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Colosseum Tickets in Rome
How to Skip the Line

Wondering how to get your Colosseum tickets?

As of spring 2021, post-Covid lockdown, the rules have changed!

lines at rome colosseumFind out how to skip the line at the Colosseum. The key? Book your tickets in advance!

On this page, I'll describe all the different types of Colosseum tickets available, and tell you how to get them with the least hassle and confusion.


There are two types of tickets now:

  • Standard - 16€ + 2€ booking fee. Valid 24 hours for one visit each to Colosseum and Forum/Palatine Hill. 
  • Full Experience - 22€ + 2€ booking fee. Valid for 2 days. Includes one entrance to the Colosseum with a visit to underground / arena, one entrance to  Palatine Hill/Roman Forum, including S.U.P.E.R. sites (not all are open yet).

Advance booking is required.

No tickets are sold on site.

Tickets are limited and timed and you must be punctual.

A Green Pass is required to enter all sites.


  • The "Free Sunday" is currently suspended.

Colosseum tickets - Everything you need to know

It doesn't seem like it should be that complicated to get tickets to the Rome Colosseum.

But there are different types of tickets that include different things.

There are also passes, free days, and seasonal tickets.

And frankly, the procedure on the official website is a little confusing.

I have visited the Colosseum every which way you can imagine. I also visit the Colosseum / Roman Forum /Palatine Hill every time there is a change or new ticket. I actually book and pay for my tickets so I can tell you exactly what it's like!

I have done all the things on this page, so I am in a position to lay it out for you in detail so you can't go wrong. Trust my experience!

Different Types of Tickets to the Rome Coliseum

By now you may have realized there are a bunch of different options for getting tickets to the Rome Colosseum:

Standard Entry Colosseum tickets

Colosseum TicketsThe Colosseum is the largest amphitheater ever built. It is estimated that 50,000 spectators filled the stands and for some special events even up to 60,000

Ticket Costs and why you need to book in advance

The standard entry ticket to the Colosseum costs

  • 16€ for standard entry
  • 2€ for Europeans between 18-25
  • Free for everyone under 18

There is a 2€ reservation fee.

Even those eligible for reduced tickets should reserve.

The only way avoid the reservation fee is if you walk up to the ticket counter and buy your ticket on the spot.

As of 2021, advance-booking is required. Tickets are no longer sold on site.

colosseum ticket counterHere are the lines at the Colosseum ticket counter in January. Coming to Rome in low season winter is one way to buy your Colosseum tickets directly, with no lines, no waiting, and no extra fees.

Why You Need To Book Colosseum Tickets in Advance

The number of Colosseum tickets they sell are limited each day.

For security reasons, but also because the Colosseum is a 2,000-year old monument that needs to be protected, the maximum capacity inside is 3,000 people at a time. The maximum visitors allowed at this time inside the Colosseum is considerably less due to an effort to continue maintaining social distancing.

During busy months, you may find that tickets are sold out for a time you want, or even for a given day.

In high season, tickets will sell out each day.

Didn't book Colosseum tickets in Advance? Now What?

It used to be that you could walk up to the Colosseum ticket booths and buy tickets for a same-day visit. And one of my "secret" tricks was to go to the Palatine Hill ticket booth, which usually had much less of a line.

However, as of 2021, you cannot purchase tickets to the Colosseum / Roman Forum /Palatine Hill on site.

If you arrive without a ticket, you will be told to go online to book one. This assumes you have a smartphone or tablet with you. The Colosseum ticket booths you see on site have personnel there to assist you with your online purchase or any other information, but they do not have any way to sell or print tickets.

Printing Your Colosseum tickets at home

When you buy Colosseum tickets, you will see an option to print them at home. You will notice that the option to pick up tickets at the ticket office is greyed out.

Once you complete your booking, you will receive two emails from CoopCulture. One is a fiscal receipt showing proof of payment.

The other is an email with your order. It will have a PDF attached. That PDF is your ticket(s). 

You do NOT need to print this ticket. They are trying to do away with printed tickets so all you need to do is show the QR code on your smart device.

If you do not have access to a smartphone or device while travelling then you can print the PDF you receive in the email.

I often get the question "What happens when I book Colosseum tickets and they didn't arrive in my email?"

