Rome Italy Ciampino Airport
Just what you need to know

Flying in or out of Rome Italy Ciampino airport?

Rome's second airport is a great option for cheap flights and proximity to the city center.

ciampino airport outsideRome's Ciampino airport is where might fly in and out of if you take some short-haul flights.

Rome Italy Ciampino Airport
Everything You Need to Know

Ciampino (CIA) is the smaller of Rome's two airports (the main one being Leonardo da Vinci airport at Fiumicino.)

You might fly in and out of Ciampino if you are on a budget flight within Europe.

Ciampino is 12.5 km, or 7.5 miles from Rome's city center, a bit closer than Fiumicino.

On this page you'll find just what you need to know about flying into or out of Ciampino Airport in Rome, like:

Booking a flight to/from Rome Italy Ciampino Airport

Ready to book a flight? Check and compare fares here:

How to get from Ciampino airport to Rome center

There are lots of ways to get into Rome from Ciampino airport. But in my experience, there are two ways people use the most: SIT bus, and taxi.

SIT Shuttle Bus from Ciampino Airport to Rome

SIT busSIT Bus Shuttle bus - the most popular for getting from Ciampino into Rome Termini

Rates are extremely competitive and usually about 6€ Euros one way, or a bit less if you buy a round-trip ticket.

The most popular and commonly used is SIT Bus Shuttle.

Book your round-trip ticket between Rome Italy Ciampino airport and Rome for 11€ here.

Once you arrive at Rome Termini station, you then can take a taxi or the Metro/bus to get where you are going.

Combo Transport and Rome City pass

You may be interested in purchasing the Rome Turbo Pass (which is not the same as the Roma Pass.)

The Rome Turbo pass includes R/T transportation on the SIT Bus Shuttle between Ciampino or Fiumicino airport and Rome. It also includes skip-the-line-tickets to the Colosseum AND the Vatican.

turbo pass

Take a City Taxi from Ciampino into Rome

Rome city taxiWhite metered taxi from Rome, with rates posted on the door

If you take an official, white, metered city taxi from Ciampino airport to Rome, the fixed rate is 31€ one way.

This includes luggage and there should not be any extra "fees." 

This official rate is posted on the outside and inside of the car.

All Rome city taxis are required to have a POS machine so you should be able to pay with credit card.

You SHOULD find taxis lined up when you exit the terminal, but you might not find them easily in high season. Which leads me to:

Hiring a Private Limo to get from Ciampino into Rome

luxury sedan for private airport transferPrivate limo airport transfer is one of the nicest ways to get from Ciampino into Rome

An alternative to the white city taxi is to take a private limo service (the word "limo" here refers to a luxury sedan, such as an Audi, BMW or Mercedes, with a driver.)

This is the most expensive way to get into Rome from Ciampino airport (usually 50-60€ one way), but it can be worth it to have peace of mind, knowing:

  • You can book and pay in advance.
  • The rate is fixed and guaranteed.
  • Your driver will be waiting for you as soon as you collect your luggage. 
  • He/she will take your luggage for you and accompany you to the car, load the luggage for you, and unload it at your destination.
  • You will travel in style.
  • You will literally go from door to door.

One final reason you may want to book a private car service to the airport - sometimes Rome can be prone to public transportation strikes (making regular taxis hard to come by), and/or taxi strikes.

The private limo services are always exempt from these strikes.

Taking a Shared Shuttle from Rome Italy Ciampino Airport

A good in-between option is to book a shared shuttle.

This means you can book and pay in advance, but to keep costs low, you will share the ride with other passengers.

This may mean waiting for others, and of course riding to stops around Rome before you are dropped off.

It just means it MAY take longer to get to your destination than if you take a taxi/limo, or even the bus into Termini.

The perfect 3-day itinerary in Rome

Trying to figure out how to organize your visit to Rome? I've got the perfect 3-day itinerary for first-time visitors (or those who have not been here in a while.) It works for a 2.5 day visit as well.

In my 3-day itinerary, you'll see all the major must-see Rome attractions like the Vatican, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Spanish Steps, Castel Sant'Angelo, and much more.

And if you have more time, or want suggestions for extra/other things to do, you'll find that there too.

Visit my page with the best 3-day itinerary in Rome for first-timers.

Taking Public transportation from Rome Italy Ciampino Airport

There is public transportation from Ciampino.

You can take an Atral or Cotral bus (1.20€ pp PLUS 1.20€ per piece of luggage) to the train station in the town of Ciampino.

Then it's 1.50€ to get the train from there right into Termini station.

