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Looking for cheap accommodation Rome? 

twin room at the beehive hostelSweet and simple rooms at the cozy Beehive Hostel - one of the best cheap places to stay in Rome!

Alessandro and I ran a B&B in Rome for 17 years. We know the market. We know the business. And we know what people are looking for when they want somewhere cheap to stay in Rome.

Truly Cheap Accommodation Rome
Even in High Season!

When you search online for cheap accommodation Rome, you'll often see articles with lists of places with "low rates, starting from . . ." which are their rates for the cheapest room type, in low season.

Which is very short in Rome.

And you can almost never get those rates. Want a private bathroom? A bigger room? A room with a balcony? The rates start climbing.

So this page is not about finding "low" rates at normally higher end properties.

It's about telling you where you can get quality, cheap accommodation Rome, most of the year.

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Finding cheap accommodation Rome - what to look for

There is now so much competition in Rome for your accommodation Dollar/Euro/Pound, that you can usually find a cheap place to stay even in high season...but where is it and what's it like?

There are several factors to consider, that will help you find the best cheap accommodation Rome:

  • Location
  • Season
  • What's included (cleaning service, breakfast)
  • Booking / Paying options

I don't need to tell you that if you come in VERY low season, you can easily find cheap accommodation just about anyplace in Rome.

Or, even if you come in high season, if you are willing to stay (sometimes far) away from the touristic center, you can fairly easily find cheap hotels in Rome. 

But what about when you want to come in high season, stay in the touristic center, and have a fairly decent quality room, with at least some service?

That's where I can help.

Cheap Accommodation Rome - Location Location Location!

Check out the Romewise Guide to Neighborhoods in Rome for a map and more details!

The highest concentration of upscale, luxury accommodation in Rome can be found in the Spanish Steps area, by Piazza del Popolo, near via Veneto, and around the Villa Borghese. (Meaning, you will find fewer options in these areas for inexpensive accommodation, especially in high season.)

And some of the highest concentration of cheap accommodation Rome can be found, yes of course, near Termini station but also near Santa Maria Maggiore, Monti (near the Colosseum), around Campo dei Fiori/Piazza Navona, Trastevere, and yes, by the Vatican.

All those neighborhoods are very central, and have good options for getting around Rome.

The absolute cheapest accommodation will be just a bit (or even quite a bit) further away from the center, such as in San Giovanni, along the via Tiburtina or Casilina.

Don't expect the suburb of EUR to offer a lot of cheap accommodation, just because it's far from Rome's touristic center. Eur is a bustling residential area but also a business and governmental hub, so many accommodations there are either upscale or more costly than you might expect.

Cheap accommodation Rome - when is low season?

This is another interesting factor, as I have discovered over the years many people THINK low season is during a time when it is most definitely NOT (October is NOT low season, it's one of the busiest times in Rome. Same for April/May/June.)

Find out what the weather is like in Rome throughout the year on the Romewise guide to Weather in Rome.

In other words, if you are trying to visit Rome on a budget, and are booking your trip around when low season is, then you should know it is:

  • From around mid-November to just before Christmas (early November is the tail of of high season October, and is still pretty busy in Rome.)
  • From around January 8 until the end of February/first week of March. The first week of January is high season and very busy in Rome! Our holidays (including kids not in school), go until January 6.
crowds at st peter's square on january 2St Peter's Square on January 2. The first week of January is very high season in Rome!

In between those ranges during winter, you might have busy/high season dates, like if December 8 falls near a weekend, and in February, if Valentine's Day falls near a weekend, and when there are Six Nations Rugby matches in Rome.

Visit my page about the Best Time to Visit Rome for more help.

Cheap Accommodation Rome - Read the Fine Print!

shared bathroom in hallwayShared bathroom in the hallway of a B&B

Please please do yourself a favor and pay close attention to what you are booking before you book.

As someone who spent 17 years on the hotel side of things, I can tell you it's a constant issue that people simply look at the cheapest (often the first) rate available and book that...then realize, it's not exactly what they wanted. And then sometimes it's too late.

At our B&B we had two rooms that shared a bathroom. This is not that uncommon in Rome, especially when it comes to Rome B&Bs and other non-hotel accommodations. And often, people book a room with shared bathroom, because the price is right, only to discover the bathroom is not private...and then when they ask to book a room with private bathroom, it's either not available, or more than they wanted to spend.

Also, read the conditions. Is the room cheaper because the rate is non-refundable? If so, you might want to invest in travel insurance, which seems anathema to visiting Rome on a budget, but is a money-saver when you need it!

Things to look out for:

Cheap accommodation Rome - how to book

When we first opened our B&B in 2001, we got most of our bookings from word of mouth, then through our own website.

As the internet evolved, online booking engines, called OTAs (online travel agencies), such as Expedia, TripAdvisor etc, grabbed more and more of the market. 

Some of our friends run wonderful B&Bs and are just not listed on these huge OTAs. They don't want to lose that direct contact with their guests, and often, they just can't afford to pay the huge commissions the OTAs charge for being listed on them (usually over 20%, plus tax.)