  • First, make sure that the email with your PDF tickets did not go into your spam/junk folder.
  • Next, look at the email you received from CoopCulture about your payment. If it says "rifiutato" (refused) or "negato" (declined), you did not successfully pay for the tickets. You will need to try again, with a different card.

If your payment was successful, and you've checked your junk folder and your tickets are not there, then take your payment email with you to the Colosseum ticket office and explain what happened, and they should help you. 

You can also buy your tickets from an online ticket reseller (like Tiqets or GetYourGuide) where you will pay a bit more, but where the process is much easier and more straightforward, and payments seem to be less of an issue.

Where to pick up your Colosseum tickets

They are no longer printing tickets for the Colosseum.

When you book in advance, you will get a QR code and that is your ticket.

How to reserve Colosseum tickets for kids under 18

You can't.

Everyone under 18 gets into the Colosseum (and Roman Forum and Palatine Hill) free. And all over this page, I'm telling you to book in advance. So how do you do it for an under-18?

There is no place on the CoopCulture website to do this.

So I phoned CoopCulture and asked.

They told me that parents should book for themselves, and just bring their children. When you get to the Colosseum, tell the agent you have kids under 18. Be prepared to show proof of age is necessary. 

I asked the CoopCulture agent, does that mean that anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult? She said yes, that is correct.

So now you may be wondering if it's at all possible to visit the Colosseum if you are under 18, but do not have an adult with you. Yes, you can, but you cannot book in advance unless you are prepared to purchase a ticket.

How to Book Standard Colosseum Tickets on the CoopCulture website

By now, you've seen me mention CoopCulture on this and many other pages. They are the official entity that manages Colosseum tickets (they also sell tickets to other important sites in Rome as well as in other parts of Italy.)

Unfortunately, despite apparent efforts on their part to make their website more user-friendly, it is still not as straight-forward as one would like. Sigh. (And this includes another recent overhaul in 2021).

Here are the steps to book your standard Colosseum ticket via the CoopCulture website:

  • Visit the website for CoopCulture. If it's not already, you can set the language to English in the top right corner.
  • If you are not already on the page for the Colosseum, click Places, Archeological Sites, then the Colosseum.
  • Keep following the logical click (Buy Tickets), until you come to the Colosseum e-shop. On this page, you should see all the information about opening hours for the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill. You should see a whole bunch of other small print about security, discounts, etc. And you should see right around the middle of the left-hand side, options to book your ticket online, or to call (I'll go over calling in the next step below.)

The below is a screenshot of the CoopCulture webpage for purchasing tickets.

Colosseum TicketsThis is what you should see when you begin the process of buying Colosseum tickets through CoopCulture, their official vendor.

  • To purchase online, click the "Buy Now" button.
  • The next page you come to will give you all the different options for buying Colosseum tickets, such as regular entry, underground, panoramic view etc. For regular entry, click the first option "Ordinary Admission." This will take you to a new page. 

The below is a screenshot of the CoopCulture webpage for purchasing tickets.

Colosseum TicketsCoopCulture is the official website for Colosseum tickets.

Once you click details for ordinary admission, you should see this. The price is 14€. That's 12€ for admission + 2€ to book in advance.

The below is a screenshot of the CoopCulture webpage for purchasing tickets.

Colosseum ticketsCoopculture online shop

  • Click Details. You will come to yet another page, that says "Buy now." 
  • This is the page that tells you all the fine print about what's included, different pricing options, and rules for entering the Colosseum. Don't go crazy reading it all. The important things to know are that you  should arrive at least half hour before your scheduled time, and you cannot be more than 15 minutes early or late for the time on your ticket.
  • As soon as you click "Buy Now", the screen jumps down the page to a booking calendar. Here you can select your dates and time. You can also see how many tickets are left available for each time slot.

The below is a screenshot of the CoopCulture webpage for purchasing tickets.

Colosseum ticketsUse Coopculture's official website for your online purchases.

  • Select the time and date you want. Here is where it can get confusing. I've described all the options and what they mean below:

The below is a screenshot of the CoopCulture webpage for purchasing tickets.

Colosseum TicketsCoopculture official website offers countless ideal solutions to personalize your visits.

