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Wondering How to Visit Rome on YOUR Trip?

Visiting Rome in January is very different than coming in August. That's why I've got the monthly pages on this website.

Now, you can take these pages with you offline in e-book format.

Each month has a dedicated e-book, available as a downloadable and printable PDF, containing everything you need to know about the Eternal City during your visit, including:

  • Special events, including must-sees and those you should avoid (in my opinion)
  • Weather insights 
  • Packing tips and tricks
  • Information on food, including seasonal specialities

Each e-book also includes a season-specific 3 day itinerary to maximise your visit, seeing and experiencing as much as possible, with live Google maps with the itinerary. In case you don't have internet access (and you often don't while walking around a foreign city like Rome), I've also included static maps for you to follow.

And, the online maps include places to eat near all the sites mentioned, so you have those recommendations at hand too!

The Romewise monthly e-books give you just what you need!

When are you coming to Rome? Discover your Rome by Month e-Book below:

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