So in order to find some of the real gems out there, when looking for cheap accommodation Rome, don't only look on the OTAs. Check around for smaller, family-owned properties, and book directly with them.

Cheap accommodation Rome - our picks

Having worked in this business for several decades, we are familiar with some of the beast cheap places to stay in Rome, because some of them are run by friends of ours. 

And we've had friends and family stay there, so know that you get quality for your money.

Without further ado, here are our picks for the best cheap accommodation Rome:

The Beehive

The Beehive is hands down my number one pick for cheap accommodation Rome.

American owners (and friends of ours) Linda and Steve adhere to the best philosophy you can have in this business - making customer service the number one priority. 

single room beehive romeSimple and cozy single room at the Beehive in Rome

Located on an easy-to-find corner not far from Termini train station, the Beehive offers several options from shared dorm rooms to rooms with en-suite bathroom, in a clean, safe, welcoming environment. 

double room with balcony at the beehive in romeRelaxing in one of the double rooms with balcony at the Beehive in Rome

The rooms are simple but comfortable, and you'll enjoy fantastic (vegetarian and organic) breakfast options, cozy, friendly gathering spaces and all the help you could ask for.

breakfast at the beehiveOwner Steve Brenner checking on guests at breakfast at the Beehive

If the Beehive had been around when I was backpacking through Rome ages ago, this is where I would have wanted to stay.

hanging around outside the BeehiveThe outdoor communal area at the Beehive is one of THE reasons to stay here


At the Beehive, you can get a 10% discount for stays from November - February (except December 31 and January 1), for any year.

Use code romewiseWIR for your discount.

Address: Via Marghera, 8

Phone: +39 0644704553

Website: www.the-beehive.com

How to book: Your best bet is to contact them directly via their website. Their rooms are not listed on Expedia, TripAdvisor, Booking or other large OTAs and only sparingly on Hostelworld. 

Hotel Fellini

This nice cozy, simple 3-star hotel is also right near us at Piazza Barberini, making it another excellent choice of where to stay in Rome on a budget.

hotel fellini at Piazza BarberiniHotel Fellini - Charming and cheap a 3-star hotel in the center of Rome

Run by our colleague and friend Giampiero, you will find comfortable, quiet rooms, a lovely breakfast and super location. And great rates!

Address: Via Rasella, 56

Phone: +39  0642742732

Website: www.hotelfellini.com

How to book: You can book directly on their website, and even contact them to ask about a possible discount. You can also book on Booking.com.

Hotel Papa Germano

This spartan but comfortable well-run 2-star hotel near Termini station is in fact where I stayed way back when I was back-packing around Europe. They've renovated over time and does not resemble the hostel I stayed in back then, but they have still maintained a simple, cozy feel.

Papa Germano in RomeSimple, clean and cheap - at Papa Germano near Termini in Rome

Address: Via Calatafimi 14/a

Phone: +39 06486919

Website: www.hotelpapagermano.com

How to book: Contact them directly via their website above.

Hotel Panda

Hotel Panda used to be called Pensione Panda . . . perhaps you have heard of a "pensione"? They do not exist anymore in Rome. But this just tells you how long Hotel Panda has been around.

Hotel Panda is a great option for cheap accommodation in RomePensione Panda, now known as Hotel Panda, still keeps it simple...and cheap!

They are old-school, offering very basic rooms, some with shared bathroom, but in a killer location right by the Spanish Steps.

Address: Via della Croce, 35

Phone: +39 066780179

Website: www.hotelpanda.it

How to book: Contact them directly through their website, but you can also book on Booking.com.

Cheap accommodation Rome - apartment rentals

One way to stay inexpensively in Rome is in an apartment rental. Here are a few options that I can personally recommend:

Cottage poeriO

This lovely vacation apartment rental is located in the quiet part of the wonderfully charming Trastevere neighborhood.

It's run by a real "Trasteverino", Massimo. With lots of comforts and space, this is a great option for cheap accommodation in Rome.

a bedroom in the cottage poerio vacation rental in romeTry an apartment stay in Rome at Cottage Poerio in the sweet and charming Trastevere neighborhood

Address: Via Alessandro Poerio ,112

Phone: +39 320 224 9459

Website: They do not have a dedicated website. See below for where to book:

How to book: You can book this accommodation on Booking.com.

Casa Vacanza Colosseum by Alice

Yeah that is a pretty generic name but it does belong to someone named Alice and she rents a lovely, central apartment right in the super cute Monti neighborhood (near the Colosseum.)

I recommend this because I trust the judgement of my blogging pal Saskia who stayed there and said how nice it was. Very central, quiet and clean. And cheap!

Address: Piazza della Suburra, 2

Phone: N/A

Website: She does not have a dedicated website. See below for where to book:

How to book: You can book Casa Vacanza al Colosseum by Alice on Booking.com.

Cheap accommodation Rome - a map

On this map you can see where all these places are in Rome. They are all great neighborhoods in their own way. For more about these areas, visit my page about Neighborhoods in Rome.

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