How to Book Standard Colosseum Tickets by Calling CoopCulture

You can also call CoopCulture to book your Colosseum tickets. There are options to speak in English or Italian.

Make sure you are prepared to give them a Visa or Mastercard number, and contact details. (They don't take American Express.)

Here is the number: +39 06 399 67 700

That "+" is what you dial from your cell phone. It means "the following will be an international call, beginning with the country code, which, for Italy, is 39".

If you are not using a cell phone, or don't know how to find the + sign, you can also use the dialing sequence, which varies from country to country.

When dialing from Europe, the + can be replaced by "00".

When dialing from the US or Canada, the + can be replaced with "011".

So depending on where you are calling from, here is the dialing sequence:

  • 00 39 06 399 67 700 (from most European countries)
  • 011 39 06 399 67 700 (from the US or Canada)

Buying your Colosseum tickets from a ticket agency

There are also online ticket agencies that make it easy to buy and reserve your Colosseum tickets in advance.

You will pay a small fee for this, but it's seamless, and the tickets arrive on your smartphone or tablet.

Buying your Colosseum tickets at the Colosseum

You can no longer directly to the ticket offices at the Colosseum and try to buy your ticket there.

The Palatine Hill/Roman Forum do not require a timed entry, so you may visit that site at your leisure.

Up until spring 2019, you could purchase a general admission ticket to the Colosseum online, and then validate it on the day you decided to go.

If you bought it on site, you would just go in right after you bought the ticket.

As of early 2019, the authorities that manage the archeological sites in Rome and other parts of Italy began looking for better ways to manage the crowds. This is for the sake of the visitors as well as the sake of the monuments themselves, which simply cannot bear the stress of too many visitors at a time or on a given day.

So from that moment, you had to book a specific time to enter the Colosseum.

And they are pretty strict about it. You have about 15 minutes on either side of your allotted time to get in. They look at the time on the ticket, so be punctual.

They are not selling any tickets to the Colosseu, Palatine Hill /Roman Forum on site any longer.

If you show up at the Colosseum (or Palatine Hill or Roman Forum) without a booking, they will tell you to book a ticket online. There is now also a free app and you can use that to book. This assumes you are in possession of a smartphone or tablet with internet access.

And assuming you do try to book online at the last minute, you may find there are not more times available that day. Or, you may find that the only times available are inconvenient to you.

This is going to be true particularly in high season (April - mid-October).

So do yourself a favor and book in advance.

S.U.P.E.R. Tickets

S.U.P.E.R. TICKETSS.U.P.E.R. tickets allow you to visit Seven Unique Places to Experience Rome, on the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum

What does S.U.P.E.R. stand for?

Where the Colosseum is concerned, the acronym S.U.P.E.R. stands for Seven Unique Places to Experience Rome.

These sites are located on the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum, which constitute one large archeological park in Rome, next to the Colosseum.

The 7 sites are:

  • The House of Augustus
  • The House of Livia
  • The Palatine Museum
  • The Temple of Romulus
  • The Neronian Cryptoporticus
  • Santa Maria Antiqua
  • The Aula Isiaca and the Mattei Loggia
  • Nero's Domus Transitoria (added later so now an 8th SUPER site)

Currently, the only S.U.P.E.R. sites open are the upper level of the Palatine Museum; part of the house of Augustus; Santa Maria Antiqua. 

Below is the video I made when the S.U.P.E.R. ticket first came out. You can see all the sites that are part of the S.U.P.E.R. ticket in my video:

And since they added the Domus Transitoria as a new SUPER site, I made another video about that:

When they first came out with the S.U.P.E.R. ticket, these sites were open on alternate days, 3 on one day, 3 on another, with the museum being open daily. Now, they are all open daily with the following exceptions:

  • On Mondays, the Houses of Livia and Augustus, and the Aula Isiaca/Loggia Mattei are closed
  • On Fridays, The Temple of Romulus and Santa Maria Antiqua are closed
The House of AugustusThe House of Augustus is one of the highlights for me when using the S.U.P.E.R. ticket to visit the Palatine Hill in Rome

There are now (as of this writing in spring 2019) two kinds of S.U.P.E.R. tickets you can buy:

What is the complete S.U.P.E.R. ticket and where can you buy it?

