to note here is that for 130€, you also get wine paired with every course, which is no small thing.

Why I'd eat here on New Years - I eat here several times a month. I know the quality of the food, and the skill of the chefs, and I know that for 130€ I will really get my money's worth. Again, note that wine is included in that price. Also, it's right near Piazza Navona and Campo dei Fiori. This is where to eat in Rome on New Years if you want excellent quality food and wine at a reasonable price, and be near some nightlife.

Details - Piazza della Cancelleria, 74-75. Tel: 06 687 1626

Open January 1 2019 for lunch and dinner, normal menu.

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Osteria dell'Ingegno - Another of my Rome faves. This restaurant has it all: a great, central location; cozy decor; soothing background music (a rarity in Rome); friendly service, a good selection of affordable wines, but above all, superb cuisine. The menu changes with the season, and is always full of perfectly balanced, deliciously prepared dishes that reflect various regions of Italy, from Sicily to Rome to Tuscany.

rigatoni gricia dell ingegnoPerfectly balanced rigatoni alla gricia at Osteria Dell'Ingegno

New Years Eve Menu 2017/2018 - There is no online holiday menu. There are two shifts. The first is from 7:30-10pm. 80€ without wine. The second is from 10:30 - after midnight. 90€ without wine.

Why I'd eat here on New Years - First and foremost would be the quality of the food, which is always divine. Second, you could not be more central than this: They are on a gorgeous plaza right near the Pantheon. You are about the same distance to Piazza del Popolo and Piazza Venezia (on opposite ends of via del Corso), both of which will have music and fireworks. This is where to eat in Rome on New Years if you want delicious food, in a very central location.

Details - Piazza di Pietra 45. Tel: 06 678 0662

Open January 1 for dinner only.

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Marzapane - This is where I'd go to splurge. And even then, it's barely a splurge for what you get. Marzapane is recently at the top of my list for affordable, elegant, spectacular food. I think of it as a Michelin-star restaurant but without the star, and without the price. It's win-win.

The food at Marzapane is as beautiful as it is delicious. A fantastic place to eat in Rome anytime, and certainly a great choice for New Years Eve!

New Years Eve Menu 2017/2018 - 150 Euros without wine.

Why I'd eat here on New Years - The food. It's just wonderful. Each and every delectable bite, no matter what you get. The ambiance is also really nice, a bit subdued, so if you are looking for a more tranquil New Year's Eve, this would fit the bill. 

Details - Via Velletri, 39. Tel: 06 6478 1692

Open January 1 for lunch only.

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Assaggia - a new favorite since I recently discovered them. This wonderful restaurant not far from the Spanish Steps and Piazza del Popolo offers superb traditional Roman cuisine, but in mini-portions. So, unlike at a typical Rome trattoria where I have to make a choice about which pasta to order (and stop there), at Assaggia, I can savor lots of my favorite Roman dishes. (In Italian, the word assaggia means "to try" or "to taste").

Love the mini-portions of classic Roman food at Assaggia. What a great option for New Years dinner in Rome!

For New Years 2017/2018, they offer a menu for 120€ that does not include drinks, but does include a welcome glass of Franciacorta (one of my favorite sparkling Italian wines.) And there is a glass of the same at the end (with your panettone!) So right there, you have a great deal. Via Margutta, 19. Tel: 06 9779 7980

Where to Eat in Rome on New Years for under 100€ per person

If you're looking for where to eat in Rome on New Years on a budget, these restaurants have a set cenone, for under 100€ per person:

i Clementini - one of my go-to restaurants in Rome any time. Near the Coliseum so perfectly placed for fun New Years events after dinner. The food is excellent, and the ambience very casual. They have a website, but no posted menu. 2017/2018 menu 70€ including water, coffee and prosecco only, no wine. Via San Giovanni in Laterano 106. Tel. 06 4542 6395 

clementini frittura calamari e gamberiFried shrimp and calamari at i Clementini - perfection!

Il Corallo - Love this casual, local spot behind Piazza Navona. Normally it's also a pizzeria, but for New Years there is a set menu, for 90€ per person including wine. You can see the 2017/2018 menu on their Facebook page. Via del Corallo 10/11. Tel: 06 6830 7703

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Where to Eat in Rome on New Years for 100€ per person and up

It's very easy to find where to eat in Rome on New Years Eve for more than 100€ per person. These are just among my favorites:

Glass - I've loved this Trastevere restaurant since they first opened over 10 years ago. Their well-deserved Michelin-star has not changed the amazing quality of the cuisine of chef Cristina Bowerman, the super-friendly service of the helpful and knowledgable staff, or the prices (which were always a bit high but well-worth it, and for a Michelin-star restaurant now, quite reasonable.) 2017/2018 menu is 250€ including a New Years prosecco, but not wine. Vicolo del Cinque, 58. Tel. +39 06 58335903

Casa Bleve - Another excellent option for a high-quality dinner with fantastic wine. Casa Bleve is known first and foremost for their vast wine cellar, but to me, what makes them special, aside from the excellent food, is the ambiance. And, being right behind the Pantheon, they are central, making it easy to join in outdoor festivities after dinner. 2017/2018 menu is 180€ including a welcome prosecco but no wine. Via del Teatro Valle, 48. Tel: 06 686 5970

casa bleve dining roomThe main dining room at Casa Bleve

Crispi 19 - Normally I go to Crispi 19 for the seafood. But for New Years, they have a gorgeous mixed menu (land and sea). And the price of 160€, not including beverages, is fair considering the quality of the cuisine here. View the 2017 menu here. Near Spanish Steps. Via Francesco Crispi 19. Tel: 06 67 85 904

