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Airports in Rome
What to Know Before You Fly Here

alitalia planes parked at Fiumicino airport in RomeA view of some Alitalia jets at FCO in Rome

There are two airports in Rome: Fiumicino (Leonard da Vinci) airport or Ciampino airport. On this page, you can find 

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Please keep reading for more information about the two Rome airports, Ciampino and Fiumicino. If you would like to check airfares now, start here:

Differences between Rome airports

Leonardo da Vinci airport, in the town of Fiumicino, is the main Rome international airport. You will land here if you fly to Rome with any of the large international carriers coming from overseas or other parts of Europe.

Ciampino airport (pronounced “champeeno”) is the smaller of the two airports in Rome. Flights to Rome on smaller, budget or charter carriers will land here.

The Rome airport of Fiumicino is about 40 kilometers (25 miles) outside of Rome’s historic center (literally in the town of Fiumicino, on the coast.) Ciampino airport is only about 25 kilometers (15 miles) outside the Rome’s city center.

Here is the official website for the airports in Rome, translated as “aeroporti di Roma.” It defaults to Fiumicino airport, but you can select Ciampino airport, and also change the language to English (there is a button at the top of the screen.)

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Rome airport maps

On the above site, you can find maps for the airports in Rome.

Ciampino is quite small but Fiumicino is a major international airport and it can be easy to go to the wrong terminal, so just make sure to have your terminal information before arriving at the airport. If you are flying out of Rome on any American carrier or on El Al, you will need to check in at Terminal 5, which is in a separate building. After you check in there, you will in any case be shuttled back to the main building for boarding and take off.

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Rome airport codes

The codes for the airports in Rome are 

  • FCO for Fiumicino (technically the name of this airport in Rome is Leonardo da Vinci, but since the airport is in the town of Fiumicino, it is also often called just Fiumicino airport. Hence its code.)
  • CIA for Ciampino

Getting into Rome center from the airports in Rome

To get into Rome from Fiumicino airport (FCO):

  1. You can take the Leonardo Express train into Termini station. The trains run every half hour (at 08 minutes past the hour and 38 minutes past the hour) and take about half an hour. The cost is 14 Euros. To get the train, follow the signs from within the airport terminal, as soon as you collect your luggage (and leave Customs, if this applies.) It takes a little bit to get to the spot where the train leaves, and you will have a lot of moving walkways. Once you get to the terminal where the trains leave, you can buy your one-way ticket at the little shop there (it’s the only shop so it’s hard to miss.)
  2. You can take one of many bus lines from Rome Fiumicino airport to Rome Termini station. Rates are extremely competitive and usually under 6 Euros one way if you buy a round-trip ticket. These include:
          • SIT bus
          • Terravision
          • Cotral - a local municipal transportation company
  3. Take a white metered taxi. The taxi must be registered in the town of Rome (not Fiumicino), and in this case, the official fare must be 48 Euros one way into the center of Rome, baggage included. 
  4. Hire a private car service. Rates for this should be 50-60 Euros one way for up to 3 people with luggage in a standard sedan. 

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To get into Rome from Ciampino airport (CIA):

  1. Other than taking a taxi, the easiest and least expensive way to get into Rome from Ciampino airport is to take one of the shuttle buses I listed above. They take your right into Termini station and from there, you can take a taxi or the metro to your hotel.
          • SIT bus
          • Terravision
          • Cotral - a local municipal transportation company
  2. You can take the local Cotral bus (1.50€ fare), to the Anagnina metro station. From there, get on the metro and take it into Termini train station. As you may use the bus ticket to board the metro, this is actually the cheapest way to get into Rome from Ciampino airport but it will take you considerably longer than taking one of the shuttle buses (which cost around 4-6€ one way.)
  3. Hire a white metered taxi. The official fare rate for a city taxi coming into Rome from Ciampino airport is 35 Euros one way.
  4. Hire a private car service. Rates for this should be 50-60 Euros one way for up to 3 people with luggage in a standard sedan. 

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How not to get ripped off by Rome airport taxi drivers

I am sorry to have to write this but unfortunately after years of hearing so many stories of bad experiences of people hiring taxis at the airports in Rome, it is a must:

  • If you take a white metered taxi, make sure it is registered in Rome and not the town of Fiumicino. The Rome city taxis are obliged to charge the set fare of 48 Euros into Rome, while a Fiumicino registered taxi is legally able to simply turn on the meter, which can result in a much higher fare. (The official taxi fare from Ciampino into Rome city centre is 35 Euros.)
  • If you get into a non-metered taxi, which are called “NCC” (noleggio con conducente, meaning hired with driver), set the rate before you get in. Make sure it is the final rate including tolls (there are none), and baggage. The rate should be in the area of 50-60 Euros for a standard car service for 3-4 people with luggage.
  • If you agree to take a private car service with a driver who approaches you in the airport, make sure you are the only ones who will be in the car. I have heard stories of people being taken to a private minivan, asked to sit there, and then even locked in while the driver went back inside the airport to look for more fares to collect on the same ride.
  • This is a big one, and I’ve been hearing it too much lately: drivers know that many tourists are savvy about establishing the fare in advance, and that often people do know the official city rates, so this warning applies to private and public taxis: When you arrive at your hotel in Rome, do not pay the driver until after you have gotten your luggage out of the back of the car. When you pay the driver, take the money out and hold it, asking him or her to get change while you hold the bill(s). I have heard many stories of drivers insisting that the passenger “only” gave a 5 instead of a 50, or a 10 instead of 100, and asking for the rest of the money. 

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