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What is the best way to find cheap flights to Rome Italy?

rome rooftop views novemberRome in November - when airfares drop!

The key is to be flexible if you can.

If you are flexible with your airline; number of stops you will make (and where!); and even willing to change your itinerary just a bit, you will have an easier time finding discount flights to Rome.

How to Find and Book Cheap Flights to Rome italy

Want to know the secret to finding cheap flights to Rome? Follow these tips:

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On this page you'll find some tips and tricks for booking cheap flights to Rome. 

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How to keep ticket costs down when booking a flight to Rome

This one may be obvious but if you can fly in low season, you will find plenty of offers and low fares to Rome. 

In addition, you can choose not to check bags (I am always amazed at my parents who are super-experts at this! It's definitely a bonus when you land not to have to worry about hanging around a luggage carousel waiting for your bags.) I know it's not easy but it can be done!

For more about what to pack for Rome, visit my page here.

Airfare comparison websites

If you want to find cheap flights to Rome Italy, your best bet is to use a website that compares fares.

Two of my favorites are CheapFlights and JetRadar.

Flexibility is key when looking for cheap tickets to Rome

If you can be flexible in your dates, and even with the number of stops you are willing to make, you will be more likely to find cheap tickets to Rome.

I've had numerous friends visit Rome over the years, coming via Iceland, Moscow, and Dubai. Sometimes this will make your ticket cost go way down.

So try to be flexible in your route and number of stops, and you may have more luck finding cheap flights to Rome.

Cheap flights to Rome Italy from other parts of Europe

Depending on where you fly from, you may find a better deal getting a cheap ticket to Rome if you can come from another European city.

If you are flying to Europe from overseas, and get a good fare into a major hub city, such as, London, Berlin, or Amsterdam, you can then switch airlines (even airports in many cases), and get on a low-cost carrier, or even a different European carrier, that will take you to Rome for a lower airfare than in you'd connected on your into-Europe airline.

If you are flexible in your travel plans, you could also get the added bonus of visiting another city before or after your Rome trip.

The downside of this is that when you connect to a different carrier (or airport), and it's not all part of the same ticket, you are out of luck and on your own if your original flight is delayed and you miss your connection.

Budget airlines flying to Rome Italy

Europe is now teeming with many low-cost carriers that fly to Rome (but they only fly from other European cities.)

Some budget airlines that fly to Rome from other parts of Europe include RyanAir, Easyjet, German Wings, Vueling, Wizz Air and more.

But you might be surprised to find that major carriers are competing with these low-cost carriers to Rome, and in some cases, you can get cheap Rome flights from other European cities even on one of the major carriers (and get your airline miles!)

Also, note that a lot of the budget airlines offer super low flights that are devoid of ANYTHING but the airfare. You want an assigned seat? It's extra. You want to bring a carryon bag on? It's extra. And so on. 

So again if you are flying to Rome from overseas, you might look at two separate trips, one into a European hub city, and then another R/T from there to Rome and back with a budget or local carrier.

Cheapest Way to get into Rome from Fiumicino or Ciampino airport?

Find out the cheapest way to go - with a shuttle bus for under 6€ one-way!

For more details about getting into Rome from either of Rome's airports, visit this page.

One more cool site for trip planning

I recently discovered this site, Rome2Rio, which literally shows you how to get from your house to your hotel in Rome. It includes things like public transportation, walking between a bus and train station, etc. It's pretty cool once you figure out how to use it!

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