Hotels Near the Colosseum

Looking for hotels near the Colosseum? 

View of the Colosseum at sunsetIf you stay near the Colosseum, it's easier to get up at the crack of dawn to get photos like this.

This ancient Roman monument is just one part of a large archeological park that also includes the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, Capitoline Hill, and the via dei Fori Imperiali.

The neighborhoods that surround this area we call “Ancient Rome” encompass a huge swath of land, and as they are spread out in different directions, they each have very distinct characteristics.

Hotels near the Colosseum - 3 different areas to choose from

On this page, we’ll give you suggestions for places to stay in the main three areas that surround the Colosseum and Ancient Rome:

View of the Roman Forum and Colosseum from the Celian hillWhile the Celio Hill might not be the first neighborhood you see in Rome it’s a great place to ease into lodging surrounded by the history and character of the city.


The term “Ancient Rome” refers to just one part of Rome’s Centro Storico, or historic center.

When we refer to Rome’s historic center as an area of Rome, we mean where people have lived continuously for over 2,000 years, and where you can find ruins and architecture from those periods.

While much of Rome's historic center has ruins from 2,000-year old Rome, we use the term “Ancient Rome” in this case simply to specify the area that encompasses the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill.

This is in part because often tour companies offer tours of Ancient Rome and this is what they mean.

Hotels near the Colosseum – Celio

Celio (Caelian Hill) is one of the Seven Hills of Ancient Rome. It's one of the most sheltered from the traffic that swirls on its edges, and is less densely populated than the other six.

Villa Celimontana Celio Rome. FountainOne of my favorite places on the Celian Hill - Celio - is Celimontana Park. It's small, sweet, and oh so peaceful.

At dawn of the 90s, the area began to flourish with restaurants, pizzerias, and cooking workshops

Celio area offers restaurants for all tastes: traditional, slow-food, innovative, revisited Roman cuisine, and gourmet pizzerias.

There is a convenient Metro stop nearby (Colosseo), and you really will be just a stone’s throw from the Colosseum.

Street in the Celio neighborhoodThe prettiest streets in the Celio neighborhood are an exciting mix of cute ashlar buildings, cobblestone roads, and magnificent views.

Celio is one of the few areas of Rome that is one of the seven hills, its own rione, and is also considered its own neighbourhood.

Our suggestions for hotels near the Colosseum in the Celio neighborhood include:

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Hotels near the Colosseum – Monti

Rione Monti (the first designated neighbourhood in Ancient Rome) is located at the fringes of the Roman Forum and the Esquiline Hill on one side and the slopes of the Viminal and Quirinal hills on the other.

Border walls between the Trajan's Forum and the Suburra districtThe Suburra. The name with which the poorest part of ancient Rome was identified.

This vast area was familiar among the ancient Romans as Sub-Urbe or Suburra. On the lower part of this neighbourhood, today closest to the Colosseum, there were many working-class structures (insulae), where a large number of plebeian families lived in miserable overcrowded conditions.

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Overlooking luxurious houses owned by wealthy patrician families and senators, the slums of Suburra hosted the most infamous brothels and the most salubrious taverns and inns. The area was the most typical of Ancient Roman daily life among the masses: dirty and dangerous. 

A flowery patio. Monti RomeA little escape from the hustle and bustle of the Colosseum touristy zone. Monti area looks more like a street in a quaint country village than a spot in central Rome.

Over the centuries, the ruins of the Suburra were replaced by buildings of various kinds: from towers to mansions to small noble palaces.

Only since the second half of the last century, Monti neighborhood slowly began its rebirth. 

Piaggio "bee" flowers van. Monti RomeMonti might evoke the image of a horde of eager tourists wandering up and down its streets all day. Still, the bustle is a small price to pay to stay somewhere so pretty.

Rione Monti stretches across parts of several of Rome’s seven hills as described above. But the neighbourhood most people consider Monti today is just a small portion of the actual rione. 

The Monti people want to live, stay, eat, and shop in today is pretty much where Suburra was in Ancient Rome. Which puts it just behind the Colosseum and via dei Fori Imperiali.

This pearl of antiquity attracts crowds of tourists, for its location, for the renowned Roman-Cuisine trattorie, wine bars, exclusive shopping, and a mecca for high-end vintage clothes enthusiasts.

A pair of dogs welcoming customers to an antique shop. Monti RomeVia del Boschetto in Monti is one of the best streets in Rome for antique-shopping.

Because this is one of the most popular neighborhoods to stay in in Rome, it’s choc-a-block with accommodation from luxury hotels to cozy B&Bs.

So we have quite a few suggestions for hotels near the Colosseum in the Monti neighbourhood:

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Hotels near the Colosseum – Ripa - Palatine/Aventine Hills

In an area nestled between the Aventine Hill, the Murcia Valley (Circus Maximus), and the Tiber Island, and the foot of the Palatine Hill lies a rione called Ripa.

View of the Palatine Hill from the west side of the Circus MaximusThe Aventino Hill owns old super flowery cobbled streets where we’d buy a house if we won the jackpot.

During the age of the Emperor Augustus, this densely populated area was so jam-packed, there was no space for public buildings.

Sometime in the 18th century this community began a slow urbanization. Small villas, a unique building type in Rome’s center for that era, sprang up.

Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta RomeNestled just moments away from the Circus Maximus metro station, this oasis of calm is just a taste of the beauty you may experience.

Promenading along its streets and avenues, you will have an opportunity to get to know one of the most elegant patterns of residential architecture of the city, developed literally on the remains of the Roman Domus where wealthy patricians have been replaced over time by renowned statesmen of the era of the war of independence, officers of the fascist regime, avant-garde entrepreneurs of the 50s, and most recently film and sports celebrities.

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A few ideas for where to stay near the Colosseum in the Ripa rione include:

View of the Temple of Vesta from the Capitoline HillWhether you fancy a charming B&B, a chic guesthouse, or a luxury hotel, the Ripa area is the perfect location due to its proximity to the Circus Maximus, Colosseum, and the Roman Forum.

Hotels near the Colosseum in the Ripa rione on the Palatine Hill:

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Orange Garden RomeThe Aventine Hill is one of Rome's most upper-crust addresses. But even with its posh reputation, the neighborhood remains laid back enough to host some affordable accommodations.

Hotels near the Colosseum in the Ripa rione on the Aventine Hill:

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