Wine Bar Near Rome Pantheon

Are you looking for a nice wine bar near Rome pantheon? If you sit at any of the bars or cafes right on the piazza della Rotonda, where the pantheon is, you will have a spectacular view. Just don't count on great food, an excellent wine list, or low prices.

piazza della rotonda with pantheon and restaurantsHaving a drink right on piazza della Rotonda, with a killer view of the Pantheon

But, if you are in looking for a nice place to have a drink, and you want a really good wine selection to boot, there are a few excellent options. Some are very affordable, within 10 minutes' walk from the pantheon. There are also a few expensive ones, but they are worth it for the ambiance.

An Affordable Wine Bar Near Rome Pantheon

Enoteca Spiriti

Spiriti wine bar(s) - The best option, hands down, for a wine bar near pantheon is Enoteca Spiriti. Actually, now there are two Spiriti wine bars. Both are near the Pantheon, and are both wonderful in different ways. 

Enoteca Spiriti in via di Sant'EustachioEnjoying a glass of wine outside at Enoteca Spiriti, just around the corner from the pantheon
Enoteca Spiriti at piazza di pietraThe interior of Enoteca Spiriti at Piazza di Pietra is so inviting

These wine bars near Rome pantheon have it all:

  • A great wine selection
  • Martinis! American style
  • Outdoor seating (the one on via Sant'Eustachio has tables outside, and the one on piazza di Pietra does not have outdoor seating per se, but you can sit in the tables by the wide open windows and gaze out onto the gorgeous plaza.)
  • Nice wine-bar food
  • Dinner food (the one on via Sant'Eustachio does not have a full kitchen but they do make a lot of really nice, fresh dishes that make for an excellent light lunch or dinner; the one on piazza di Pietra has a full kitchen, and they make excellent food, using Verrigni pasta - the best - so you know they care about quality here!)
  • A wine bar with a view (the one on via Sant'Eustachio sits on a small street overlooking ivy-covered ancient Roman columns, and the one on piazza di Pietra overlooks Hadrian's palace.)
nice view of ivy wall from inside enoteca spiritiLovely view of ivy-covered ancient Roman columns, from Enoteca Spirit on via di Sant'Eustachio, just around the corner from the pantheon
hadrians palace on piazza di pietraHadrian's Palace: the view from Enoteca Spiriti on Piazza di Pietra, just two blocks from the pantheon

Warm cozy yet elegant ambiance, a super selection of drinks, even American-style martinis! Actually, it can also be included in great places to eat near the pantheon, as well...because you can have a fabulous light lunch or dinner at either one.

Details: Via di S.Eustachio 8 for the smaller, original bar and Piazza di Pietra 32/33 for the newer, larger version. Open daily from 10:30 until 1am. Closed most of August.

Update October 1 2014: The original Enoteca Spiriti on via di Sant'Eustachio has expanded! They renovated the space next door and now have more tables. It's just like the other ambiance: lovely!

Wine Bar Near Rome Pantheon - a little pricier but worth it!

Enoteca Achilli al Parlament

Enoteca Achilli al Parlamento is a wine-lover's paradise. This is the place to come for a quiet, elegant drink and nibbles near the pantheon. The front is a wine emporium, floor to ceiling with a huge assortment. 

achile al parlamento wine shop entryThe entry to the wine emporium Achilli al Parlamento: a vast selection of wines and delectable snacks

The next room feels like a private club, where you can relax and enjoy your wine by the glass (or bottle of course.) Their snacks and appetisers are also lovely.

wine-tasting room at achille al parlamentoThe wine-tasting room at Enoteca Achilli al Parlamento

The back room is a restaurant but the food is over-priced and not worth those prices. I would suggest dining somewhere else. 

dining room at achille al parlamentoThe elegant, if stuffy, dining room of Achilli al Parlamento

May 14, 2014 - I dined at Achilli with a friend. Unbeknownst to us, a super-star chef, Massimo Viglietti, had just arrived at Achilli two months prior, and the owner was very proud to tell us this while we were chatting with him after our meal.

Unfortunately, both my friend (who is a certified sommelier) and I found the food to be a bit too creative, trying to hard, and strange, not delightful.

Perhaps we need to go try it again now that the chef has been there a while. For now, I stand by my recommendation to visit Achilli purely for a nice wine-bar experience.

Keep in mind, as the name says, they are right near the parliament building, and many politicians and other high-rollers frequent this wine bar near Rome pantheon, so you can expect prices to boot. But it's a superb experience, especially if you want to do some serious wine-tasting with a knowledgable sommelier.

Details: Via Prefetti, 15. Open Tuesday - Saturday from early morning through midnight. Closed Sunday and Monday.

Hotel Senato

Top of the Senato hotel - this is not an inexpensive option for a wine bar near Rome pantheon. In fact, it's not even a true wine bar. But it's really nice to be up there, and have the view of the plaza below. You don't need to be a guest of the hotel to go have drinks on the roof.

Details: Piazza della Rotonda 73

Wine Bar Near Rome Pantheon - other enotecas nearby...

There are some other "enotecas" near the pantheon, but I am not including them on this page, because they are really more restaurant than wine bar. There is not really a bar per se where you can sit and enjoy a glass of wine. They go by the name "enoteca" because they have an extensive wine list and a strong focus on serving excellent wines. See my page on Rome Wine Bars for more.

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