A big caveat - Visit the Colosseum early enough in the day so that when you go upgrade to this S.U.P.E.R. ticket, you still have some time left in the day to see at least some of the sites. With this ticket, you still have a second day to enter the Palatine/Forum, but you should give yourself a head start and visit some of the sites on the first day.

For 18€, you get a S.U.P.E.R. ticket that includes the Colosseum, Palatine Hill/Roman Forum, and all the sites on the S.U.P.E.R. ticket.

You still have one day to visit the Colosseum (no re-entry), but unlike the standard entry 12€ ticket, in which you can visit over 2 days, but only once at each site, with this S.U.P.E.R. ticket, you can re-enter the Palatine Hill/Roman Forum one more time, over a two day period.

At the time of this writing, you cannot buy this ticket on the CoopCulture website, nor are any ticketing agencies selling them.

Here's how to get the complete S.U.P.E.R. ticketBuy a standard Colosseum ticket (12€), and once you've visited that, walk over to the entrance of the Palatine Hill or Roman Forum, and upgrade to the S.U.P.E.R. ticket by paying 6€ additional.

(It's on the CoopCulture website, even if a little unclearly written: "Visitors who already have the ordinary ticket Colosseum-Roman Forum-Palatine Hill can buy on site a SUPER ticket that will allow access to the aforementioned 7 places. Full: € 6.00")

What is the simple S.U.P.E.R. ticket and where can you buy it?

Colosseum TicketFresco decoration of the ceiling of the Loggia Mattei, on the Palatine Hill: over the centuries, the Palatine Hill was a mecca where important Roman families established their homes.

This ticket may be useful if you don't want to go inside the Colosseum, or if you've already visited the Colosseum on another occasion, or if you plan to visit the Colosseum at night. Night visits to the Colosseum (spring - fall) do not include any entry to the Palatine Hill/Roman Forum.

The latest offering from CoopCulture is the pared-down S.U.P.E.R. ticket: this ticket allows you a one-day, one-time visit to JUST the Palatine Hill/Roman Forum, and to those seven sites listed above.

Colosseum entry is not part of this ticket.

The ticket costs 16€, and you can buy it online at CoopCulture, or on-site at the Palatine Hill or Roman Forum ticket offices.

You can also buy this ticket using an online ticketing agency.

Unlike Colosseum tickets you do not have to pick a date and time with this ticket. You have a month to use it from the date of purchase.

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Trying to figure out how to organize your visit to Rome? I've got the perfect 3-day itinerary for first-time visitors (or those who have not been here in a while.) It works for a 2.5 day visit as well.

In my 3-day itinerary, you'll see all the major must-see Rome attractions like the Vatican, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Spanish Steps, Castel Sant'Angelo, and much more.

And if you have more time, or want suggestions for extra/other things to do, you'll find that there too.

Visit my page with the best 3-day itinerary in Rome for first-timers.

Bottom Line - Which of these Colosseum Tickets Should You Get?

Colosseum ticketsThis is the view of Capitoline Hill and the Roman Forum from a lookout point on the Palatine Hill.

So, which ticket should you buy? 

  • The Colosseum/Roman Forum/Palatine Hill standard ticket, for 16€?
  • The Colosseum Full Experience Ticket, for 22€?

If you have limited time, and/or just want to see the basics (there is still tons to see!), then get the standard entry ticket for 16€. If you are on a budget, get the 16€ ticket.

If you have time to take two days exploring these ancient Rome sites, and a strong interest in ancient Rome, I really suggest the 22€ Full Experience ticket. It’s only 6 Euros more than the standard ticket, and for that additional 6€ you get to visit the Colosseum underground or arena floor, you get an additional day to visit the Roman Forum/Palatine Hill, and you get access to all the SUPER sites. Even seeing 1 or 2 of these additional sites will make it worthwhile in my opinion.

Colosseum Free Entry


Due to Covid, the FREE SUNDAY, i.e. state sites and museums offering free entry on the first Sunday of the month, is currently SUSPENDED indefinitely.

Who is Eligible for Free Entry to the Colosseum?

Some visitors are eligible for free entry year-round.