Or, you can take one of the above buses to the Anagnina Metro station, and then get the metro to Termini (1.50€) from there.

Here's why I think this solution is just not that convenient.

First you have to wait for the bus at the airport.

Then you can catch a train or Metro.

That is two means of public transportation you have to wait for (unless you are lucky and time it just right.)

Not to mention the hassle of moving your luggage around twice.

Total cost for either of these solutions is just under 6€ (depending on the amount of luggage you have.)

Since the bus costs 6€ one-way, I don't see the point in taking public transportation, which will be more work and more waiting, less reliable schedule-wise, and hardly cost much less.

How to get from Rome center to Ciampino airport

There are many ways to get from the center of Rome to Ciampino airport.

By far the most commonly used options are the bus and taxi (city or private.)

Get the bus from Rome Termini Station to Ciampino Airport

In my experience, the most popular method of getting to Rome Italy Ciampino is by bus.

It's easy, quick, reliable and great if you are visiting Rome on a budget.

sit bus to ciampinoThere are several bus companies that go from Rome's Termini station to Ciampino airport.

There are several bus companies that go to Ciampino.

They all  compete with each other so rates are about the same.

SIT may be the one people know and use most.

You can catch the (SIT) bus at Rome Termini (but not Tiburtina.)

You can also book online, which can be a good idea in high season, as ticket-holders have priority over non-ticket holders.

If you don't have a ticket you may not get on the bus you want.

This can be an issue if you are running late or cutting it close.

Taking a Taxi from Rome center to Ciampino airport

If you take an official, white, metered city taxi from Rome to Ciampino airport, the fixed rate is 31€ one way.

This includes luggage, and there should not be any extra "fees."

Usually you can simply call (or have your hotel concierge call) for this taxi right when you are ready to leave.

white metered taxi in romeRome city taxi with official airport rates posted on the door.

You can also find taxis at taxi stands around Rome, and at any of Rome's train stations.

The rate is posted on the outside and inside of the car.

All Rome city taxis are required to have a POS machine so you should be able to pay with credit card.

Be aware of how to avoid getting ripped off by Rome taxi drivers (sorry to say this. Most of the drivers are honest, but because of a few who are not, you should be informed and ready.)

Ready to plan your trip?

Book your train

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Use Trainline to see all the different options available across the different rail companies.

Find your hotel

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Use to choose between hotels, guesthouses, and self-catering apartments in neighborhoods throughout the Eternal City.

Buy your TurboPass

Purchase the convenient Turbopass and visit all of Rome's top attractions including the Colosseum, Pantheon, and Vatican.

With one handy pass, it's all included.

private limo service

Taking a private car service from your hotel/apartment to Ciampino airport should cost about 50-60€ for up to 3 people one way.

You cannot really find these drivers at the train station, and should book in advance if you want this service.

private airport transferPrivate limo service is the nicest way to get from Rome to Ciampino airport. It costs more, but your service, pickup time, and rate are guaranteed.

It's obviously more expensive than taking a city taxi, which costs only 31€.

But you may want to use this service for peace of mind knowing you have a confirmed pickup time, with a confirmed rate.

And an actual confirmed ride...sometimes there are not taxis waiting, in particular during a busy season or time of day.

One final reason you may want to book a private car service to the airport - sometimes Rome can be prone to public transportation strikes (making regular taxis hard to come by), and/or taxi strikes.

The private limo services are always exempt from these strikes.

Public Transportation

I cannot really recommend this method of getting from Rome to Ciampino airport.


There is nothing wrong with public transportation in general, and I use it all the time to get around Rome.

However, in the case of getting to Ciampino airport, it doesn't cost much less than the 6€ one-way fare that SIT (and other bus companies) charge.

And it involves at least one connection.

But if you do want to take public transportation from Rome to Ciampino, here's how:

From Termini, take the red line Metro A (1.50€) to the very last stop at Anagnina.

From there, wait for the Atral or Cotral bus going to Ciampino (about every 15-30 minutes depending on which bus and time of day).

These buses cost 1.20€ per person, plus 1.20€ per piece of luggage.

Alternatively, from Termini, take the Trenitalia train to the town of Ciampino (1.50€.)

From there, wait for the Atral or Cotral bus (as described above.)

Car Rental at Rome Italy Ciampino Airport

Many of the major car rental companies have pick-up/drop-off at Rome Italy Ciampino airport.

The garages are near the terminal, and there is a free shuttle that loops around between the car-rental garages and the terminal.

ciampino airport mapCiampino airport map - overall map of building with parking and garages

If you want to check rates and availability for renting a car at Ciampino airport, check AutoEurope.

