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Central Hotel in Rome - what to look for

Want to book a central hotel in Rome? There are a lot of things to consider when selecting where to stay in Rome. On this page, I go over the factors to keep in mind when choosing your Rome hotel. 

Which Neighborhood Should You Choose?

Some of Rome's neighborhoods are very central and ideal for sightseeing. Others are further out but can offer better pricing, more green space, or a chance to see another side of Rome. My suggestion would be to select a hotel close to a metro stop if possible, and not far out...but even the central neighborhoods in Rome vary a lot in character.

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Central Hotel in Rome - What Matters Most to You?

Aside from the neighborhood, other things you should consider include:

  • ease of getting to major sites
  • noise
  • access to public transportation
  • restaurant and eating options
  • safety
  • the general ambiance of the hotel
  • I find also that many people consider having a view to be important, although this limits you very much, as Rome does not lend itself to this kind of accommodation.

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Know the Different Accommodation Types in Rome

A room in Rome is often more than just the room. Factors to consider in choosing your accommodation in Rome:

  • Do you want daily cleaning?
  • Do you want breakfast served?
  • Do you want a 24 hour reception?
  • Do you want help with your stay?
  • Do you want a gathering or lobby/lounge space?

This all has to do with the different types of lodging you will find in Rome: hotel, inn, bed and breakfast, etc. I go over all this in more depth on the Best Hotels in Rome Italy page.

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The bottom line is that you should first consider what you want our of your stay in Rome, starting with the neighbourhood. Once you know the neighbourhood, and have a budget in mind, then you just have to figure out if you want only a hotel, or are open to other types of lodging as well.

Click here to do a search of Rome hotels. Once the page opens, you can look at the different neighborhoods:

You can narrow down your search by the things I just mentioned above.

But, take this information with a grain of salt, and read my page about how to get the best rate for your Rome hotel.

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