These include:

  • Anyone under 18 years of age (from any country)
  • European tour guides
  • Some researchers
  • Some journalists
  • Anyone disabled and their companion if the companion is assisting that person. You must show proof of disability.

Be prepared to show ID. Even those with free entry need to book a date and time (and pay 2€).

For more details, visit my page about Free Colosseum Entry.

Colosseum Tickets with the Roma Pass

Three ways to get Colosseum tickets with the Roma Pass

You could also TRY to just go to the Colosseum with your Roma Pass, which will allow you to skip the line until you get to the ticket counter.

From there you will still need to reserve a date and time, but your choices may be very limited.

I strongly urge you to book your date and time ahead of time to save yourself this aggravation.

  • If you are in the process of purchasing the Roma Pass or other type of Rome City Pass, and you choose the Colosseum as one of the sites you want to visit free with the pass, you will have to reserve a date and time while you are booking the pass. You're ready to go!
  • If you are in the process of purchasing the Roma Pass or other type of Rome City Pass, and you do not decide to choose the Colosseum as one of the sites you want to visit free with the pass, but decide at a later date to include it, you will need to reserve a date and time for the Colosseum. You can do this by going onto the CoopCulture website and buying your reservation there for 2€ (see my steps with screenshots above.)
  • When you visit CoopCulture to book your Colosseum tickets, you have the option of booking the Colosseum visit + the Roma Pass all at once. This will give you the "free" entrance to the Colosseum, with a date and time, AND the Roma Pass (to be picked up when you visit the Colosseum.) You're ready to go!

How to book your Colosseum tickets with the Roma Pass

Above, I outlined all the steps for getting standard (or reduced) Colosseum tickets via the CoopCulture website.

One of the last screenshots shows three options for getting your Colosseum tickets with a Roma Pass:

  • Booking your date/time when you already have the pass (2€)
  • Booking your ticket AND purchasing a new 48-hour Roma Pass
  • Booking your ticket AND purchasing a new 72-hour Roma Pass

Colosseum Tickets for Special Visits

The following are tickets for special Coliseum visits. They may not always be available. Check with CoopCulture.

Colosseum Arena Floor

One very cool thing to do when you visit the Colosseum on the inside, is to walk out onto the arena, a part of the floor that has been somewhat replicated to what it may have looked like 2000 years ago.

From this vantage point, you will have a sense of what it feels like to be on the stage of the Colosseum.

You will also get a good look at the underground from here, although this visit in particular does not include the underground.

Colosseum ticketsThanks to a project of the Cultural Heritage of Rome, the Colosseum arena will be accessible for its entire surface, which can be opened in different configurations, can be managed remotely, and will ensure the correct conservation of the underground structures.

On the main booking page of the Colosseum tickets on CoopCulture, I showed you above how the second option is to buy standard Colosseum tickets + arena floor.

However, you cannot just book this visit here. It is for tour agencies or tour guides to book. 

The only way to book this visit is with a tour group. 

Colosseum Underground

A visit to the Hypogeum (underground) of the Colosseum is really worth doing.

Colosseum TicketsDo not miss the opportunity to visit the undergrounds of the Colosseum.

It's not too claustrophobic (if I can do it, anyone can), and you will get a whole different view of the Colosseum and its history from this perspective.

What you should know about visiting the Colosseum underground:

  • You cannot just go on your own. You must go with a tour. This tour can be via the Colosseum directly (booked through CoopCulture), or, with an outside tour agency.
  • You can only book this visit online. You cannot book it at the Colosseum ticket office.
  • If you book a night visit to the Colosseum, the underground is usually included in that.
  • While it's important to plan this in advance, you should know that they open availability for this on CoopCulture about 3 months ahead of time, for 3 months' availability at a time. So if you are trying to book this for say, 6 months out, you will find it unavailable. Just check back.

How to book Underground Colosseum Tickets

First, you need to plan pretty far in advance.

When you are ready to book, try to book on CoopCulture. Follow the steps as above, and instead of standard entry, select "COLOSSEUM, ROMAN FORUM, PALATINE ORDINARY ADMISSION + UNDERGROUND AND PANORAMIC VIEW". Then you will see the choices.

Make sure to book the one with the tour in the language you want.

