My SBI Review

What is an SBI review and what does it have to do with Rome?

Actually it has nothing to do with Rome.

But it DOES have so much to do with what's vital to this website,

Let's say that without SBI, my website either would not still be around, or, if it was, you likely would not have found me at all.

Why an SBi Review?

Why am I writing a review of SBI on my website? I use this product to develop (and host) my website.

But it's so much more than that. SBI is the reason I was able to turn my idea for a website into something concrete. Something that's working. And something I LOVE.

And so I am reviewing SBI in case you are interested in creating a website of your own, and might like to hear about my experience.

SBI review - some background

If you've ever wondered how and why I built, am building, this website, I've kind of explained it on my About Me page. Here's the nitty gritty:

Back in about 2008 or so, friend who used to sell online advertising once approached me, and said, "You know, your B&B website has a lot of empty space. You could put some Google ads there and make a little money."

I said no thanks. That's not what the B&B website was for (and if you browse accommodation websites you'll notice that most of the best do not advertise anything outside of their business.)

But she did give me the germ of an idea. What if I made a separate website, just about Rome and all the stuff I knew about what tourists want to know...and put some Google ads there? I could just expand on the FAQ page of the B&B website (as it turns out, much easier said than done.)

How Did I Come Upon SBI!?

So I did what many of us do. I searched Google, what else?

"How to build a website"

And to my extreme good fortune, links to Site Build It! (SBI!) showed up.

I watched their intro videos.

I saw with my own eyes how SBI! was a really solid, meaty product.

I heard them when they told me I was NOT going to get rich quick, and that anyone who told me I would, was probably not legit.

They said it would require real work. Passion, dedication. This was so me!! I was ready. And I was hooked.

How I got Started on this website with SBI, and why I have stayeD

Once I paid the annual fee ($299) and got started, I was overwhelmed in many ways:

  • I had no idea I was really paying for a full-blown "how to START A BUSINESS ONLINE" guide. The Action Guide was amazing! This video guide has 10 modules, or "days", which can actually take months to finish...but watching it, and more importantly, absorbing it, gives you all the education, training and know-how you will need to build not just your website but your BUSINESS. From scratch. With NO coding experience at all. Just that passion. And willingness to work.
  • I was also over-whelmed for the same reasons as above. I had not realized how much learning and how much work, would be involved. And to this day, I am still learning, and still working, every single day to keep making the site better and more what I want it to be, and what I THINK you need it to be. And that's over-whelming. But if it wasn't, where would the challenge be? SBI challenges me to make the best online business I can. They give me all the tools...which leads me to...
  • The SBI! Forums! Holy Cow. From the beginning I was blown away at the network of other like-minded people, willing to "pay it forward" and help a newbie like me. Yes, there is an official support team, as there should be. And they are more than great, as they should be. But the uniqueness of the Forums is what shocked and amazed me. And it's still that way, this many years down the line. Always a helping hand, an ear to listen, and even a shoulder to cry on...from others I've never met, but who I know "get it."
  • Another thing I was happily surprised by was the fact that I never had to worry, all these years, about changes in the online world of website publishing, online business building, and online marketing. SBI! does it for me in the background! And there is just as much communication about all this stuff as you want, whether daily, weekly, or never. But it's nice to see their constant updates and know, they've got my back.

What SBI! Can Do for YOU

I'm pretty sure most people coming to visit my website are looking for help and advice with their trip to Rome.

But perhaps a few of you, like me back in 2009, are wondering how to build your own website. Or, how to build your own online business.

Solo Build It!

And if you are researching this topic, maybe you've seen some other reviews about SBI! 

Today SBI stands not for Site Build It!, as it did when I signed up, but rather Solo Build It!


Because as I said above, the product really is a unique, all-encompassing tool for helping anyone become a "solo-preneur", and build a successful business online.

Testimonials and proof SBI Works!

On the other hand, you may also come across some fake reviews of SBI! Don't be taken in!

It's simply a (dirty) marketing ploy on behalf of a competing company, Wealthy Affiliate, trying to get you over to their product which is, guest what? A get-rich-quick scam. And you won't. Get rich quick I mean.

When you decide you'd like to build your own website, please do yourself a favor. 

Research WELL whatever product you want to use.

You don't need to take my word for it. You can use these tools and see for yourself:

Solo Build It!

SBI!'s Money-Back Guarantee

If you take my word for it, you have nothing to lose. You have a 90-day 100% guaranteed, no questions asked money back guarantee with SBI! 

You may have seen on other pages of this site that I do use affiliate links to earn commission on some products I write about here. But I'd never write about a product, or want commission, from a company I didn't believe in, and usually I've tried the product/company and loved it. That is the case with SBI!

Yes, I do earn a small commission if you sign up with them (it won't get me rich quick ;) .)This is at no cost to you, and it's one small way I am able to keep this website running. Thanks for your support!

Anyway, I'm telling you this not for the affiliate income, but because I believe in the company and the product so much. would never be where it is today, and where I think it's going, without SBI!

Even though it costs $299/year (which of course includes hosting and domain registration), it's a bargain for all the support and constant learning that I get in return.

If you're not sure if SBI! is for you...

Have questions about Solo Build It!? You can ask them directly, before you buy. 

Solo Build It!

You can also ask me, in private. I will not say anything differently than I've said here publicly, but if you want more details about what it's done for me, feel free to get in touch!

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