Dropping off a rental car at Ciampino

Should you drop off your rental car at Ciampino airport?

If you are coming into Rome from the south, this might be a good idea.

From there, you can use one of the means above for getting into Rome (unless of course you are actually flying out of Ciampino.)

If you are staying in Rome, then I would recommend dropping off the car closer into the city, IF you are comfortable with Italian driving, especially city driving.

Or should I say Rome driving.

Rome trafficReally intense Rome city traffic - no fun!

Most of the major car rental companies have drop-off points in different spots around Rome.

I don't mean at the train stations (which can actually me more stressful and confusing than the airports.)

I refer to neighborhood spots, especially near the Via Veneto, one of the most central spots in Rome.

However, I find people usually prefer to pick-up/drop-off at one of the two airports, to avoid driving into the city.

This is of course fine, but if you do want to drop it off closer into town, check with your rental agency for their city locations.

Usually there is no fee to do this, and it can save you the hassle and expense of having to get into town from the airport.

Picking up a rental car at Rome Italy Ciampino

Are you thinking of renting a car after you land at Ciampino airport, and driving into Rome?

You can certainly do this easily.

Most of the major car rental companies have offices and car pickup at Ciampino.

Here's why I don't recommend it:

  • You do NOT need a car while you are in Rome. It's easy to get everywhere on foot or with public transportation. Or even city taxis.
  • If you are staying anywhere in the city center, you will have to pay for parking, to the tune of at least 30€ per day.
  • If you think you can just park in the street, think again. It will either cost to park in the street, or, you risk a hefty fine.
  • Speaking of hefty fines, if you drive (even by mistake) into the "ZTL", which means zona di traffico limitato, you will definitely get a fine. Even months later. Trust me you will be fined. Most of Rome's historic center is off limits to cars other than for residents or city vehicles.
  • Do you really want to contend with Rome traffic? It is a bit more stressful than you might be used to.

It can make sense to rent a car and drive from Ciampino airport to Rome if:

  • Your accommodations are NOT in the city center, and/or there is easy parking.  Perhaps you are staying in one of the hotels near Rome Italy Ciampino, before moving on the next day. Or if you are simply staying at one of the larger hotels just outside the city center.
  • You know your way around Rome, have driven here before, and have a place to park.

However, if your idea is that you will rent a car at the airport, spend a couple of days in Rome, and then drive on to Tuscany or the Amalfi coast, your best bet is the rent the car IN ROME, on the day you leave the city.

Airlines Flying Into/Out of Rome Italy Ciampino Airport

Ciampino was once a military airport.

Then it became Rome's tourist airport until the larger one at Fiumicino was built in the 60's.

Ciampino became THE airport where most of the cheap flights to/from Europe flew in and out of.

Several airlines fly in and out of Ciampino airport, and they reach hundreds of destinations all around Europe.

Hotels at Rome Italy Ciampino Airport

Ciampino is not that far from Rome city center, so to me it makes the most sense to stay in the touristic center of Rome your last night, even if you have an early flight. 

The airport actually closes between midnight and 4:30am, so you could not sleep in the airport even if you wanted to.

If you do want to stay near Ciampino airport, there are plenty of hotels nearby.

One is literally right next to the airport, the Hotel Villa Giulia.

Check for rates and availability hotels near Ciampino Airport here.

Where to eat and shop in Ciampino airport

Eating inside the terminal at Ciampino

There is one coffee shop before you check in for your flight.

After you've checked in and headed inside the terminal to the gate area, you will find several options for eating, all of them fast-food.

Some of these do offer healthy options too.

There is not an elegant, sit-down place to eat at Ciampino.

Don't forget to bring these essential travel items with you!

Disclosure: If you make a purchase through a link on this page, I may receive a small commission - at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my site!

Shopping at Rome Italy Ciampino

There is a small shopping area inside the departures terminal at Ciampino airport.

You will find shops selling electronics, books, souvenirs and a few other things.

It is not the best place to go shopping in Rome

Duty Free at Rome Italy Ciampino Airport

There is a shop that calls itself "Duty Free" but considering the flights all go within Europe, I don't think the VAT has actually been removed.

Perhaps some prices are slightly reduced.

If you are wondering where to get your VAT refund at Rome Italy Ciampino, you won't.

There is a Customs office in the airport, which is likely used for charter flights.

But for the commercial flights out of CIampino, they are within Europe so there is no place to get the VAT refund there.

Bottom line, if you are looking for your VAT refund in Rome, you will do this at Fiumicino airport, not Ciampino.

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