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Hotels Near Rome Airport

If you are looking for hotels near Rome airport, there are plenty to choose from. There is even one inside Fiumicino airport (the Hilton.)

Should you stay at the airport or in Rome?

Is it easier to stay at an airport hotel in Rome Italy on the night before an early flight? My opinion is that you should stay in the city. Here's why:

  • It’s much nicer to spend your last evening in Rome than at the airport!
  • It does not cost less to stay at the airport than it does to stay in the city center.
  • There is not much of a time difference between staying in the center and staying at the airport, unless you stay right inside the Hilton hotel in the Rome airport.

I would always suggest staying your last night in Rome, even if you have an early flight. You will be able to do any last minute shopping or sight seeing and you will be able to enjoy a lovely evening meal and a pleasant stroll afterward.

Getting to Fiumicino early in the morning

Most of the very early flights out of Rome usually international, and fly out of Fiumicino.

In general, you need to be at Fiumicino airport at least two hours prior to your flight. Let’s assume by "early flight" you will need to be at the airport by 5 or 6am (Please also note that the airport does not officially open until 5:00 AM.)

Traffic is minimal at these early hours, especially leaving the center and heading towards Fiumicino. The airport is approximately 30 km away from the city center, and it takes usually 30-35 minutes to arrive at the airport at this time (by car.) So again, unless you stay right at the Hilton inside the airport, you won’t save much time in the morning.

Hotels near or inside Fiumicino Airport

The Hilton at the Rome airport is the only hotel actually inside the airport (Fiumicino.) The rooms are not inexpensive. A more economical choice (but not necessarily inexpensive) would put you further away from the airport. If you stay at one of the many other hotels near the Rome airport, you will have to rely on and coordinate your departure time based on the shuttle timetables to/from the airport.

Hotels Near Ciampino Airport

There are also some early RyanAir flights out of Ciampino airport. This airport is much closer to the center of Rome and in this case I would absolutely recommend staying in the city.

Booking a Rome Airport Hotel

If you do want to stay near at one of the hotels near a Rome airport for your last night, check the following sites for Rome airport hotels:

Click here for Fiumicino hotels. 
Click here for Ciampino hotels.

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