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Bars Near Rome Pantheon

Looking for bars near Rome pantheon? 

There's nothing like enjoying a glass of prosecco right on the square where the Pantheon is. But you have lots of other great choices nearby as well!

Whether you want to drink with a view, a true-blue wine bar or just a place for aperitivo, I've got you covered!

Types of Bars Near Rome Pantheon

If you sit at any of the bars or cafes right on the Piazza della Rotonda, where the Pantheon is, you will have a spectacular view.

piazza della rotonda with pantheon and restaurantsHaving a drink right on Piazza della Rotonda, with this killer view of the Pantheon

Just don't count on great food, an excellent wine list, or low prices.

There are plenty of places like this near the Pantheon and frankly, all over Rome. If it's a view of the Pantheon you want, it can be worth giving up the option of great wine list.

But venture even just a little bit off the square and you can find some other excellent options like:

Wine bars near Rome Pantheon with a serious wine list

If you're looking for a wine bar near the Pantheon where you can really get into the wine and discuss options with a sommelier, these are the best spots.

In most cases, you will also find good food, whether just to accompany the wine, or for a full-on meal.

There are plenty of excellent wine bars, called enoteche (plural for enoteca), within a short walking distance of the Pantheon.

Enoteca Spiriti

Spiriti wine bar - The best option, hands down, for a wine bar near the pantheon is Enoteca Spiriti

Enoteca Spiriti at piazza di pietraThe interior of Enoteca Spiriti at Piazza di Pietra is so inviting

This wine bar near Rome pantheon has it all: 

A great wine selection, American style martinis, limited outdoor seating, good food, and something of a view (Spiriti is on piazza di Pietra and overlooks Hadrian's palace. Technically you don't really have a view most of the time you are in this wine bar, but if you snag the table by the window, or sit at one of the outside tables, then yes, you will have this view.)

hadrians palace on piazza di pietraHadrian's Palace: the view from Enoteca Spiriti on Piazza di Pietra, just two blocks from the pantheon

By the way, Spiriti is also on my age about great places to eat near the pantheon.

Address and phone: Piazza di Pietra 32/33. Tel: 06 6919 0445. Reservations recommended during peak times.

Hours: Monday - Friday 11 am - 4pm; 5pm - 1 am (until 2 am Thu, Fri, Sat). Closed Sundays and most of August.

Enoteca Achilli al Parlamento

Enoteca Achilli al Parlamento is a wine-lover's paradise.

This is the place to come for a quiet, elegant drink and nibbles near the pantheon. The front is a wine emporium, floor to ceiling with a huge assortment. 

achile al parlamento wine shop entryThe entry to the wine emporium Achilli al Parlamento: a vast selection of wines and delectable snacks are for sale.

The next room feels like a private club, where you can relax and enjoy your wine by the glass (or bottle of course.) Their snacks and appetisers are also lovely.

wine-tasting room at achille al parlamentoThe wine-tasting room at Enoteca Achilli al Parlamento is so inviting!

The back room is a restaurant but in my opinion the food is a tad over-priced. I personally prefer to come here strictly for the wine-bar experience.

dining room at achille al parlamentoThe elegant, if stuffy, dining room of Achilli al Parlamento.

As the name says, they are right near the parliament building, and many politicians and other high-rollers frequent this wine bar near Rome pantheon.

It's a superb experience, especially if you want to do some serious wine-tasting with a knowledgable sommelier.

Address and phone: Via Prefetti, 15. Tel: 06 6873446. No outdoor seating. Reservations recommended.

Hours: Open Tuesday - Saturday from early morning through midnight. Closed Sunday and Monday.

Cul de Sac

Cul de Sac claims to be Rome's oldest wine bar. It is one of my favorites and a great option for a wine bar near Rome pantheon.

Cul de Sac is one of the best wine bars near Rome Pantheon. Not only do they have a killer wine list and delicious food, you can visit Piazza Navona to boot!

Address and phone: Piazza di Pasquino, 73, just behind Piazza Navona. Tel: 06 6880 1094. Reservations not accepted.

Hours: Open daily from noon - 12:30 am, 365 days a year. Open in August, including August 15, and on Christmas and New Year's Day.


In recent years, a lot of daring young chefs staked out their claims to a new kind of cuisine on the Rome dining scene - Italian with an ultra modern twist. In the case of Retro-bottega, the formula worked beautifully.

Recently they opened nearby Retro-vino, a wine bar/caffè. You'll find quality wines and coffees here, along with excellent nibbles to accompany them.

Address and phone: Via d'Ascanio, 26A. Tel: 06 68136310. 

Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 8 am - 6 pm. Closed Mondays.

Da Fortunato Wine Bar

One of Rome's old-time classic restaurants is Da Fortunato and you don't get a much better view of the Pantheon than this. 

One of the newest wine bars near Rome Pantheon is the one opened by famed restaurant Da Fortunato, just next door.

Recently, they opened their own wine bar, Enoteca da Fortunato, right next to their restaurant.

With over 90 labels and a welcoming, long table down the center, this new venture looks very promising indeed!

Address and phone: Via del Pantheon 55. Tel: 06 6792788.

Hours: Open daily lunch and dinner hours.

Bars near Rome Pantheon with rooftop views

There are a few places near the pantheon where you can enjoy drinks with a view.