Also, just ignore completely the underground ticket that has no tour. That is not for you to buy, it's for a private tour guide or a tour agency to buy. It's a little confusing to see that as the first choice when you get to the underground Colosseum tickets page, but don't let it confuse you.

Your ticket includes a standard ticket to the Colosseum/Roman Forum/Palatine Hill, plus access and tour to the Hypogeum. The cost is 23€, plus a 2€ reservation fee.

If you left it too late, and it's mostly sold-out on CoopCulture for when you will be in Rome, you can always try to book this via an outside ticketing agency, or through a tour company.

This will cost more than booking directly on CoopCulture, but if it's important to you to see this, and that's your only chance, then you'll need to evaluate if it's worth it.

Colosseum Upper Tiers


As of 2021, there are not visits available to the 3rd, 4th, or 6th tiers of the Colosseum.

Night Visits to the Colosseum

A night visit to the Colosseum is a fantastic thing to do.

colosseum at nightI think one of my favorite ways to visit the Colosseum is at night. It's nearly empty, and you really immerse yourself in the place and the ambiance.

Since this is a seasonal event, you need to keep checking on CoopCulture for them to open availability. Some years, they've opened it in late March, and in others, in mid-April. And, because this is so popular, and because space is limited, do not be surprised to find it sold out for the dates you want if you are coming in high season.

If you want to visit the Colosseum at night, and don't find availability on CoopCulture, but prefer to book through them since it costs less than a tour with a tour agency, my suggestion is to book a refundable tour with a tour company. Then, keep checking on CoopCulture to see if something opens up with them. If not, you have the tour as backup.

First of all, it's limited to very few visitors at once, so when you go at night, you will feel like you have the place mostly to yourselves.

Second of all, a night visit includes a visit to the Hypogeum, and a visit out onto the arena.

A few things to note:

  1. This tour is seasonal, and only goes from sometime in spring (announced sometime in March/April, usually) - fall (usually late October).
  2. You cannot just visit the Colosseum at night on your own. You must go with a guided tour. This can be directly through CoopCulture, or, you can book with an outside agency. When booking with an outside tour company, they usually combine this visit with some other things to make it a more complete tour.
  3. Night visits to the Colosseum are not part of the Roma Pass or any other Rome city pass.
  4. A ticket to visit the Colosseum at night is considered a special ticket. The Palatine Hill/Roman Forum are not included with this ticket.

For more, visit my page all about visiting the Colosseum at night.

Colosseum Tickets with Guided Tour

All guides to the Colosseum are licensed. (At least, the ones I refer to on this page are.)

This is the case whether you go with a guide employed by the Colosseum, a private guide, or a guide working for a tour agency.

Avoid taking tours of the Colosseum with un-licensed guides.

On the CoopCulture website, one of the options is to book a guided tour of the Colosseum. It costs only 5€ more than a standard entry ticket.

This is an excellent way to get a tour of the Colosseum and save money, as it's not nearly as much as paying for a tour with an outside agency.

Why does it cost so little? Is it as good as a tour you will get with a tour agency?

This is subjective.

I have had several tours with Colosseum personnel, and I've taken a lot of tours with private tour guides and various tour companies. Every time, it's a different experience.

I cannot tell you that the tours with the Colosseum personnel are not as good as tours with a tour agency, but I will say that the tours I've had with tour agencies have mostly been fantastic. Since they are private companies, and compete with each other, they work hard to make sure you have enthusiastic, fun, knowledgable guides.

When you book a tour through the Colosseum, you will get someone who is employed by the Colosseum. It is hit or miss what kind of guide they will be and if you will get a lot out of your tour. I've had good guides, and less good guides at the Colosseum.

So it may come down to your budget and what you expect out of a tour.

Colosseum Tickets with Audio or Video Guide

If you are not a tour person, or would just rather go at your own pace, a good option is to get the audio or video guides at the Colosseum. There are different guides at the Palatine Hill and at the Roman Forum (even if the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum are the same park, they are sort of separated geographically, and historically, so there are two separate audio guides for them.)

You can book these in advance right on the CoopCulture website to save tie, but you can also decide once one site if you want to get an audio guide, and just stand in the line to get one.

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