Bistrot 64 - I recently had the pleasure of trying this newly-starred (1* Michelin) restaurant near the Maxxi museum in the northern part of Rome. A superb experience in every way! From the modern yet warm decor, to the friendly staff, to the exquisitely prepared and plated dishes. My Roman husband declared their amatriciana one of the best he'd ever eaten! For a Michelin-star restaurant, I must say their 2017/2018 menu price of 160€ excluding drinks is quite fair (there is an optional 60€ wine-pairing menu). Via Guglielmo Calderini 64. Tel: 06 32 35 531

potato spaghetti bistrot 64Delectable plate of potato spaghetti with anchovy coulis at Bistrot 64

Moma - I am a big fan of this restaurant, which is why I eat here often. They have very reasonable prices for such fantastic food, and the ambiance is lovely. They are near the via Veneto, so if you are looking for someplace serene to eat a little away from all the chaos, this would be a good option. 2018 menu is 160€ not including wine. Closed January 1 and 2 2018. Tel: 06 42011798

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Where to eat in Rome on new Years Eve when you want to splurge

Wondering where to eat in Rome on New Years that's super duper fancy and special? Perhaps with a view? Try some of the 5-star hotels' restaurants, some of which have Michelin stars, as follows:

CAVEAT: As of December 2017, I have only eaten at one of these restaurants. All the rest are all on my to-try list, perhaps not at New Years. And every bit of research I've done tells me the food will be fantastic at all of them.

This is where to eat in Rome on New Years if you want something really special.

  • La Pergola in the Rome Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Monte Mario (hilltop just outside Rome center), *** Michelin star. 2017/2018 menu 1,300€ per person including wines, for the Heinz Beck menu. There is also a 430€ menu. Amazing views. See their website for details. Via Alberto Cadlolo 101. Tel: 06 3509 2152.
  • Salone Eva in the one and only Hassler Hotel at the top of the Spanish Steps. The sumptuous decor and unique setting of this renowned 5* hotel offers a wonderful option for enjoying a luxurious New Year's Eve in Rome. 2017/2018 menu 420€ not including drinks.
  • Massimo Riccioli Ristorante Bistrot in the Hotel Majestic on via Veneto, named for its celebrity chef. 2017/2018 menu is 350€ excluding wines. There is also live music. I have eaten here (not on New Years Eve), and it's a divine experience in every way! Via Vittorio Veneto, 50. Tel: 06 4214 4715
  • Metamorfosi. * Michelin star. In the quiet, upscale Parioli neighborhood. 300€ including welcome toast but not other wines. View 2017/2018 menu on their website. Via Giovanni Antonelli, 30. Tel: 06 8076839
  • Aroma. * Michelin star. On top of the very elegant Palazzo Manfredi, dining at this special restaurant would offer you some of the best views of the Colosseum and fireworks in Rome. 2017/2018 menu is 950€ per person not including wine. Tel: 06 97615109.

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Where to Eat in Rome on New Years with an à la carte menu

Reservations are essential!

Please don't forget to reserve if you want to eat out on New Year's Eve!

I have found so many people think it's ok to just show up at restaurants in Rome without booking. This is usually not true on a normal evening. And for popular holiday dates? You won't get in if you don't reserve! 

San Marco - Wood-burning oven pizza, abundant pasta dishes and meat and fish options to your heart's desire. Near via Veneto, so a bit away from the chaos if you prefer that. Via Sardegna, 38. Tel: 06 4201 2620

spaghetti with clams and bottarga san marcoSpaghetti with clams and bottarga (fish roe) at Pizzeria San Marco

L'Asino D'Oro - Chef Lucio Sforza has done a wonderful job of creating delicious, inventive Italian cuisine in this cozy restaurant smack in the middle of Monti (near the Coliseum.) They don't have a website, but you can visit their Facebook page and see the New Years Eve menu, which is in both Italian and English. Via del Boschetto 73. Tel: 06 4891 3832

il Brillo Parlante - A good, casual option for where to eat in Rome on New Years if you want to be right by some action. It's right near Piazza Del Popolo, a lively spot for New Years. A mix of Roman food, from pizza to fried appetizers to pasta. The food is good (not amazing but good), and service is brisk. Their à la carte menu has been "revisited" for New Years Eve. Important: you may book from either 8-10pm, or from 10:30pm - 1am. If you book the earlier seating, you must leave by 10pm. Via della Fontanella, 12. Tel:

il Baccano - I love Baccano because I love the variety of local and international foods, and its fun, cheery ambiance. It's also right near the Trevi Fountain, which makes it central and easy to get to the plazas at either end of via del Corso. Reduced but still varied à la carte menu. Two seatings for New Years Eve: 6-9:30pm and from 10pm until after midnight. If you go to the earlier one, you must leave by 10pm. Via delle Muratte, 2. Tel: 06 6994 1166

Trattoria Moderna - a cozy, lovely restaurant near Campo dei Fiori, serving excellent, tasty and well-priced food: a mix of Roman and innovative. For New Years there will be a reduced menu with slightly higher prices than normal, but it's still a great choice if you want to eat well and not spend too much. Vicolo dei Chiodaroli, 16. Tel: 06 6880 3423

Urbana47 - A fun, modern trattoria in Monti (near the Coliseum.) They will have an à la carte menu, with limited choices. Via Urbana 47. Tel: 06 4788 4006

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Where to Eat in Rome on New Years Day

Where to eat in Rome on New Years Day is much simpler than for New Years Eve. Some restaurants are closed but many are open, and it's less important to book at lunch.

There is no set meal and you should be able to find everything from inexpensive bars and tavole calde, to trattorias open for lunch on New Years Day. Start here.

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