Three of them offer views of the Pantheon dome itself. The others are also lovely, and may be a good choice if you want to be a just a bit more low-key.

Minerva Roof Garden

The rooftop bar and restaurant of the Grand Hotel della Minerva is one of my all-time favorite rooftop bars near the Pantheon, if not in all of Rome.

It's a bit old-fashioned but I love it. I love the open space, the charming staff, and these stunning views.

Enjoying a glass of view while gazing at the Pantheon in Rome. Two of the joys of life!

Address and phone: Piazza della Minerva, 69. Tel: 06 695201. Reservations recommended during peak times.

Hours: Daily from 9 am - 1 am, from spring through late fall (exact opening and closing dates depend on the weather). 

The Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel, Autograph Collection by Marriott

This newish rooftop bar on top of the new Marriott Pantheon Iconic Hotel is another fantastic spot for a drink with killer views of the Pantheon.

Their terrace is wide and spacious and extremely comfortable. Delicious snacks and a very professional waitstaff round out the experience.

One of the best rooftop bars near Rome Pantheon is the Marriott Iconic Hotel. The view is amazing!

Address and phone: Via di Santa Chiara, 4/A. Tel: 06 87807070. Reservations essential during peak times.

HoursDaily from noon - 1 am or later, from spring through late fall (exact opening and closing dates depend on the weather). 

Eitch Borromini - La Grande Bellezza

While the Eitch Borromini may actually be in nearby Piazza Navona, and while the view of the Pantheon dome may be slightly lost with all the other Rome rooftops, not to mention the view of St. Peter's dome in the other direction, I would still consider this one of the best spots for a drink with a view near the Pantheon.

From the Eitch Borromini rooftop, you have superb views of Rome, including of the dome of the nearby Pantheon (as seen in the middle of this photo.)

That said, this rooftop is a little particular. It can get super-crowded and sometimes it's so full you cannot get in. In high season, you need to reserve in advance. Also their food is really expensive.

On the other hand, nobody has views like these.

Address and phone: Via di Santa Maria dell'Anima, 30. Tel:: 06 686 1425. Reservations essential during peak times.

HoursDaily from noon - 1 am or later, from spring through late fall (exact opening and closing dates depend on the weather). 

These next two rooftop bars are very close to the Pantheon but don't offer a view of the monument itself:

9 Hotel Cesari

I really love the rooftop at 9 Hotel Cesari.

It's a great place for a drink near the pantheon and it's got a more casual vibe about it than the ones with the actual Pantheon view.

One of my favorite "casual" rooftop bars near Rome Pantheon is this very chill spot at 9Hotel Cesari.

Address and phone: Via di Pietra, 89/a. Tel: 06 674 9701. Reservations recommended during peak times.

Hours: Hours seem to change regularly. Sometimes in winter they are open on weekends. Sometimes they open earlier in the day and other times later. Call to make sure they are open before you go.

Singer Palace Hotel Roof

The Singer Palace Hotel is named for the Singer Sewing company factory that once stood here.

I really love this as a spot for a drink near the pantheon. It feels like a hidden secret and it's more subdued than some of the other rooftop bars near Rome Pantheon.

The Singer Palace Hotel roof is one of the lesser-known bars near Rome Pantheon and I love it for this. It definitely feels like you have a special secret when you're up here.

Address and phone: Via Alessandro Specchi, 10. Tel: 06 697 6161

Hours: Daily from 5 pm - 11:45 pm.

Regular local bars near Rome Pantheon

If you're not seeking a wine bar or a rooftop experience, these little spots are great bars near Rome Pantheon.

You can almost always just show up without reserving, and you can enjoy an aperitivo (drink and some snacks) without breaking the bank.


Ciampini is a very local spot and absolutely one of my go-to places to meet friends for a drink or coffee.

Ciampini is one of the most popular bars near Rome Pantheon with locals who love to see and be seen.

If you happen by here and are not stopping for a drink, you may want to try their gelato, which is some of the best in Rome!

Address and phone: Piazza di S. Lorenzo in Lucina, 29. Tel: 06 687 6606.

Hours: Daily 8:30 am - 10:30 pm. Sundays from 9 am.

Mr. Wine

If you blinked, you'd miss this tiny wine bar near Rome right next to Parliament (and hence near the Pantheon.)

It's a local haven with just a couple of tables outside and it makes for a very cozy stop when you're in the area.

Address and phone: Piazza del Parlamento, 7. Tel: 06 6813 4141

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 9:30 am - 7:30 pm. Closed Mondays and Sunday.

Enoteca della Pigna

Enoteca della Pigna is a quirky little spot that specializes in Sardinian food and wine. It's a kind of shop/bar/restaurant. He doesn't actually have a kitchen, so when I say restaurant, I am speaking very loosely. Basically you can get some cheesy or meaty snacks with your drink.

Enoteca della Pigna is one of my favorite quirky wine bars near Rome Pantheon.

The location on Piazza della Pigna is one of the best parts.

It's hidden away and it's quiet.

There is a sweet church here, a really good caffè, and a little boutique or two. And you are just minutes on foot from the Pantheon.

Address and phone: Via della Pigna, 3/3A. Tel: 06 678 9374. I don't think you could reserve. Just stop by!

Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 11 am - 8 pm. Closed Mondays.

Map of Bars Near Rome Pantheon

Click here to visit my interactive Google map showing all the places listed on this page. It will open in a new window.

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